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Iceland - Fire and Ice, the adventure returns (3FI2102)

Sunday, August 8, 2021 | Mike Woltering / Dieter Arnoth | Europe

1st riding day from Reykjavik to Sellfoss

Doesn’t the motorcycle handover always feel like Christmas?
first we visited Viking World … with such a wooden ship the old Vikings have discovered the new world
Dieter explains some interesting facts to the group about the continental divide.
Bridge between two continents
Iceland is so volcanic
Famous Blue Lagoon
Guy from the UK
Ken and Amber from Dallas
Gil and Esperanza from Mexico
Klaus from Germany
Anthony from US
Mark and Barbara as well from the US
and some gravel

2nd riding day from Selfoss to Saudarkrokur

Geysir Strokkur
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Mark and Barbara
Gil and Esperanza
Ken and Amber
Godafoss waterfalll
It´s about time to hit some gravel.
... and our first water crossing...
... which ...
... everyone ...
... mastered.

3rd riding day from Saudakrokur to Akureyri

infinity pool
basaltic column
Herring town Siglufjörður
wonderful coast
We´re usually not a big fan of red lights but here in Akureyri we kind of love them.
the famous church
Motorcycle museum
take 6
even the garbage can have pullover

4th riding day from Akureyri to Husavik

What's better than to start your riding day with a nice gravel mountain pass?
The waterfall of the gods - Godafoss
How would you call a panorama shot of the Godafoss? Godaramafoss, would that work?
Myvatn, the lake of the midgets really lived up to the name.
But as fearless motorcyclists, we stopped to take some beautiful pictures.
Great view down to Husavik from top of the nameless "Mt. Husavik".
whale watch
fabulous whale museum

5th riding day from Husavik to Egilsstaðir

Asbyrgi Canyon

6th riding day from Egilsstaðir to Hornafjörður

We had some company in the morning, they even listened to the briefing but then decided to their own thing and don’t follow us. That’s the freedom to ride
Our 2nd briefing for the day in the Snæfellsstofa Visitor Center where it’s all about the huge Vatnajökull and the eastern part of Iceland.
Sadly we’ve only seen a reindeer in den Center. No idea where there other 5999 were hiding.
Most of the time the clouds are really hanging low here in Öxi Pass.
Even better when the view finally opens up.
Guy’s enjoying the seaside view and taking some pictures. Guess it reminds him of home in the UK.
The famous red chair in the middle of nowhere…
… is always worth a stop
… for some picutres!
Yep, that’s our hotel back there in Höfn, we can already see it from up here!

7th riding day from Höfn to Kirkjubæjarklaustur

up to Jöklasel glaciers
happy so close at the glacier
Glacier lake
old duckboat ….
the power of water and ice formed that bridge
boot beer for the group
While Dieter checked the water level for tomorrow
arrived at beautiful Fagrifoss waterfall

8th riding day from Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Selfoss

The weather could be better to start your day but it definitely can be way worse as well. We’re still enjoying our ride through the beautiful landscape.
Even though we have not tried, we’re still pretty sure you can’t get behind Skogafoss.
Aren’t those little guys cute?
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