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On tour with a camera - Edelweiss behind the scenes

Thursday, September 23, 2021 | Dieter Arnoth | Europe

Back on the road, back at work. We're in Switzerland and France, filming passes. Cameraman Dieter, Anchorman Thomas, and Creative Director & Blog Artist Simone present to you the "Best Alpine Roads", coming soon to a Youtube channel near you!

Day 1

St. Moritz – First Test Shots in Switzerland

Found it!
Best place to shoot the best part of Maloja Pass
First illuminate the scene properly.
Make-up please! We are now filming at the Julier Pass.

Day 2

Early in the morning: busy at work on Susten Pass
Posing and shooting on Susten Pass
Well, the focus is on filming. But we do not forget to mark new highlights we found on our route! Maybe a coffee stop on a tour and also to stroll around between this beautiful old original Swiss houses.
Another pass, another breathtaking ride, but it‘s not the perfect shot yet, once again, please!
Nufenen Pass.
Interested? Wouldn‘t it be great to be riding this pass yourself?
Another long day draws to a close. We are now in Italy.
Passo Gran San Bernardo.
A bit cold up here, hurry up!

Day 3

First stop for today and now some breakfast. Time to get some work done!
And nearby an awesome waterfall. We have to check which will be the right place for a nice picture.
Everyone of us like to have a nice memory of this place. Now you can choose: which one is the best.
Do you know why this is so funny? You can buy all kinds of chocolate here, including chocolate-flavored parfume! Now he can smell like chocolate. Heaven at it‘s best!
We tackle yet another Pass: Petit San Bernardo.
Some discussion is necessary: which place is the best for an interview, from which place do we shoot the next scene...
It was a busy morning til now. We need to charge our batteries, so why not taste some regional specialities? And also useful for our movie project. It‘s a match!
And on we go, the next pass is waiting: Col de l‘Iseran, highest one in the Alps.
Which position is the best?
How sweet! Sparkles in the air…
Filming switchbacks is completed, we finally reach the top.
If you need proof: here it is. And without any bike or person. Not that easy, as you can see by yourself, when you join one of our tours…
The day comes slowly to an end. Last movie sequence for today. Now some great fun riding down the pass with lots of great scenery around us.

Before we are off to our accomodation, one of us took a mystical panoramic photo of this waterfall. A must!

Day 4

Early Bird catches the worm. Before breakfast, some things to do:
Ride to the top of a pass: CHECK - Col du Galibier
Riding and filming: CHECK
Interview: almost CHECK
Last Point on our To-Do-List:
- CHECK, if we had enough footage
The early morning trip to the pass resulted in this panoramic foto of the movie scene.
Short foto stop on our way down from Col d'Izoard: a nice chapel in the middle of a flower-filled-meadow and some snow-covered mountains in the beackground: a dream!
Our lunch stop for today: great weather, great scenery, great food AND we meet a good old friend high up in the french alps. We couldn‘t believe it!
We do everything for outstanding pics! The guys walk a little bit down to a rocknose
And the gal climbs up a small rocky hill. And, how do you judge the result?
We do hard work, our material is already weakening. A new pair of sunglasses was needed. Doesn't the new one fit the helmet perfectly?
The last pass for today: Col de Vars. At the foot of the pass, after testing a new idea for a drone flight, we deserved our little rest and are happy about the result.
Just before our well-deserved “to-get-of-work”, we found a hidden treasure. A motorcycle museum of a special kind! Where is not revealed, come on tour, then we show it to you!

Day 5

We left the hotel again very early, without breakfast of course. The light was magical, as you can see in this foto!
You think, it's almost the same every day? Filming on the way up to the pass and do some interviews? Your're completely wrong. Every pass has its unique style to ride. AND most important we have so much fun!
Now we reached Col d'Allos
A few briefings are necessary to get a range of settings for truly exceptional videos.
Col de la Cayolle. No more words needed, the picture speaks for itself.
For a change, a picture of breathtaking nature. Sorry, another waterfall again . The gal likes them really very much.
Every pass on our way you have to ride at least once in your lifetime. But in the list of our passes this one is simply outstanding. We couldn't believe it. It's name: Col de la Bonette
We just finished the panoramic loop around the Cime de la Bonette. Very foggy, but the guys are really freaking out. The gal too, of course.
But we do not forget,why we are here...
And to finish the day, a little waterfall for the gal. And this time she is in the picture too.

Day 6

We had a smooth start for today, breakfast before leaving. Unbelievable! And we catched the perfect moment for the first riding scene: the sun comes through the clouds!
Col de la Lombard. A new day, a new pass - we keep checking them off our list.
We reach the peak. Short stop only to take a picture.
We interrupt our ride to check a possible new highlight on tour: the Sanctuary St. Anna...
...and we have a snack and leave at the right time in order to pass a construction site that is only open for one hour at noon. That's what we call perfect timing!
You believe it or not: up the hill you ride on a paved road, but down the same hill it's gravel. We are on our way to the Colle dei Morti, so we ride straight on. Well, the guys were a little bit disappointed, the gal on the back not really.
We reached the top, next interview is on the start. Sorry, we cannot show the landscape around us, too foggy. We were happy to see enough road down the pass.
The gal likes to test an outstanding vegetarian restaurant, so the guys have to ride up to a small village with really tight roads. Well, the restaurant no longer exist, shit happens. Therefore we found a really nice roadsection to do some filming.
At the next village down the road, we saw so many cars from tourists, so we became curious, stopped and had a look.
We saw the room and checked in immediately. Wanna stay here too? Well, than look at the upcoming AMA Alps Challenge...

Day 7

On our way up to Col de Saint Pierre we found this beautiful chappel right next to a hairpin.This scene just screamed for a flight with the drone.
Just a snapshot of the riding.
When we thought yesterday was very foggy, we were completeley wrong. Downhill the Col d'Agnel we were happy for the white lines on the street, they were the only thing we could see.
A nice little place for do some filming.
And another nice little village, we have a look. We were not allowed to ride trough.
We visited the castle Queyras. A little bit scouting this day was almost the only thing we could do. The weather did not get better, so no more filming was possible, maybe and hopefully tomorrow...

Day 8

Col d'Agnel: a new try, again in the early morning light, to get extraordinary material. And we get what we were looking for...
And we were as early as capricorns and marmots. They crossed the road several times, and we had to be cautious.
At this early hour we have the road almost to ourselves. The pictures speak for themselves, don't they?
A little riddle: how many capricorns and how many bikes can you see in this picture?
Col d'Agnel is completed. The light, the road, the landscape with its animals: just breathtaking, but we must move on, more passes are waiting...
But first a short stop to visit the old town of Briancon. Nice place to rest a while, to have a look from above, to enjoy the main street with its little shops.
We continue and search for a nice picknick spot for ourselves. Lunch-Time! We bought some really delicious snacks in the morning: Pain avec fromage et jambon et Eclair chocolat. Yummy!
Before we work on the next passes, we want to check into our accommodation for the night. At the entrance to the village we find this adorable picnic spot.
Breathtaking! Have you ever ridden on French balcony roads? If not, you should put it on your bucket list. But not if you're afraid of heights!
Poor guy, he had to ride this part several times, til the camera crew was sastisfied with the result.
One last picture of this amazing scenery.

Day 9

Another morning, another place and a cosy little road section in between of green. We still find new settings.
Pas de la Confession, not everyone will know, but you should!
A short stop on the way to the Col de la Croix de Fer.
On top, the next interview is on the way. Same same.
Even we can't always resist taking a proof photo.
And riding this road was really unique. About 46 hairpins, and so smooth to ride.
And on top of it there is a nice little chapel. We walk up to it and find a bench with a view, perfect for our lunch.
The guys couldn't stop raving about the pass. But we won't tell how it is called. You need to come on the upcoming AMA Alps Challenge.
There was a lot going on here, but nevertheless we really liked Col de la Madeleine, its countless curves, and the stunning scenery.
What a great place for some video shooting.
Our final destination for today: Chamonix. One of us was here for the first time and was very impressed with the scenery, with Montblanc and the glacier.

Day 10

Today we start with a typical French breakfast in a typical French cafe named Josephine, after Josephine Baker. And the interieur fits this period perfectly .
Furka Pass: done. We are in Switzerland again, and two of us have a look to the rhone glacier, while one of us had to do some business calls. Well, someone has to bite the bullet.
At least he can admire the pictures we took Look at this colour of the ice!
This landscape include two passes: Furka und Grimsel AND the Rhone-Glacier, although it has already lost some of its size, it is still impressive.
But now back to business: show the world how busy the guys are.
There was quite a lot of traffic, which meant going around the bend many times, in order to get the right result.
One last shot of the valley. We couldn't get enough of it. Really unique with the 2 passes.
And now THE highlight of the day for the gal!!! The James Bond Curve from the Goldfinger film. Perfect shot, she thinks.
And also a foto from the gas station, where 007 dropped Tilly Masterson off after wrecking her car on the pass. Well, only the roof is still there, but that doesn't matter for a real Bond-Fan!
Now onward, keep focussing: a new round of riding up and down of the section to get a selection of good fotos.
The work is done for today. And our reward: an original swiss "Rösti". And we also found the perfect restaurant for it. So hurry up guys, let's go to Andermatt!

Final Day - Back to Mieming

No filming today, we just ride back to the headquarter. Despite the long riding day we enjoy the passes we cross. And of course we stop for a little break from time to time. And here, in Bergün, we find the world's best Engadine nut cake, of course two of us have to buy one as a "souvenir"....
Like the birds in the picture, we think we had lots of fun, riding passes, discovering new routes, taking some spectacular fotos for us as memory and for you to awaken the longing to experience the same excitement!
So we say good bye! We were a great team and we hope for more filming trips in the future
We have brought a vast amount of film footage with us. So you can look forward to some great Youtube videos...
Thanks for watching!
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Mary Lehman
Monday, September 13, 2021 at 17:16

"46 hairpins, and so smooth to ride" mmm my hairpins I have experienced are quite different for my noddle not wheels. Nevertheless, breathtaking where my breathing would be pulsating out of control. Way to keep it rolling 46 hairpin day at all!


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