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ABA 2102 Balkan Adventure

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | Axel Gert Schneider / Holger Homann | Europe

Klick on the Picture - Flashback Moment Of The Tour
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3 - 2 - 1 - Go - our group is going downhill at the Bobsleigh track In Sarajevo

Welcome Briefing for the ABA 2102 Balkan Adventure Tour

Welcome to the ABA Balkan Adventure with Holger and Axel 


During the next 14 days we will make our guests' motorcycle hearts beat faster. Because we will take them on a journey through the most beautiful valleys and mountains of the Balkan / South East Europe. We will create unforgettable memories - the endless curves will let our heart beat faster and the history part will let us step back in time . We are already looking forward, to sharing our passion - riding a motorcycle with you in a breathtaking environment.


 Let´s get started

Welcome to the Balkan Adventure
One haircut one passion the tour-guides looking forward to met our new Edelweiss members
The Master Plan !!! for 14 days of adventure in the breathtaking areas of the Balkan

Day 2 - Zagreb to Plitvice

Peter after the adventure of the border crossing to Slovenia. Slovenia?! A special wish of a couple of customers

Peters wife Georgia and well part of the adventurers

first come together after the 1 riding day and just before we descend into the canyon
My House in the little of street , my house........
or in our case
our house in the little of the Ethno area
ready set go - lets go for a hike
how nice is that the national park is protected since 1949, is a must do on the Tour !!!

In the afternoon we visitied an aquarium. No, we visited the beautiful Plitvice National Park!

John, Dharma and Peter

And then the sheep experience. A rescue team tried to get a lost sheep out of the wall...and we were nailed down because we were not allowed to go either way. When the rescue team tried to put a rope around the sheep it fell. 35m down and it survived! Unbelievable!

taking the short cut to hotel - stairs stairs stairs - sorry Woulter but at the hotel a cold beer is waiting for you

John, Wouter, Marcus, Georgia and Dharma...what a beautiful day!

Happy Birthday Marcus and all the best from Holger and Axel - Mousse au chocolate - Tourguides style
Dinner Time or in Holgers case - it's Time for one more Trout

Day 3 - Plitvice to Sarajevo

Welcome on Day 3 


What will we see and whats going on today - the answer was given in the daily briefing - Today with Axel -


So the luggage is in the van all bills are settled from the last evening and Marcus survived the birthday suprise of Holger and Axel - a mousse au chocolate.


Now it is time to leave because the ride today will be 400 km. At first we drove to a view point of the Plitvice Lake to have a last look from the top over the valley. Afterwards we have been take on the first challenge - crossing the boarder to Bosnia and Herzigovina and it was no problem at all. Well well after the first km we were ready for a coffee and so we did. As you can see on the pictures - the coffee stop is a unique place - I would say, it is a must do, to stop there.

The batteries are charged and we are good to go,  so we keep on riding towards the Una valley and mountains where we followed the river for a while. The valley itself is a paradise of mother nature. Doesn't matter where your eyes are looking to, the scenery of the crystal clear river of Una was breathtaking. The road was winding through the valley and it felt like it was just made for us. A little sandy road did not take the fun away. Once up on the top of the Una valley we enjoyed the view before we went on in the direction of Travnik and finally to a smal section of highway to get quicker to the Hotel. The last challenge for the day has been the traffic to the hotel - but we did it as we we would have done it 100 times before.


Welcome to Sarajevo - the place to be for the next 2 days


Tomorrow is a restday but some of us will be for sure on the bike and the rest will take over the town and dicover the world of sarajevo.


Thanks for the ride 




A last look at the Plitvice lakes in the morning on the way out
We are crossing our first border into Bosnia and Herzegowina
Coffee break after the boarder crossing
traditional way to trink a coffee here in Bosnia .... - check
Frist stop after the boarder - for a traditional coffee in a breathtaking location
lets go - we wanna see the rest of the tuna Valley - Axel - Okay, follow me
Una Mountain View
Moonwalker Marcus
All we need is meat - after the first 220km we had deserved a lunch what gave us the power back
Welcome to Sarajevo

Day 4 - Sarajevo Restday

Good morning Sarajevo

Good morning Sarajevo


Last day we had a long ride so everybody deserved to sleep a little bit longer.

John and Holger will take on the backyard of Sarajevo and we looking forward to here the storys they will have after the ride. The rest of the Group will have a good time in town and will have a look at the historical part.


The melting pot in south east europe is for sure Sarajevo the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina


When you discover the center of Sarajevo, which is starting just behind our hotel you will discover a world what you might not have seen before. Small restaurants and bars lining up in between historical buildings. You can say, you always step back and forward in time. The mix out of all the centuries und empires have shaped a unique world over here. 

It is a town where life takes place on the street - the restaurant and coffee places are filled up with tourists and locals already from 10 am until late in the evening and you feel the vibes of the different faiths.

At the moment Sarajevo rebuild after all the destruction of the last 25 years the Bobsleigh track, the library which was on fire during the war in the 90 and many places more.

It is a town where you should spend a day and get in touch with the local life.


Following just a few picture´s what you will see exploring Sarajevo

Cityhall and library
Small restaurants in small streets will be the right place to eat
If not lunch - mayb you like ice cream - you don't have to search for it, they are everywhere
if you want to drink the coffee at home like they serve it over here - nothing stands in the way - you will find everything you need and it will fit in your bag
In some places you will see the copper craft
The Latin bridge is just in front of the Hotel
The past is not forgotten - Eternal Flame
Calories whenever you like - they are at every corner
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Filesize: 3 MB
3 - 2 - 1 - Go - our group is going downhill at the Bobsleigh track

Day 5 - Sarajevo to Kolasin

Welcome on Day 6 



I could now write what is planned for today! But this time even a tour guide has no choice  - i got to start how exciting and how incredible the day has been. If you've never driven across the plateau of Durmitor National Park - that's one thing on every motorcyclist's what you realy have to do! Once out of the Hotel of Sarajevo we drove into the backland and even this was breaftaking but our destination for today has been the Durmitor National Park with its plateau and its 48 Mountains and each at least 2000 meter high  and all  this in a  dreamlike pannorama. Each turn braught us further and further to the point that this day will be a ride of a livetime. The road has been a pleasure, he was winding trough the valley and we could not see the end of the valley - all in one - this could not been better !!!! We have just been once with the bike and the nature 

As a bonus we ride down to the Tara Canyon wich was a like the cherry on top of the icecream.

I still trie to find the words to discripe it but the pictures will tell you more then every word culd 



That was so far one of my best ride´s even if i work for Edelweiss Bike Travel.

Thanks to the Group for this unforgettable Ride and thanks to my colleg that he just took care of the van.




Enjoy the Pictures



This is a sandwich! Nancy, enjoy!

The first part of the gang arrived

The other sheep story...)

What can we do with these guys?! Obviously they have fun...just let them )

Adventure Time - The blue sky above us and dreamlike streets in breathtaking surroundings in front of us
The "utchman" is back on track
Wildlife meats Edelweiss
Van Men Holger is enjoying the ride to

Road impressions in the Dumitor National Park ....just fantastic!

Numitor Nationalpark at his best

Day 6 - Kolasin to Bajram Curri

The class of Balkan Adventurers is ready for Holgers Briefing


Today we rode in the morning on the Tresnjevik pass and everything was just about riding. Wow! After flying up (each one according to his/ her individual comfortable riding speed) we flew down the hairpins into the valley. After a coffee break we made our way via another remote pass towards the border crossing into Kosovo – not acknowledged by all countries yet. The different driving behavior of the locals changed already before the border…always an experience

John and Markus trying new vehicles

Our morning flash mob over the Tresnjevik Pass - what a ride!

Boardercrossing Nr. 1 Today
On the way to the last boarder for today

Welcome to Bajram Curri! Peaceful and quiet, just with a Kling Klong, the cattle goes home...Nice!

Day 7 - Bajram Curri to Prizren

The day of the day´s - the 100 km curve challenge day !!!!!

Welcome on day 7 - If anybody will ask you one day, when ever, where ever - if you know a road where one turn/ switchback/ sweeper hits the other one and that for 100 km - then have to be the answer - you have to do this: ride from Fierza Reservoir to Kukès. It is just blowing your mind of - how can a road like that exsits down here!? It is just breathtaking, of curse the road is challenging and you should never race but over all this is so great tarmac meats sometimes a little gravel but all good still no trouble for us. The road is winding along the reservoir and goes for ever through the woods.After challenging road we went back to Kosovo where we stay tonight before we take on the next adventure day.The road on The reservoir was simply the Highlight of the day - there is nothing else what you need mor to be a happy biker.
See you tommorowwwwwww i have to get some beers for the group and will enjoy the chats about this 100 km day.




Along the Road - Today was the road the highlight - no time for a lot of pictures - sorry
Fierza Dam
Fierza Reservoir
Prizren at Night
Catching up with the major of Prizren

Day 8 - Prizren to Mavrovo Lake

The rain changed everything even some hands - peter transformation to orange men is on the next level
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IT is Bike washing day - what means: it is just poring water from the sky 



But we are tuff as we thought on the beginning. After sneaking out of Prizren trough the narrow little one-way roads we finally made it out of Town.

At first we where hoping that the rain will might miss us today but after 3 km up the mountain it hit us hard, as you can see on the little video. The road was half tarmac half water but we went on and on.  On the Top we had to stop because thunder and lightning has been quite close to us – Tea Time and one or the other took the chance to empty his boots (Wouter was just swimming in his boots and on Top he did as a dry of striptys so the entertainment has been great) After a hot tea we took off again and the rain was just disappearing so we past by the UCK Monument and arrived with sunshine in Tetova at the Painted Mosque witch was impressive and on top we have been able to enter and could enjoy the art of the painting. Now it has been time for Lunch and Holger organized a really good Italian restaurant where some of us had 3 plats of food !!!!

The power has been back so that we managed the last kilometers quite easy to the hotel at the famous Mavrovo Lake.

That has been a raining day 



First Stoppppppppp we have to get rid of some water in the Boots!!!!
Eck Monument
Tetovo Painted Mosque
Painted Mosque - How gorges is that !!!
Play video Download
Filesize: 4 MB
The Edelweiss way to clean the bike and the rider

Day 9 - Mavrovo Lake to Skopje

Streetlife in Mazedonia

Selfie with Dharma and Wouter and the St.John Cathedral in the background

Some of the curves on the way up thru the beautiful Nationalpark at Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest lakes on Earth!

Lunch Time

Nancy, Marcus and Dharma...

...and a view on Albania in the background

Skopje: Monumental, impressive and lively!

Day 10 - Skopje to Niš

After the Dinner yesterday some of us discovered Skopje on a really good way !!!! what hast been challenging for the coffee machine and the waiter in the Hotel today – but we got Nancy she took care of it that the waiter kept on producing coffee for us.


After the breakfast it started to rain again so – we had a flashback from the days before, but lucky it was just for the first 2 hours and then it cleared up – that was just a perfect timing because we have been on the way to the Vlasina lake!!!! – The lake was alright and the view still great. But the most important thing has been this winding road to the lake. At first there have been a few twisty´s but than it kept on going – it was a small road but so much fun going uphill.

The only problem there no pictures because no time for that – we have simply been on a mission , and the mission was: enjoying live on a bike!!!!

Finally we made it to the lake where we got lunch and in Serbien it is true – all we need is meat – so we did. The power came back so that hoped on the bikes and have been looking forward to see what kind of road was waiting for us. I have to say it was a real deal of road – simply made for us.

The historical part today was still existing but we have seen already a lot on tour, sooooooo the road was our highlight today so that I skip the part of telling you about the mosque of today.

Thanks to all the bikers to this ride – it was good  with a big smile in our face if we would interview Marcus.


See you tomorrow  



Oooommmhh...Axel swearing for the day or the rain away

Our Monastry visit right after the remote border crossing into Serbia, our 7th country!!!


Today another birthday: Klaus'!

Day 11 - Niš to Belgrade

Today we covered 370 km from Niš to Belgrade...a ride like on a train + a bit of video gaming Thank you for the great day!

In the background the Danube and Romania on the other side

The Golubac fortress on our way at the Danube river

Me(at) the locals

Day 12 - Belgrad to Slavonski Brod

Let´s put it this way – There are day´s where you can make a plan and organize 120% of the day!!!


But when the day start the unexpected things turn up you can’t do nothing as to solve one after the other, and today has been one of this day´s.

After the breakfast we tried to get out of town and on one point well there have been different opinions witch way we should go so on the end all good because after all this day´s we are a bunch of riders who know what to do when there is a need to.

So that is a insider but Wouter got the group back on track lets say it was “the beatles” moment of the ducklings. Well after reunion we went on to the Petrovaradin Fortress where we had a coffee to warm up after a cold morning ride. Later on we took of to the hillside around the corner to ride some nice curves. So far so good but as I sad before ,when you plan everything it will come something what you not can plan for. Here we go on the way to the next highlight of the day, we had been on the only road what had been there to go there and exactly there was a traffic jam because of an accident and of curse there has been no way to pass. Well next plan lets try something else so that we will come to the hotel. 

The rest is our little secret of the group!!! But it will be a day in our tour where the name is program – The Balkan Adventure –


That was our day 12 – we won’t forget him J


See you tomorrow on Day 13 – back to Zagreb


Axel out 

Day 13 - Slavonsky Brod to Zagreb

On our last riding day we were lucky again: Bright sunshine forecasted with temperatures around 20° C. What do we want more? To ride!

On winding roads with a cool wind we reached Lipik where we visited the Lipizzaner horses stable which was built in 1843 under the Habsburg Monarchy. We spent a beautiful hour here wandering around and getting first hand information. And these horses are so lovely...

The youngsters cute and curious but still careful...
Together with the mother the hurdle of making contact is taken
Bad hair day!
The horse trying to nibble Peters T-shirt..

Later that day we visited a dark chapter of history: The Jasenovac concentration camp memorial. For rememberance what human being is able to do!

Following the river Sava on small, twisty and partially bumpy roads towards Zagreb we passed the Sisak triangle fortress and had a stop here.

Old traditional houses at our small road along the Sava

After arrival in Zagreb we had our farewell evening. More than 3.000 km on adventurous roads on the beautiful Balkan peninsula - still a hidden treasure in Europe!

Thank you very much for a great tour!

Holger and Axel

All of our memory’s has been build up on this drawings - a time we will never forget
I can tell - there has been always fun in our group - as you can see - somehow we have to work on our farewell suits
Nancy and Georgia they have known how to handle the big Kid’s/ men’s
Flashback moment all we had discovered in the last 14 days and a short Video if you klick on the picture
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Ursula Peter
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 23:44

Hi John,
The Balkan is no cigar country. So keep some in stock
Enjoy the tour and be careful along the rivers
All the best
Holger Homann
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 22:53

Hello Ursula,

nice to read from you! You want to join the tour?!
This time less water but bouncing sheep)

All the best from us!!!

Michaela Achatzi
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 17:19

you two looks good,
Great tour
A lot of fun
Best moves

Lg Michaela
Holger Homann
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 19:35

Thank you very much Michaela!
Safe ride as well!
Holger and Axel
Andreas Pennekamp
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 08:16

Good morning Holger,
I wish you and the whole group a great, eventful trip. Just like we had in 2019. However, it can't get any better with all of our spectacular highlights that we had together with a incredible group. And always safe, thanks to your careful guidance together with Ursula. I still like to tell about it.
I wish the whole group an unforgettable, safe journey. Have fun.
PS: Watch out for the water passages )
Ursula Peter
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 23:45

I wish you not so many heavy suitcases
Safe ride
Holger Homann
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 13:45

Hello Andreas! Very nice to hear from you! In that sense you might be right - it can't be topped what we went through...and survived ) Up to now all is great here and this time we arrived in Sarajevo at 7 pm already - how did that happen? And yes, we kept away from anything what looks like water Today we enjoy a restday here and I just came back from a motorcycle tour through Sarajewos mountainous backcountry.
Hey, I wish our Tibet trip will finally come true. My best wishes!
Holger Homann
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 14:23

...and we have falling sheep here )
Charlie Green
Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 20:29

Hey Axel
I hope you have a great trip ride safely
Axel Schneider
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 13:35

Thank you Charlie - the young buck is on fire on the Balkan Adventure - looking forward to ride with you again and of curse withe the rest of our bunch of the ultimate alps tour
Angela de Haan
Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 18:02

Hey Axel, your Welcome Briefing pictures are simply stunning
Holger, keep an eye on Axel please
Great rides, Angela
Holger Homann
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 13:36

Hi Angela,
I will do ) Actually great to work with Axel. Lot's of fun up to now!
My best wishes to you!
Axel Schneider
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 13:36

Thanks Angela - I'm on fire as you know


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