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RTS2103- Sicily to Rome

Thursday, October 28, 2021 | Michaela Achatzi / Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europe / Italy

A great group exploring southern Italy!

Welcome in Catania

Good morning from Sicily,the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea, where another great tour is about to begin! The group has arrived, riders from the USA, Germany and Norway, and everybody is looking forward to exploring Southern Italy! Stay Tuned!

Etna, with 3345 m the highest Volcano of Europe
The motorcycles look good and waiting to start
Let's hope that all the water comes down today and we will stay dry for the whole tour!
Michaela started the briefing!
Domenico the one and only italian, who presents his country with so much love and devotion
we are very excited about what the next few days will bring us. can't wait

1. Riding Day - Catania to Agrigento

After a good night of sleep (and a good breakfast, of course!), we are finally ready to ride! Today we reached the southern coast of Sicily, one of the southernmost parts of Europe, being at the same latitude of northern Africa! After a first stretch on the highway to leave the traffic of Catania behind, we stopped in Raddusa for a coffee break and then reached Piazza Armerina, where we could see the archeological area of the Roman Villa with its impressive collection of ancient mosaics. After lunch we continued, through very rural areas and twisty backroads, until we reached Agrigento with ist magnificent greek temples!

a better view today than yesterday
ready to go!
first coffee break
making friends is easy in Sicily
The historic centre of Piazza Armerina
Ancient mosaics in the Roman Villa
The famous bikini girls!
Cactus fruits
Already behaving like italians!
Arrived in Agrigento
Sunset from our hotel...
... and moonrise too!!!

2. Riding Day - Argrigento to Cefalú

Another beautiful day is waiting for us. Today it goes from the south coast to the north coast. We drive straight into the middle of nowhere. One hour from Agrigento we see few people.  Sometimes you see old men sitting in front of their houses talking and drinking coffee.  We find our first coffee stop in Cianciana.  on to Prizzi, it's getting fresh, but we have to see where the mafia bosses come from. That's  why we stop in Corleone. I have reserved a table for lunch in the natural Gordano with Domenico, who has prepared a delicious picnic for us. We wanted to see more, so we are on to Caccamo with an old fortress. Our destination for the day is the romantic town of Cefalú, where we ended the day with a walk and a cold beer.  What a fantastic day.

The symbol of Sicily, named Trinacria
Good morning In Cefalú
Mafia Hometown
Thanks Domenico for preparing the tasty picnic
Many sweet dogs wanted to enjoy the picnic with us, and got their part!
The castle of Caccamo
One of the beautiful city from Sicily
Our beautiful hotel
A walk through Cefalu
Local Pick-Up Truck
The cathedral of Cefalú
The beautiful old town of Cefalù seen from the pier
The Murphys
Time for a beer!
Full moon
Stairway to dinner!!!

3. Riding Day - Cefalú to Taormina

Time to cross the island again, this time from the northern coast to the eastern one! After leaving Cefalù, we soon turned towards the inland and entered the Madonie mountains. First stop was in Castelbuono with its pretty medieval castle and historic centre, and then we continued reaching an altitude of around 1000 metres above sea level (A little bit chilly!). After countless curves we reached the little town of Sperlinga, where we visited the ruins of the old castle and admired the wonderful view from above.... and also had lunch. Before reaching Taormina, a picture stop at the Alcantara gorges was the last highlight of a wonderful ride!

Weather forecast looks good!
Weather forecast was right, the weather looks great!
Pool or motorcycling ?
the question does not arise
but it is also really difficult to continue driving
In Castelbuono we could park under the castle
Birds having breakfast
Photo stop overlooking Gangi
Gangi, and the shape of mount Etna in the background
Arrived in Sperlinga
Climbing on the Sperlinga castle
The view from the castle of Sperlinga
Cannoli siciliani!!!
Behind the clouds the top of Mount Etna
At the Alcantara gorges

Restday Taormina

Rest day? Well... not so much of a rest, but what a great day! First we rode on Europe's biggest volcano, hundreds of curves between woods and lava fields... and we also took the cable car and the 4X4 tour to reach the highest elevation allowed to tourists in this period! After we came back to the hotel, time for a quick shower and then another cable car took us to the beautiful historic centre of Taormina, where we also had dinner after a nice walk. Time to go to bed now! Enjoy the pictures!

Attenti al gatto (beware of the cat!)
Our norwegian gang!
First coffee break on "Etna North"
Phil and Margi
The German‘s
Volcanic sand, pay attention!!!
Entering the cable car to reach higher...
Etna smoking
It doesn't move
Some action on Mount Etna
The historic centre of Taormina
Enchanting view!

4. Riding Day - Taormina to Tropea

Today was the day to say goodbye to Sicily but before that we drove one of the most beautiful roads of this island Fitst coffee stop was in the enchanting village of Novara. Then we went to Messina to take the ferry and cross the strait. Last look back to say goodbye to Sicily and then we reached mainland Italy. In Scilla we had a very tasty lunch and then a nice drive along the coast to reach our destination in Tropea.

Boah , Sunrise today
Coffee in Novara
The Norwegian riders
On the ferry
US Riders
Our security on board
Lunch time

5. Riding Day - Tropea to Maratea

A relaxing ride along the coast or a challenging one through the tiny roads of the mountains of Calabria? Difficult to decide, so after the first coffee break in Amantea some of us followed the van on the easy route while the others went for the challenging ride! In the end... everybody had a great day!!!

Coffee break in Amantea
Twisty roads
In Diamante, the town famous for its many mural paintings in the historic centre
Red hot chili peppers! A typical product of Calabria
Last photo stop before reaching Maratea
goodnight from Maratea

6. Riding Day - Maratea to Pompei

The weather forecast for today wasn't good, but fortunately we stayed dry! Only in the morning the wind was very strong, so unfortunately we had to cancel our picnic! Our first stop was on the top of the mountain above Maratea, to see the italian "Christ the redeemer". A quick photostop (the wind was very strong up there!) and then we continued to Sapri for our coffee break. Another quick photo stop in Ogliastro Marina, on the coast of the Cilento National Park, and then we quickly reached Paestum where we had lunch in a beautiful diary where we could taste fresh mozzarella! But today's highlight was definitely the guided visit of the ruins of Pompei!

The Christ of Maratea
Beautiful coastline from up high!
Coffee break
Motorcycles aren't exciting enough!
The coast at Ogliastro Marina
The ancient greek temples of Paestum
Heike , a confident driver
Günter the brave
Buon appetito!
mozzarella for lunch...
In the ruins of Pompei, maybe the most famous archeological site in the world
Ancient amphoras
Mount Vesuvius in the background, the volcano that caused this tragedy back in 79AD.
An ancient fast food
First "Lego" ever?
Ancient frescos incredibly well preserved
... and mozzarella for dinner!

Restday Pompei

A successful rest day, with a nice tour around the Amalfi coast, a sightseeing tour in Naples, best pizza in town and ice cream. The husbands were also found again

Sorrento coast
First photo stop
Coffee break near Sorrento
Germany's strongest men
Another photo stop with a nice view of Positano
Typical products
We could have stopped for a picture at every turn!
The cathedral of Amalfi
Italian talk
Policeman vs. Tourguide
Back in Pompei
A walk through Napoli before dinner
Collect rubbish in style
Pizza, what else!!!

7. Riding Day - Pompei to Rome

Last riding day of this tour, and also the longest one! Leaving Pompei, we had to use the highway to escape the metropolitan and crowded area of Napoli, and our first stop was in Caserta to admire Europe's biggest royal palace, an impressive building from the 18th century! After that, we reached the coast in Sperlongw where we had lunch and then reached Roma under some light rain, that reminded us how lucky we were with the weather during the whole tour! Everybody made it to Rome safe and sound (and gained some weight too!), what a great tour!

Goodbye Pompei
The last briefing
This is how we started the ride!
The impressive royal palace of Caserta, Europe's biggest!
The view from Sperlonga
A great lunch by the sea!
Some action also today on the Carpinetana road
Last stop in Montelanico
the whole group arrived in Rome super happy, a boot beer is well deserved!
Farewell Dinner

Sightseeing in Rome

Beautiful blue sky and pleasant temperature, what a perfect day to visit the Eternal City! The Coliseum, Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Vatican... in one day we walked many km but we could see the most enchanting spots of Rome! What a beautiful day and a perfect end for this tour!

we start with Heike’s birthday

Tanti auguri a te
On the Capitol hill
The view from the rooftop of the Vittoriano monument
Photo stop at the Coliseum
Piazza di Spagna
At the Trevi fountain
Exactly what happened during this tour!
Piazza Navona
A delicious lunch!
Stoooop Simon, don't cut the spaghetti!!!
Castel Sant'Angelo
The view from the San't Angelo bridge
Inside the Vatican Basilica
What an incredible place!
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Chiara Van Doorn
Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 09:39

Looking gooood!
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Monday, October 25, 2021 at 09:03

Thank you Chiara!
Axel Schneider
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 10:38

Hey Ihr 2

Wünsch euch ne geniale Tour
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Monday, October 25, 2021 at 09:04

Danke Axel! Grüsse aus Pompei!
Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 07:13

Hi Axel,

Danke dir
Martin & Uli Fischer
Monday, October 18, 2021 at 20:09

Michaela & Domenico
Have a great tour with the very best tour-guests. Enjoy this wonderful ride.
Domenico Schiano Moriello
Monday, October 25, 2021 at 09:05

Danke Uli und Martin!
Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 07:11

Danke liebe Uli und Martin

Es ist schön wieder unterwegs sein zu dürfen.
Freu mich auf ein Wiedersehen

Lg Michaela


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