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BOG 2102 - Best of Greece

Thursday, November 11, 2021 | Dieter Arnoth / Michael Kreuzmeir / William Wilde | News / Europe

Arrival day in Athens

Ready to go from Austria ...
... with a coffee stop on the way ...
... and with a beautiful full moon in Ancona ...
... all the way to Athens!
Welcome everyone! Great first dinner!

Day 1: Athens to Arachova

Leaving Athens we found our first twisty mountain roads, got used to the bikes and the curves, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. A coffee break in a small village, more twisties, stunning views down to the coast, a 1000 year old monastery in a lovely setting: Welcome to Greece! In the afternoon we ventured through Delphi, we've seen the center of the known Greek world and stood in front of the Tempel of Apollon, were the ancient Greeks consulted the famous oracle. What a great first day!

Wir verlassen Athen, fahren unsere ersten kurvigen Bergstraßen, gewöhnen uns an die Motorräder und die Kurven und genießen die Landschaft. Eine Kaffeepause in einem kleinen Dorf, mehr kurvige Straßen, atemberaubende Aussichten auf die unter uns liegende Küste, ein eintausend Jahre altes Kloster in einer wunderschönen Landschaft: Herzlich Willkommen in Griechenland! Am Nachmittag wandern wir durch das weltbekannte Delphi, besuchen den Nabel der den Griechen bekannten Welt und stehen vor dem Tempel des Apollon, dort, wo damals das berühmte Orakel von Delphi befragt wurde. Was für ein eindrucksvoller erster Tag!

Our plan for the next two weeks.
The bikes are all ready to go!
Our first coffee stop in Plataiai.
Blue sky and a lovely countryside.
Marcel and Andreas on a fabulous motorcycle road.
(Half-)Grouppicture with a view down to the Gulf of Korinth.
The Osios Loukas monastery in Distomo.
The monastery dates back to the 10th century.
Worth seeing are the ancient yet excellent preserved frescos on the ceiling.
Simple accommodation
Dipping back down to sealevel on awesome roads.
The navel and center of the known world of ancient Greece.
The treasury of the Athenias in Delphi.
The remains of the Tempel of Apollon.
The Amphitheatre

Day 2: From Arachova to Kalyvia

Sunrise Rainbow in Delphi
Coffee stop
Coffee stop second group
Pindus mountain roads … so lovely
Heavenly roads in the Pindus Mountains.
Quick stop for lunch
Lunch stop in tavern with typical greek food … tasty
Sunset view over lake Plastira

Day 3: From Kalyvia to Metsovo

Indian Summer in Greece
Meteora Monastir

Day 4: Restday Metsovo

Beautiful ride in the Zagoria Region
unique stone bridges from 18th century
Vikos gorge - one of the deepest on earth
lunch stop in typical greek restaurant
view on Pamvotida lake
Charly the cleaner ….

Day 5: From Metsovo to Lefkada

We climbed out of a cold but sunny Metsovo.....
To be rewarded......
With stunning roads....
And beautiful.....
Beautiful scenery
Lovely little place for Coffee
Kipinas Monastery is literally carved into the rock
Group photo from the Monastery
Inside the Monastery was pretty cramped
Lunch stop at a typical greek taverna
Late afternoon Coffee break at Lefkada town waterfront. Smiling faces here were not so smiley on the route down to the Hotel :-O

Day 6: From Lefkáda to Vytina

Greek coastal riding …
enjoying the warm sun
The famous Rion-Antirion bridge - The world's longest multi-span cable- stay bridge has four piers, each one 230 m (755 ft) tall.
Nekrotafeio Plataniotissas
(Plane Tree Church)
The church is big enough to hold about 20 people. Impressive…

Day 7 : Restday Vytina

such lovely roads
and more beautiful scenery
Another great place for coffee
smile on the faces
Olympia …
the competition

Day 8: Vytina to Areopoli

Statue of Leonidas in Sparta
We pass Sparta and head through the Taygetos mountains
As we head out from a chilly Vytina it's another glorious day. Even having the sun in our eyes doesn't detract from the great mood
And over the Langada pass
As we drop down into Kalamata the weather warms up and we are rewarded with lunch by the beach.....

Day 9: Areopoli to Monemvasia

Today the weather is not so good for the first time! We leave the Hotel with dark clouds looming and make it to our first stop without getting wet. This morning we visit the Caves of Diros.
Although the majority of the cave complex is underwater its still possible to take a small boat tour inside
Amazingly clear water
As we exit the caves it strting to rain a bit......
Village of Vathia
We stop for typical greek coffee and to shelter from the rain.....
......but theres a nice beach view
Shipwreck of the Dimitrios

Day 10: Restday Monemvasia

At the hotel they are harvesting Olives
The lemons look good too!
Some of us went to Monemvasia in the morning
Bust statue of Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos
Tiny streets here
Monemvasia Lighthouse
Church of Hagia Sophia
Looking down at the Old Town from the Fortress of Youlas
Water cistern
impressive cave in Kastania
beautiful Monemvasia
Charlie's best friend

Day 11: From Monemvasia to Nafplio

the curvy coastal road
Elona monastery
Sunset in Nafplio

Day 12: From Nafplio to Athens

Last Morning Briefing
The Amphitheatre of Epidauros - performing Joe....
Channel of Corinth
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Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 17:38

Hi John and Charlie, Greece seems to be another destination worthwhile traveling to And it looks like the two of you had a great time. I am traveling along in my mind.
Sending a warm hug to you, Angela
John McMahon
Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 19:26

Hi Angela. Great to hear from you. It was a great trip, especially the northern mountain roads. Now a few days in Athens after the riding.
Charlie Green
Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 11:59

Hi Angela
Glad to hear from you This was a great trip the weather the food and the roads were awesome Special thanks to our guides Michael Dieter and William


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