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RTS Rom to Sicily - A journey through history

Monday, November 8, 2021 | Stefan Sykora / Thomas Fellechner | Europe / Italy

1 Day welcome to Rome

Benvenuti a Roma
Wellcome Briefing at the Hotel - everybody’s very exiting

Riding Day 1 Rome to Pompeii

Getting familiar with the first days Route
Ahhh....found it. Andrew’s drawing the way on his map
It’s a girlie thing....Julia and Kristi having a secret talk....mmmh?
Everybody’s getting ready to take off
Castel candolfo.

Ghassan thank you for beeing our sweeper today.... great Job!!!



Yammi, typical Italien lunch. Ghassan and Emad having a little snack and enjoying the dolce far niente
Lunchtime in Sperlonga, with such a nice weather and a fantastic food. Good start for the first day.
Coffee break and workout time
Sunset on Italien motorway
It's dinner time. After a long days ride we deserve it. Buon appetito
great Dinner at the end of a great day
Everybody's happy. What else can you ask for?

Rest Day 1 Pompeii

Start of our guided tour in pompei
The great Vulcan Vesuv, 9 km from Napoli. It goes up to 1281 meters above sea level.
Excavation site in Pompeii
without comment
Andy tried to drink like the people from Pompeii before the eruption
Shops opening hours, at this time you had to know about the mythology. Otherwise you might go shopping when its all closed.
thank you Imma for the guided tour
Rest day ride along the "Amalfi coast"
nice roads beautifull scenery

Riding Day 2 Pompeii to Acquafredda (Maratea)

At Paestum, where we talked a bit about history and seen the Tempels of Poseidon.....
...and of course the Tempel of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strategy and the art of fighting. But also she's responsible for arts`n craft.
Our Chef for Lunch break. Thomas has prepared some nice local food and takes care of all our preferences.
Julia and Ron having a privat Imbiss.
It can't be better. Local food with a soft touch of a warm sea breeze and friends to hang out with.
Who let the dogs out......
....I get up and nothin` gets me down. You got it tough, I've seen the toughest around. And I know just how you feel. You got to roll with the punches and get to what's real.....Might as well jump
enjoy the Picknick Idee and Kristie
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A little Cofè break at San Nicola a Mare

Riding Day 3 Acquafreda to Parghelia

coastal road right behind Maratea

typical Italien "pasticceria", enjoy Ghassan!

typical old Italian village Bruzio

enjoy the scenery Sabine

sooooooo Italien

Riding Day 4 Parghelia to Taormina

in the morning we leave our last hotel at the mainland, tonight we are in Sicily
Quick Coffee Break in Acqua Chiara. The sun came out and the coffee is fantastic. Slowly getting the time scale of the Italian way.
Lunch Break in Scilla where we have a nice walk at the beach and making our way up to Captain Jack Sparrow
A short walk to the restaurant along the sea side. Fantastic view and a lovely and warm smell from the sea.
Everybody's listening to my command. Mr. Capain Jack Sparrow himself.
Wellcome to the Restaurant "Il Pirata". We`re having lunch with Mr. Marlon Brando himself.
Inside we become members of the familia....... with special treatment
Waiting in the queue to get on board. The ferry from Villa San Giovanni to Messina, on the Sicilian Island.

Rest Day 2 Taormina (Ätna)

Downtown Taomina
View from Taomina to the Ocean
First Stop today in Zafferana, a name what comes from the arabic language - means: Safran. Not because of you'll find the plant there - no. It's because you'll find a blooming spring time of Ginster and it colors the mountains from red to yellow.
We`re at the lava fields of Etna. Our Tourguide Rosario explain how everything came together and Ghassan is listening very carefully.
A lesson in geography. Do you know that Sicily is turning up to 5mm a year anti clockwise? Ahh there you go, you're never to old to learn something new.
We`re on the first platoon on Etna, Edna Nicolosi Nord. Ready do go for a little walk.
We`ve been walking around the Crater Silvestri. One of the 4 main craters on the Etna Vulcan.
Our guide Rosario showed us the way into one of the crater. At good weather everybody can do it, today you need to be an taff explorer to do the walk. Cold, cloudy and the wind is like a punch right into your face. Still we`re having a great time.
One of the very few caves what's been left from the eruption. We had the chance to climb inside and take a look around.
And there we go, at the end of the first level. Cold, wet but everybody happy. What a great day. Thanks to everybody and a big hug to Rosano, our tour guide for the Etna trip.

Riding Day 6 Taormina to Cefalù

The girls and boys wanted Pizza for Dinner. Well, your wish is our command. There you go, tasty pizza and few from the Terras to the sea. Buon Appetit
We saw the Etna from the East to the South and here we got it from the West. Puff the magic dragon....lucky we.
A quick stop at Gangi for a lunch snack and off we go nice sweepers to Cefalù
Just before sundown we made it to Cefalù. Let's go and enjoy the evening.
Dinner Time at the hotel...enjoy....

Riding Day 7 CefalU to Agrigento

Castel caccamo
Relax Ron
Chef Stefan was prepairing a Picnic for us
Stop at Corleone sign. City of "the Godfather"
Nice curvy roads today
Last coffeestop of the day
Happy Birthday Chassan

Riding Day 8 Agrigento to Catania

Wellcome to Villa Romana Del Casale. It use to be the residence of an roman nobel family. It's located at the Province of Enna, the Heart of Sicily. This country house belonged to an Senator Family from Rome and he was called Praefectus Urbi.
That's probably the most famous picture in there. The "Bikini - Girls". So we`re very sorry for the French, but we saw, it wasn't you who invented the Bikinis. Back at this time (around 320 AD) the ladies wear this bikinis for sport activities.
A children's pic. The factions are identifiable not only by the color of the children's tunics, but also by the plumage of the birds. Flamingos for the Reds, geese for the Whites, gallinule for the Blues and pheasants for the Greens
Slowly, we`re back for good. Getting closer to Catania with a last pic of the Etna - we thought....
But what a surprise at dinner... the Etna is omnipresent here in Sicily.
The Farewell Dinner at the last Day. Thank you all so much for sharing this beautiful adventure with us. A big thank to Ghassan, who been the Sweeper the whole trip though and he did a great job. Hope you're all getting back safe and sound. We`re looking forward to see you guys again and do another ride to far away places. Goodbye.
Bye bye Sicily. We’re ready to take off...
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Jan Van der Jagt
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 19:52

Hi stefan and thomas! It looks like you guy's are having a good time, enjoy the nice weather and beautiful sights!
Thomas Fellechner
Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 17:26

thank you very much Jan we enjoy for you too.
Mady Crouch
Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 01:53

If he hasn't already, get Stefan to break out the bone guitar. Rock on, Stefan!!
Stefan Sykora
Monday, November 1, 2021 at 18:05

Hey Mady honey,

Yhea, i already took the bone out. It‘s rock‘n Ride all the was Down to sicily. How are you guys doing, hope you’re all safe and sound, riding and enjoying life. Best regards,
Thomas Fellechner
Friday, October 29, 2021 at 22:57

Thank you Willi. 20°C, curves and good food. Heart, what do you want more?
Wilfried Floriani
Friday, October 29, 2021 at 15:20

Hey guys, have a great trip!


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