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6SA2202 Riding Academy Andalusia

Monday, March 28, 2022 | Harald Pramhofer | Europe

Academy #2 - with an unexpected surprise

day 1 - on the kart-track

the protagonists - Mark from the United States
and Jerry from Switzerland
a slalom is always a good way to start with
push down style and the right viewing technique
even better
don't hit the obstacle - passed
trying and practicing hard until success
the sky looked so unreal, this is the answer

day 2 - more sand in the air and strong winds

in the morning black suits looked black
the Covid masks got a new function while riding
Jerry's flying by through the alley
so is Mark
the sky never changed its color
somewhere in Orange Count(r)y

day 3 - after sand and wind comes.....rain and mud

this day was the rainy and foggy day - we all agreed to make it short

day 4 - on the road again with better conditions

locals clean their environment from mud and sand
bikes had to wait for cleanup
Tourguide's showing "The Blue Line"
finally we are on a Riding Academy
37°F - a bit low but conditions getting better
Alpujarras with fresh snow on the Sierra Nevada
sun is coming out
sitting outside having lunch in Pamineira
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dry roads and no traffic
enjoying the sun and moderate temperatures
getting gas before reaching....
La Vinuela - dinner "a la carte" - we deserve it

day 5 - on the way home

early birds get to see the moon before coffee is served
nice haircut
after all these mountains we reached the Mediterranean Sea
the brave ones
enjoy the seafood - fresher is not possible
this is the road we started 5 days ago
no sand, no rain, no storm, no fog, no mud could stop us on this out of the ordinary tour
thanks to to Jerry and Mark for fighting against all troubles successfully
good bye Andalusia - hope to see you again....
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Michael Göbel
Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 16:28

Wir haben die gleichen Bedingungen auf der Südspanien Extrem. Eine Herausforderung!
Noch eine schöne Tour!
Harald Pramhofer
Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 17:45

bitte für Samstag, auch für dich noch eine unfallfreie Tour


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