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CCC2201 - The ride is on again in Spain and Portugal !

Thursday, March 31, 2022 | Ted Goslinga / Thomas Fellechner | Europe

Day 1 - Arrival day Malaga, Spain

The ride is on again at the Iberian peninsula! Today the tour clients all flew in to Malaga and had a nice and relaxing day and got rid of their jetlag. The tourguides prepared the motorcycles for this tour today and washed off all the Sahara sand of the bikes !

Tourguides Ted, Thomas and Michael ( who transported the bikes) preparing for the upcoming tour week
Tourguide Thomas washing off tons of Sahara sand
Our Welcome Briefing

Day 2 - Riding day Malaga to Sevilla

And off we went! The weather was better than predicted, so overall during the day a couple of raindrops was not too bad for the first riding day in Andalusia. As soon as we left  the first stretch of highway, we went up the beautiful mountain road to Ronda. Spent some time  there to stroll around and visit the famous Puente Nova. After a relaxed lunch we followed our way up to Sevilla , where we will have a reat day tomkrroq

Enjoy your ride guys.
At the bullfight ring in Ronda

Day 3 - Rest day Sevilla, Spain

Starting  the day with a 100 procent rain chance and ending up with a friendly sunshine made our restday in Sevilla. With a group of 7 we walked to various highlights the city offers. And we closed the day with a great flamenco show and a superb dinner. Tired but satisfied everbodg went to bed to charge the battery for tomorrow. Up to Portugal!!

The famous Parasol construction in downtown Sevilla
Macarena area
The Spanish art of making a great cappucino
On top of the mirador of the Parasol
Tourguide Thomas selling umbrellas in the park
Famous Flamenco show

Day 4 - riding day Sevilla to Faro (P)

morning brief in Sevilla
James and Cindy testing communications with ground control !
Second Coffee Stop in the morning we're not really blessed by the weather
Christopher Columbus Monument in Huelva. This is the place where Columbus started his Journey to find a new way to India. The rest is history

Day 5 - Riding day Faro to Sines

Great riding day along the awesome coast of the Algarve and Atlantic ocean. Finally the sun came out also when visiting Cabo Sao Vincente. Tourguide Thomas made a nice picnic with sea view as we followed our way north. 

Sun came out, time for a pic at the Algarve coast
The rocky coastline of the Algarve
Tourguides pre-tasting the picnic!
Super nice picnic spot at the Atlantic coast of Portugal
Jim and Cindy eating the chef Thomas made dessert

Day 6 - Riding day Sines to Lisbon

nice Ride in the morning, Lisbon is waiting for us
waiting for the ferryboat zu Sebutal
Johan the harbor master
Ferry ride to Sebutal
Fortress castello de San Filipe
Henry the tiger tamer

Day 7 - Rest day Lisbon

What a nice riding day we had ! Nice and mild temperatures today with a mostly sunny sky. 

W e made a nice loop along the Tagus river towards Estoril and Cascais. From there up to the Sintra hills and via Cabo dd Roca towards the old historical centre of Sintra. Strolling along a bit and having a nice lunch completes this nice day 

Morning coffeestop at a hidden place somewhere near Sintra
Visiting Cabo da Roca, the most western point of the continent
Queen Cindy onnher throne in the historical centre of Sintra

Day 8 - Riding day Lisbon (P) to Zafra (ES)

we leave Lisbon behind us. In the evening we will be back in Spain
Beautifull Church in Evora
House of bones in Evora....kind of scary but also very impressive
Downtown Evora
the Aquädukt in Elvas....not as old as you think.
Elvas a nice little town right close to the boarder from Portugal to Spain.

Day 9 - riding day - Zafra to Cordoba

Our beautiful support van in front of our beautiful hotel
Cordoba by night
Great dinner in a great ambiance in downtown Cordoba

Day 10 - riding day - Cordoba to Malaga

the Alcazaba in Antequera
Henry our sweeper this afternoon
the last curves of our trip....sooooo sad
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beautifull view in the mountains arround Malaga
Cindy enjoys the view over Malaga

Day 11 - Farewell day

And so our Christopher Columbus tour through Spain and Portugal comes to an end. All arrived safe back in Malaga. Despite the bad weather  forecasts at the beginning of the tour, we had great riding weather and only some drops of rain! Never trust all the weather apps

Thank you Cindy, James, Hakan, Kurt, Christian, Johann and Henry for your good  company and great riding !Hope to see you all again on one of our tours in the near future !! Safe travels home

Ted and Tom

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Michaela Achatzi
Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 15:48

Hi Ted and Tom,

nice picture !!

Lg Michaela

Angela de Haan
Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 14:49

Hey Ted, Michael and Tom,
I wish you all an awesome tour through Spain and Portugal !!!
Please drink the glass of red wine for me, that I can't get here in Oman )
Big hug, Angela
Ted Goslinga
Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 17:59

Thanks Angela. We will do


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