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Crete Extreme 4CE 2201

Friday, April 15, 2022 | Michael Göbel | News / Europe

Day 1 - Arrival in Heraklion 

Everybody made it to the nice start hotel in Heraklion. John from USA, Christian, Julian and Sabine from Germany, Johann, Michael and Gudrun from Austria, Markus and Christa from Switzerland and last but not least Jon undTone from Norway.

After the welcome briefing the group is realy exited and ready to go.

We had a great dinner at the Lato Boutique Hotel and can not wait to get the tour started.

Day 2 - Heraklion  -  Agios Nikolaos - 240 km

In perfect weather conditions we went east to Agios Nikolaos. What a great first riding day. All gpod riders in the group, really twisty roads an spectacular scenery,  blooming trees and flowers, snow covered mountains in the background and bootbeer at the hotel, where we will spend two nights. What else could you ask for.

Day 3 - Rest day Agios Nikolaos - 250 km

Today we had our first rest day, but the whole group wanted to ride and we had lots of fun.

Beautiful scenery and curvey roads, meeting sheep and locals, a perfect lunch at the beach and sunshine. This day was better than resting!!!

Day 4 - Agios Nikolaos - Matala - 240 km

Our way to Matala was twisty and challenging,  because of the road conditions,  but the group is exeptional and everybody made it safe to the hotel. Like the last days sunshine and stunning views all day long.

In Matala we were looking for the last remaining Hippies at the beach, but could not find any. Matala is famous for its beach and the caves, where some Hippies lived in the flower power area. Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens were here...

Day 5 - Matala - Chania - 270 km

A day full of riding highlights! Single lane pass road with challenging hairpins, racetracklike pass road with stunning views and sleepy villages in the mountains.

An old narrow stonebridge was a mice surprise for the group. The challenging roads were no problem for our excellent riders. We had so much riding fun!

Day 6 - Rest day Chania  - 250 km

Second rest day without rest for most of the riders.We did a great loop around Western Crete on challenging roads through breathtaking scenery. We met a lot of locals, sheep and goats and had a beautiful coffee stop at the famous Samaria gorge. A wonderful day!

Day 7 - Chania - Heraklion - 240 km

Unfortunately our last riding day, but it was full of highlights. A cristal clear lake in the morning, lunch at a nice restaurant at a reservoir and the famous Arcadi Monastery with its sad history. Amd not to forget the twisties. Some parts were quite slippery or full of potholes,  but the group managed it well. 

Back to the start hotel in Heraklion with a group of great riders and personalities.

This was a extreme tour with extreme roads and extremely good!


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Rudi Sperlich
Friday, April 15, 2022 at 13:34

Wäre ich gerne dabei gewesen !!!!!!
Axel Schneider
Monday, April 11, 2022 at 13:47

Hey John good to see you on tour - enjoy it


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