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Greece to Croatia - Exploring the Balkan!

Saturday, May 28, 2022 | Johannes Geiger / Jan Van der Jagt | Europe

From Greece to Croatia & across the Balkans!

A fantastic motorcycle tour that combines 3000 years of history with endless driving fun.

Greece has always been a dream destination. Not only sun worshipers, active vacationers and study travelers will find their paradise along the endless golden beaches and in the wild, rugged mountains of this fascinating country, which is covered with historical sites like no other, the country is also very suitable for motorcycling.

In the short time available we can only scratch the surface, but we do it quite well: Athens, the Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi and of course the world famous Meteora monasteries are on our list, and the breathtaking roads, connecting these dots are a high point in their own right. But our tour includes more than just Greece.

Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro are still white spots on the map for most people, their history, their landscapes, all of this is still waiting to be discovered by us. Follow us on our adventure across the Balkans and all its secrets!

Day 1: Arrival in Athens (GR)

Tour guide bike in front of our beautiful tour start hotel in Athens. KTM 1290 Super Adventure S - what a beast!
Thank god - all tour members wade a good choice for this tour From left to right: Ducati Multistrada 950 / BMW F900 XR / BMW R1250 GS / Honda NC 750 X / Ducati Multistrada 1260S
Nice first dinner at the hotel - it's good to get to know each other a little better. After all, there are already many stories to tell about past Edeweiss tours.

Day 2: From Athens to Nafplio (GR)

First daily briefing - today: Athens to Nafplio
Jörg on his italian Diva - Ducati Multistrada 1260 S
Alan on the Honda NC 750 X
Lisa on the beautiful BMW F900 XR
Frank and the red beauty - Ducati Multistrada 950
Mark and Charlene on the all time classic: BMW R1250 GS
After leaving Athens behind us we had a coffee at the 6,5km long channel of Corinth
With the golf of Corinth at the background, a group picture of happy bickers!
We enjoyed the acoustic at the 2500 hundred years old amfitheater.
Just one of the stunning sites along our route
In Nafplio at Palamidi Castle. Build by the Venetians 300 years ago
What a hotel! Perivoli Country Hotel & Retreat

Day 3: From Nafplio to Kalamata (GR)

The daily briefing conducted by Johannes has the attention of everybody because we are looking forward to a spectacular twisty road!
Coffeestop next to the argolic golf
Beatiful lunchstop in Kyparissi
What a place to have lunch <3
Off-roading between the olive fields
Langada pass - also known as Sparta - Kalamata pass
Arrived the hotel - what a day! 312 km of curves, switchbacks and also a bit offroad
Now - relax …

Day 4: From Kalamata to Olympia (GR)

This is how it looked, departing from our hotel in the morning
We drove along miles of blossoming Spanish broom
And riding along cliffs and rocks
We visited the fascinating water power museum
Where you could see how hundreds of years ago people used the the power of water.
Of course there were sheep
And dogs protecting the sheep
And to top of a perfect, relaxed riding day we visited Olympia.
Were 2700 years ago the first Olympics where held for a periode of a 1000 years.
It's about entering, not winning. Johannes knows this
The place where the Olympic flame is lit every year.
Maybe the oldest and most popular stone in Olympia …
And finally, the hard working tourguide can relax in the pool with a beer.
A perfect ending of a beautiful riding day: whilst the sun is setting, having dinner under the blossoming olive trees

Day 5: From Olympia to Delphi (GR)

Theme of the day: Blown by the wind! 

At the departing hotel there are 4 of the original torches of the Olympic games: rome 1960
Athens 2004
Pyeongchang 2018
Tokyo 2021
The traditional daily briefing. Today's destination is one of the most visited sites of Greece: Delphi!
On the road … again some sheeps
Already mentioned that at the daily briefing! However, what followed was unexpected for EVERYONE.
There we are - the spectacular Rio-Antirrio Bridge
Still everything fine
But why‘s the trailer at the photostop?

Due to the strong wind, we were not allowed to ride the motorcycles over the bridge.  There were no ferries due to the strong waves...

The closest way to get to Delphi? A loop of 6 hours highway.

But real Edelweiss tour guides don't shy away from something like that.  Without further ado, the van including the trailer turned around, we loaded the bikes onto the trailer and passed the bridge in a different way

Blown by the wind
All bikes loaded - teamwork makes the dream work
Ready to go again!
After all the excitement we deserve an ice cream im Galaxidi
Beautiful coffeestop

And after we reached Delphi - of course we visited the archeological site.  Here some impressions about "the center of the world in ancient times"

Day 6: From Delphi to Meteora (GR)

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Filesize: 20 MB
Another excellent start of a beautiful day!
We hadn't seen wild pony's yet, but Alan is a specialist in finding animals in front of his bike
And there, between the mountains, lays lake Neochori.
It's good to see that the Greeks are working hard to improve the roads.
Time has stood still in the little village where we had lunch
Still snow on top of the mountains
The landscape is really rough. Waterfall scape the land.
You can see that also in Pili, well known for it's stone bridge
The 500 year old bridge that was vital for the trading routs back then
And there is our destination for today: Meteora! One of the most visited places in Greece. Known for it's monasteries on top of the wind carved mountains
The mountains are right at our doorstep. And a pool!

Day 7: Restday in Meteora (GR)

Started the day with a small loop around Metsovo
Lookout to one of the 6 monasteries
Let’s visit this one - Monastery Agiou Stefanou (Saint Stephen) - one of the few female monasteries in greece
Beautiful chapel inside (it’s not allowed to make photos of the inside - sorry!)
Lookout to Kalambaka
Lets go for another loop into the region of Koziakas - still some snow on top
What’s the van doing here?
Of course - Jan prepared a lovely picknick for us Thanks!
Johannes looking foward to eat all the delicious food
One of the best spots in Greece to have Picknick. There is still snow on the mountains!
Enjoying the beautiful weather!
And of course - a nice group photo

Day 8: From Meteora to Gjirokastra (GR - ALB)

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Filesize: 17 MB
Leaving Greece, and heading for Albania. A country many haven't been yet. But first another Greek traffic jam
And a coffee stop at Metsovo amongst some locals.
We visited Vikos gorge, with 1600ft/500mtr the deepest in the world
Beautiful curved roads thrue forests heading towards the border
And there it is, Albania!
Play video Download
Filesize: 24 MB
After an adventures ride into Gjirokastra we arrived at hotel that has a gorgeous view

Day 9: From Gjirokastra to Ohrid (ALB - MKD)

Breakfast Albanian style
Beautiful start into the day - breakfast with a view
Way up to Berat castle
Welcome to Berat - the city of thousand windows
View from the caste. Of course we parked our bikes at a premium position
Mark and Johannes
Coffeestop next to Lumi Shkumbin
Made a new friend - albanien sausage dog
Behind the scenes
View to lake Ohrid - biggest lake in North Macedonia. 30km (18mi) long / 288m (745ft) deep
Border to North Macedonia
Welcome to Ohrid! What a beautiful charming city
Good night guys

Day 10: From Ohrid to Shkodër (MKD - ALB)

First part of the morning we rode through a river valley where it was cool, lush and sweepy
Then there was the border from North Macedonia to Albania wich took us only a few minutes
The back country of Albania is something you have to experience to know how beautiful it is. Time has stood still in this remote area
Where horses rule the roads
And one horsepower is enough to get around
The scenery is simply stunning
What a lovely dinner

Day 11: From Shkodër to Kolašin (ALB - MNE)

Day 11 - Lets go!
That’s what we are here for - stunning landscape, perfect roads, no traffic - thank you Albania!
Simply beautiful
Tourguides getting happy when they see this on their GPS
„Ready to race“
Lovely coffeestop in Tamare
You get to know why the Alabniens are called Europes busiest road pavers
Leaving Albania - bye bye - it was a pleasure
Welcome to Montenegro - country #4 on this tour
FIIINNNAAALLLYYY - we got some fish!
You think it was good?
Perfect spot for lunch
And after a bumpy ride for the last kilometers - a good cup of turkish coffee

Day 12: Restday in Kolašin (MNE)

Started the day with a beautiful ride through the forest into the beginning of Durmitor Nationalpark
Going over the Tara bridge (150m)
Stunning view into the canyon - 82km long along the border of Bosnia
Enjoying the empty roads
One of the 50 peaks over 2000m in Durmitor Nationalpark
Nevidio Canyon
Made some new friends
Or should i say - „best friends“
Lovely dinner at this restaurant

Day 13: From Kolašin to Dubrovnik (MNE - HRV)

Lets go - last riding day
Biggest flag we’ve ever seen - really impressive
Millennium bridge in Podgorica (capital of Montenegro)
Visit the local orthodox cathedral
What a view
Scouring the new XXL EXTREME Balkan adventure tour (switchback edition)
Cuising through Lovcen Nationalpark
View to Kotor - the most famous tourist attraction in Montenegro
Simply beautiful
25 switchbacks down do Kotor
Ferryride to Kamenari
Getting spoiled by the best restaurant in Kotor
Lovely atmosphere
Leaving Montenegro
There we are - the end of our tour Welcome to Dubrovnik!
Relaxing after a long and hot day on the bike
Finally farewell dinner

Thanks to Alan, Jörg, Charlene, Mark, Lisa and Frank for making these 14 days to such a eventful and relaxing trip for us Tourguides. Johannes & Jan - over and out!

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Markus Hellrigl
Friday, May 20, 2022 at 21:20

Hi J & J,
Looks live you're having a good time! Weiterhin viel Spaß und eine gute Tour!
Liebe Grüße, Markus
Johannes Geiger
Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 21:45

Hey Mr. Lightbold
Really enjoying the time together with the dutch boy
Greetings from Meteora
Chiara Van Doorn
Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 09:42

Looking goooood!
Johannes Geiger
Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 17:55

Thanks Chiara - really enjoying the trip Thanks for the reel - love it!


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