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Unpaved Istria (UPI)

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 | Mike Woltering / Stefan Sykora | Europe

Welcome on the Unpaved Balkans Trip. As you see, we`re not only here for fun. It's something in between, finding the most gravel and the best food you can get - we`re on a deluxe tour de La-Tène

Day 1: Rijeka loop

When waking up like this, it’s gotta be an awesome day.
A little introduction before we hit the dirt. But we`re lucky, our friends already now how to handle the bike like pro. So, nothing more to say.
The first photo stop on the island of Krk. Getting ready for the run.
Let us discover the back country of Krk by finding some old trails. They haven't been used for such a long time. More fun for us.
Time for a lunch brake @ the main town of the Island. We`re having marvelous food in a restaurant close to the harbor of Krk, the capital of the Island.

Day 2: Rijeka - Pula

Daily Briefing and time to get ready. Today we`re haven some miles between Rijeka and Pula.
After the fist kilometers of dirt roads we made a little photo session and see where we gonna end up tomorrow night.
Lunch Time. You choose from a selection of fresh fish. Jammy
Weil, that takes some time to find the wright decision...but.... the end we were all happy. What a delicious food we had at Trget`s harbor.
Last Cofé Break of the day. We did all the dirt roads down to the Kap of Kamenjak and get a drink at the Safari Bar. A stunning place, where you could stay for longer.....
Welcome to Pula!
Dinner Time at the Laterna just outside of Pula. Enjoy

Day 3: Pula - Motovun

What they're building in there? Pimp my ride.....
Mike starting the daily briefing for another nice day of riding.
All clarity removed....... any questions. You can't find the little hidden tracks on the maps anymore. So stick with us and we get lost together.
The Beemer Boyz are ready for take off.....Clemens and Eric - Team Netherlands
....let the good times roll, have a nice day and catch you later, dude.
Short stop in Pula at the 6th biggest amphitheater in the world.
Someone thought those stone houses would be very interesting, which in general they are.
But not if there is an ant trail right in front of it.
Having a blast on these gravel roads.
Once in a while it’s worth to take a break and enjoy the view.
VIP Parking at our hotel in Motovun. Everyone else has to park beyond the town wall.

Day 4: Motovun - Kocevje

Morning routine, daily briefing.
The pack is leaving Motovun through the old gates.
After we left Motovun we had a little coffee break in Buzet. A little village just like Motovun, but not as touristic and just by surprise we met Mirco, our waiter from last night.
Boys like to play......Clemens....rocking it.....
....Matt & Shelley not afraid of the mud either....
.....Eric with his "Rolling Bar" - you know what I`m talking about
.....and Todd....lets have fun....
crossing green border form Croatia to Slovenia
....what`s in that sock buddy? Ha Ha we all know......
a little unexpected break at the official will be our secret......
Finally we arrived at the Hotel Veronika in Kocevje, Slovenia. And another nice surprise....Mike prepared a boot beer for us....well, we deserve it. Cheers guys.....

Day 5: Kocevje - Rijeka

Ready to leave Kocevje and ride back to Croatia.
A well deserved brake after quite a long stretch in the morning.
Somewhere in the woods of Slovenia.
Full on preparations for one of the last pictures of the trip.
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Michaela Achatzi
Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 09:35

Das schaut ja gut aus — habt Spaß
Axel Schneider
Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 12:46

Looks good - looks like fun - enjoy it


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