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CAS 2201 Pearls of The Adriatic Sea

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | Axel Gert Schneider / Ted Goslinga | Europe

Arrival day at Split

Welcome in Croatia

Welcome To the Show of the Pearls of the Adriatic Sea



Ted and I looking forward to meet the riders and passengers tomorrow, so that we can start this tour along the breathtaking coastline all the way down to Kotor - a little spoiler on side it will be great - if the weather stays like now it will be just pictures all the way down and up.


Just to introduce  the Tour a little: we are going to ride 8 days in  3 different countries and different cultures from occidental to oriental / churches and mosque´s - what a mix. 


If you want to  see and read more about this trip than stay tuned and follow the blog or even better just go on tour with us and get in touch with this feeling down here on a bike in combination with history and this breathtaking landscape!!!!


See you soon 


Axel and Ted



Welcome to the: Pearls of the Adriatic Sea with Ted and Axel
Just outside of the Hotel you will find the first little restaurants wich will get you right away in touch with the flair of Split
Maybe a little early but Split got for everybody something
Narrow little Streets creating the charming flair of Split
It's me - Axel one of the Tourguides on this ride

Day 2 : Riding Day Split to Hvar

Our Highlights Today on Riding Day 1

Firat riding day !! Last evening we had a very nice welcome dinner at our hotel in Split. Rightaway in a good atmosphere we all got to know each other. 
this morning the rainshowers of last weekend were gone and under a nice sky and good riding temperatures we were heading towards the beautiful coastal road in direction of Dubrovnick. In Omis we took a left turn into the Cetina gorge with sime nice switchbacks and mountian roads to get i to the right pace. Around noon we arrived at the ferry landing for the boat to the island of HVar. Gling down for about 65 kilometrs over an astonishing road with excellent curves and splendid viws qe arrived finally at the city of Hvar to enjoy the fantastic scenery around here

What a ride - this nice little road was winding up the mountain
The wonderful scenery of the Cetina gorge
On the ferry to the island of Hvar
Tourguides Ted and Axel : at your service !!
Hvar is such a nice place - I got to say: you should be there once in your live
Ted enjoying the view and the live band
The Cristal clear water is unbelievable
Lavender from Hvar - if you need some there are always some to get

Day 3 - riding day Hvar to Dubrovik

Bacinska Jezera - just before lunch - a picture stop with a stunning view

Welcom on day 2 

What a day !!!!!!!

To say good bye to Hvar is not easy but if you are back on the winding Road back to the ferry you will loos this thoughts from turn to turn more and more.

But lets start from the beginning - Today early breakfeast becaus e we have to get the first ferry - of course no problem for our groupe - everybody has been on time and so we went out, back on the same road where we came in - the road was has been fantastic and on top nearly no traffic. after 70km we arrived at the ferry and we had some time to enjoy coffee and some cold drinks (no alkohol )

Once on the ferry, the it was time to say good bye to Hvar and hello main land !! The goal of today is Dubrovnik and everybody is looking forwar to see this breathtaking old town with his tiny little streets and much more - but hey no so quick - we would not be Edelweiss if we wont have some nice roads along the coast and specialy in the hinterland - becaus straight to Dubrovnike can do everybody.

So we did, after several km we went into the hinterland and is was such a pleasure to ride this roads - sometimes - picture will tell you more than any word. So on this day it is like that and that why: have look on it and if you like to see more just come with Ted and me on the road!!!


Now it is almost Dinner Time and tomorrow the day will start with a nice walk to Dubrovnik - to see the old Town and then we will move on to Montenegro (Kotor) 

If you wanne see more stay tuned at our blog 

See you tomorrow Ted and I will go for a cold .... 

The view at the breakfast could be worser
The early bird catches the worm or in our case the first ferry
The to germans on this tour - and ready to go
Our todo List for today and the story has been told today from Axel at the ferry ride
The delta of Nevretva where will get in touch again later on tour - If you like oranges - this is your place
Bacinska Jezera
Of the bike and cameras got to work
Last picture stop bevor we enter Dubrovnik and the road to this place - is all what it needs to make a marvels day
This is our Croatia picture postcard moment to the end of our ride on day 2

Day 4 : riding day Dubrovnik to Kotor

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Today we started in the early morning to pay a visit at the old town of Dubrovnik before it got overrun by other tourists. First we went upnto mount Srd for a spectacular view over the old city walls of Dubrovik and the deep blue and green sea. Real Pearls of the Adriatic sea!  
Just before noon we hopped on our bikes and headed south towards our next country: Montenegro. The temperature rose up to almost 40 degreea Celsius which is a bit of a challenge when you are waiting to cross the border at lunchtime of the customs peraonnel. But finally riding along the beautiful bay of Kotor we reached our beautiful hotel right at the bay and jumped into the pool and the sea for a refresing dive. 
super that we atay here two nights!!

The early bird got the best view and we did it - we have been the first one up here
What a view !!!!
Some of us liked the gondola quite a bit
Masterplan by Ted
The smale little streets of Dubrovnik are breathtaking
Even Einstein loves Dubrovnik
Some impreaaions of the old city of Dubrovnik
A very inviting view for a noce dive into refreshing water!
Beautiful nightview at the old city walls of Kotor, Montenegro
Lost in the alleys of Kotor
Bay of Kotor

Day 5 : rest day Kotor

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Let´s Do It Rest Day Ride 155 KM

What a brilliant day!!!!


after a restful night, we started the day with a fantastic breakfast - no buffet!!!! It was prepared individually for everyone, in addition to the view of the Bay of Kotor - what more could you ask for!!
Because of, we got 2 night´s here in Kotor, our trip didn't start today until 9am - the magic word of the day was: Lovcen National Park. But before that park took our breath away, there has been more than 25 switchbacks up to, what is probably the most beautiful view of the bay - it has been the perfect start for me in the day. To mention the classic, the weather was good, not to say too good, because temperatures were between 29 C and 35 C on our tour today. In the national park itself it was fantastic at the beginning because the roads lead through the forests of the park and thus provided cooling. Later in the direction of the first coffee stop, it got quite warm under the helmet, but the reward was not too far away - numerous curves on dreamlike asphalt lined up one after the other and that in an indescribably beautiful landscape. Small, narrow streets challenged us later on today with their condition, but at the end of the day that was just another highlight. Even though it was very, very warm, today's 155 km were worth it!!! As a reward, on the end of our ride we went into the pool or directly into the fjord. We had the conclusion of tonight in the form of an excellent 5-course menu, which should give us enough power for tomorrow to travel to Mostar.
Thanks for this ride today 


The first View of the Day - I would say it is quite nice
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Play video Download
Filesize: 57 MB
Coffee break after an adventures ride If you want to know why you got to ask our pol dancing star Bryan
Just before Dinner - enjoying the breathtaking view on the mountains

Day 6: Kotor to Mostar

A bit sad because we had to leave our fantastic spot at Kotor bay this morning but happy to ride another day in this great area. We left in already 26 degrees and after short rainshower we headed up the road around the bay of Kotor and after a quick flto stop we moved into the mountains of Bosnia Herzegovina. Great views, good roads and curves. Both coffee stop and lunchstop were relaxed in a shaded place. Tonight dinner at the enchanting place of Mostar

Relaxed coffee stop at the river
A last pic at Kotor bay
Mostar old bridge
Excellent dinner in Mostar

Day 7 : Mostar to Zadar

Hallo again on day 7 


Today we gone leave Mostar and will ride to Zadar one of our last Hotels on our tour - yes it goes so quick sometimes- specially if you having such a good time as we have - all this nice conversation over the day and on the dinner table every evening- I will miss it already 

But before we say goodbye here we got some mir riding days - so like today 

Leaving Mostar was quiet easy and went up the hills and not far away we crossed the boarder to Croatia for the last time. The roads today have been small and narrow and has been winding nicely through the mountains. 
towards the coastline we just have been riding through hinterland of the hinterland - more Croatia is not possible.

On the end of this ride we managed to get to a nice viewpoint and the way to this one will maybe everybody remember for the rest of his live

Our To Do List for today
Here you see the riders - wich like to move on
And here you see the the ladies- wich like to stay at the Kloster Garden with the flowers - may the man’s get some homework for at home
It Lunchtime
We made a up great for the the gravel RT - so that he survives the rest of the day
Last picture stop on the way to Zadar
I would say it could be worse

Day 8: rest day Zadar and we went to Krka national park

What a fantastic riding and reat day we had. Riding through the national park of Krka , having a wonderful ( and hot!!) hike over the boardwalk at the astonishing waterfall area in the park. After this walk we rode over some nice mountains toads and switchbacks and found tourguide Axel almost sunbirned at a perfect picnic spot at a lake where everybody took a dip after the nice picnic. 
great day !!

There has been a surprise for our group- today it was time for a Picknick
Splendid waterfalls of Krka natuonal park
Alison and Sharon on our private picnic bay
Nightnview at the bay of Zadar

Day 9 : Zadar to Split

Welcome to day 9


Last ride of the tour and the the feelings are mixed in between sadness and looking forward for a nice last ride. First we followed the coastline down south until we reached Sibenek where enjoyed the a good coffee . After enjoying the view at the bay and the coffee it was time to move on towards the mountains, because we where ready for some sweepers und nice narrow roads. Riding on the plateau is like beeing alone in croatia, because we met just 2 cars along the way and on top the endless landscape. Sometimes it needs not mutch to be happy!!! After several kilometers the road brought us back to the coastline and split has been just on the other side of the bay. A nice lunch and a feulstation later we came back to the hotel where everything has been startet. Sometimes the time is just slipping away - specialy if you have fun on tour.


Ted and i like to thank you for this funny moments and the awsome ride - we hope we see us once again on tour 


Ted and Axel

Sibenik Bay
It is always an adventure with axel as Brian says
Almost in Split again
Farewell dinner with this awesome group!
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Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 18:30

Hi Axel & Ted,
seems you guys have a lot of fun !!!!! Keep on riding and have fun !!!!
Saludos, Pierre
Axel Schneider
Monday, June 6, 2022 at 12:07

Thanks buddy hope we see us once again
Ted Goslinga
Friday, June 3, 2022 at 12:57

Thanks Pierre. Yes, we have a lot of fun onmtour and superb weather! Saludos tambien, amigo!


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