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Beautiful Europe 2022

Sunday, July 31, 2022 | Franz Gmachl / Mike Woltering | Europe

Prepared for the welcome briefing, so let us start ........

Good Morning, and welcome to Seefeld where our amazing tour will start tomorrow. We are looking foward to 5 different countries, various cultures and landscapes, and of course the best road for riding motorcycles. So lets start our Ride, the best there is!!

Day 1: Seefeld (AT) to Siegmaringen (GER)

We strarted with an excellent breakfast, and outside ist was raining cats and dogs. So what?. Dayly briefing, safty tips, preparing for riding and clutch out. We stared in the rain up to our first pass the Hantennjoch on 1960m elevation followed by somme more. After lunch we made the cultural part of our tour, visiting the festival stage at lake konstanz in its unique location built in the lake. Teh sun comes out, raingear in the panniers and an icecream in our hands........ The last km to Sigmaringen we took at once.

Sigmaringen welcomed us with a beautiful view to the famous Hohenzollerncastle.

Great dinner, a lot of stories, a good day...

The sticker collection is now completed by Korean Motorcyclists on the sign on Hantennjoch
high concentration on the daily briefing
ready to go
on stage of the Bregenzer Opera Festival 2022
the Hohenzollercastel Sigmaringen, just impressive
This is one of the many guards of the castle.
Because of the guard and maybe the opening hours, we sadly were not able to visit the inside.

Day 2: Siegmaringen (GER) to Colmar (FR)

The bikes are ready for another fantastic day.
First stop today is at the devil’s bridge. Don’t forget to ask your guide about its story when you’re on tour
What a beautiful path leading us back to our bikes.
So here it all begins, with the Danube river.
A great spot for a short rest.
Our well deserved desert after the lunch here at the Hexenlochmühle.
This is the workshop for the famous cuckoo clocks.
Yes, correct, far in the back is our destination for the day, Colmar in France.
Not completely a clear sky but clear enough to enjoy the view to France.
We made it across the boarder.
Here in France, Franz was waiting for us with a delicious boot beer.

Day 3. Colmar - Interlaken. (F). to. (CH)

Monuments of WWI (Battlefield of Ligne), making us thinking of the past and the future with respect to all the victims.
Great view on the meadows in the Vogesen mountains
Tourguide training #2, eating korrekt Korean picknick, tasty and spicy
a highlight of the day, the waterworks in Thun and in the background the Rain that hit us the last 10 km

Day 5: Ciavenna to Meran.

All about riding Stelvio, the theme of the day beside 6 other passes
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