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CGX 2202 Sweepers Heaven Eifel

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | Axel Gert Schneider / Axel Allgaier | Europe

Let's have a great rest day in Luxemburg - curves, curves, curves and a sunny day!
This day is our last day of riding from Rott to Bad Kreuznach - yes last day - If you ride along with great people like we had on this tour the time just flies by - but the end of a tour is just before next and I hope that it will take not to long to ride together again!
A last time - Morning Briefing - a last time - hop on the bike on this tour - But for sure not the last time that we see each other!!!!!
What a day today - Curves curves curves - and now it is time for picknick
Lucy and Thomas - what a lovely couple - sharing the same passion and riding over 60 years - Respect - I hope I will do the same
Its Picknick Day at day 7 - healthy healthy healthy
Welcome to day 5 - Let’s do it
After a day of rain suddenly the sky opened up an we got to the nice little town of Bouillon
Today is the day of Keyvan,
because he is taking a ride at the Nürburg Ring in a Porsche GT3
Day One and we will arrive today at The Nürburg Race Circle
The Bikes are ready for the Tour - at Bad Kreuznach - where the Tour will be started tomorrow

Welcome to the Sweepers Heaven Eifel with the A-Team

Axel & Axel are ready for wonderful days in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. First we have to load our motorcycles and off we go to Bad Kreuznach - the place to be for our tour participants and us.

Axel 2 is looking forward to the tour and to getting to know you all in our welcome briefing - and also looking forward to see some of you again after a long time - BOB I'm on the way to surprise you

So then one Axel is now loading all the motorcycles and will set off in the direction of Bad Kreuznach - so that our journey can begin.

See you later at Bad Kreuznach



Day 1: The Welcome Briefing in Bad Kreuznach

The Master Plan for the next Days at the Sweepers Heaven Eifel

Welcome to day one of our tour – The day of the Welcome Briefing

So welcome to the show with the A-Team

Today the time has finally come - we get to know each other, and the long-awaited motorcycle keys are handed over - on top of that there is the welcome briefing where we present our tour and give a small overview of the highlights of this tour and of course some Guidelines what makes the Tour even more pleasant.

The motorcycles are ready and ready to go, the conference room to and I would say the A-Team is ready for the start of an unforgettable journey through the "Sweepers Heaven Eifel".

Bad Kreuznach,

the start of our tour, is a wonderful little town which has a long history dating back to 58 BC. If you have time to arrive two days early before our tour, don't miss the chance to explore this little town. Small narrow streets with old historic buildings accompany you through the whole city. If you feel hungry, don't worry! There are small cafes and restaurants everywhere.

If you let your eyes wander outside of the city, you will quickly realize that you are in a dreamy wine-growing region, which produces some good wines too.

I think it's a great little town to start the tour

T- Shirts - Check
Meeting Room - Check

I would say we are ready for The Meeting!!!!

Briefing Time

Here we GOooooooo.....

Everybody is on board for an interesting briefing with all the information has been done and the keys of the bikes in the hand of our guests - mission completed

Well now there is some time before we catch up again for dinner to set up the bike so that we can just clutch out tomorrow.

Just on the side: It is already a family feeling in the group - not only because of sharing the same passion ( to ride a bike when ever possible), no also because some of our group have been riding already a tour with each Axel. So I am looking forward to all the stories of each rider.

So time for dinner - See you tomorrow here after the first riding day


Day 2: Bad Kreuznach to Nürburg - Welcome to the "Green Hell" - Nordschleife Nürburgring

The Legend of the Race Circle over here - THE BEAST

First impression from the Van Man perspective:

To arrive at the race track is always something special - the air is filled up with the smell of overheated brake pads, the cars close to the race track changing from normal to supercars and pimped-up private cars and on top we got a sunny day - so all in one: the sweet symphony of engines is a pleasure if you like race tracks

Now is time to check on the rooms so that everything is ready, when our bunch of riders arrive after their first riding day.

Soooooo and what happend along the way you will see here later


Day 3: Nürburg to Aachen - Keyvan's day! Why? Just keep on reading ;-)

Keyvan is almost ready to get his ride of a lifetime
That's the Mission

Today is the day of Keyvan, because he is taking a ride at the Nürburg Ring in a Porsche GT3

Welcome back on day 3 of our tour. Today our journey continues north - where to? We will stay overnight in Aachen but until then there is still some action coming up!!!!

Axel and Keyvan will leave earlier today, to be at the race track in time, for Keyvan, to have his ride of a lifetime at the Green Hell (Nürburgring). The rest of the group start the day as usual with the morning briefing and will later watch from a safe distance at the race track as Keyvan races past Well he is co-Pilot but in my opinion is that the real deal - so if you are on this tour in the future!? You should book a ride early in the morning - the track opens at 8am and in this time there is less traffic on the track, so that the drivers can go as quick as they like. Well now the question of questions is it worth the money!?????

I'll answer with the words of Keyvan: I've watched car races all my life and it works very well on the Playstation too!!! But that's something totally different - breathtaking in every way - I'm glad I took the opportunity

I got the feeling that the smile on face and the adrenaline will be in Keyvan for a few more days

Well, after that, Keyvan went back to his Ducati and we caught up with the group.

The group united and the journey continued. I will now continue in the direction of Aachen and Axel will continue to ride with the group along winding roads through the green hills.

I look forward to the stories of the rest of the day...

Just one example what kind of cars, here around the track - impressive I would say
It is 9:30 and it is already a lot happened over here
8:30 Minutes later
Keyvan completed his mission - and he liked it quite a bit
Welcome back Keyvan - how was the ride?

I've watched car races all my life and it works very well on the Playstation too!!! But that's something totally different - breathtaking in every way - I'm glad I took the opportunity
Where there are a lot of racers, there is always something happening., There was a crash but not Keyvan, so they could just do the lap in 8:30 - JUST !!!!!
The bunch of bikers watched the show from a nice place close to the track - and from there Axel went on with the ride of the day towards Aachen.
Coffee break in Altenahr. Some drops of rain, but not enough to stop us from sampling delicious cakes and coffee in the makeshift cafe. Why makeshift cafe? Well, the "real" place still awaits renovation after the floods of July 2021.

Leaving the valley of the Ahr, we rode the Eifel roads north, stopping at Vogelsang, a complex built in 1936 to educate the future leaders of the Nazi-party, turned barracks for he Belgian army and now being used as an information center for the Eifel National Park.

Arriving early in Aachen we had time for a short walk to the center of town before dinner to take in the main sights: market place and town hall, Aachener Dom and Elisenbrunnen. After dinner a few took the chance to have a beer at the Domkeller, a popular pub built in 1638.

Day 4: Aachen to Bouillon - The day of FRANCORCHAMPS - guess how the weather has been

Welcome on day 4

Hello from Day 4 of our trip!!!!

Today we continue to Bouillon and I don't mean the soup.

The small town of Bouillion will have us visiting for one night tonight and I'll tell you later why it's worth it.

Well, how was our day!? I would describe it like this: a highlight of today is - SPA Francorchamps - the racetrack and anyone who is familiar with racetracks knows that it actually, always rains here

Well, today was one of those famous days. In Aachen itself it was dry but the sky didn't look as if we were going to get sunburned today. It started at 9 as usual and we drove to the highest point in the Netherlands - a total of 322m above sea level - well, if you live in Austria it might not be anything special, but here it is a real highlight and also our first stop - the 3 Country Corner (Belgium, Netherlands and Germany), but to be honest, it's just beautiful up here - if the weather cooperates, you can look at one of the observation towers in the Ardennes and the landscape enchants you with its never-ending green forests. But not today - unfortunately

Then we went on to the race track of Francorchamps and yes cars again - I know we are a motorcycle trip but what can I say the track is famous for its bad weather and breathtaking car races. A photo later we went on to Stavelot where the associated museum is located. Matching our entry to Belgium, we went to a French fries restaurant in this case it is saver to say over here Belgium fries restaurant for lunch.

Strengthened and full of energy it was time to move on because we had still 180km to go. Doesn't sound like much at first, but when it rains it is, on the small roads where we were traveling on, still a good amount of km. The route itself meandered through the Ardennes and the scenery here is really underrated!!! Just because it doesn't have a  name like Stelvio doesn't mean you can't have fun on two wheels!!!

Personal opinion: I really like it here and if the weather cooperates, a motorcycle rider will be very happy over here!!!

After a few rain showers and dry passages we reached Bouillon and the smiles on the faces were not only because we were getting dry, but also because the sky cleared up at the entrance to Bouillon, Belgian chocolats were dealt out in the garage (boot-chocolate instead od boot-beer...) and a grand old hotel awaited and later spoiled us with a really good dinner.

Thanks to my Sweepers Heaven Eifel group for the great day.I'm already looking forward to tomorrow


PS: Tomorrow there will be a little highlight morning for our ladies - chocolate - why, why and what!? I might tell you tomorrow.

Getting ready in the morning in Aachen
First stop of the day, has been Drielanden Punt, where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands come together
First coffee stop at the Parc Naturel Des Hautes Fagnes
On the dam of Lac de la Gileppe
What should I say: I guess it has to be a rainy day if you got to Spa on the race track
The Museum of Spa is small but it got some highlights if you like the world of racing
Next stop after lunch - castle Modave
A really impressive place - some of us just thought to take over the place - I don’t mention names like Lisa and Keith...
Lucy and Thomas enjoying the time at Modave
Well if I see the picture now - I think they both are making the master plan to set up the house
The picture tells everything: if my wife takes over this place there is a lot of work coming up
Our place to be in Bouillon for tonight
Waiting for dinner
A quite evening in Bouillon.
At the end of the day we went to Lisa’s place for a drink and well that was day 4

Day 5: Bouillon to Esch - Theme of the Day Curves + History + Beer = a Fantastic Ride

Goooooood Morning Bouillon - we are wake and ready for great day of riding

Another day in Paradise

What a way to start the day: The first thing on the agenda was chocolate - because if you're ever in Belgium you shouldn't miss out on these calories!!!! So the first thing we had was breakfast and then we went shopping for chocolate. At 11:30 a.m. the time had come and the journey to Luxenburg could begin. The start of the tour!? Just divine - curves curves and then immediately curves again - simply brilliant - the whole thing on dry asphalt and in a fantastic landscape - what more could you want for a biker's heart. After the first few kilometers we went through wide landscapes and surrounded by cornfields, our journey went to France where the 2nd highlight awaited us - Sedan Castle. Impressed by the history of the castle and in combination with a small lunch, we continued our journey towards the Musée de la Biere. A real highlight for everyone who loves beer!!! Later in the afternoon we went to Orval and after all the chocolate in the morning and the heat today it was time to head towards the hotel. Because as a grand finale, Axel organized Budbeer, and that was waiting for us – I just say ice-cold and healthy.

I say boldly that was a successful day. Yes and tomorrow, what is tomorrow?

The is our rest day - but that's no reason for us to leave the motorcycles behind - so our trip tomorrow will be a lap around Luxenburg.

I'm already looking forward to it - and now I wish everyone good night from our group.

Axel over and out

First must have of the day - BELGIUM CALORIES
And this is the destination for today!!!
On the way to the massive walls of Sedan Castle
Quite impressive if you take into account that this is from 1423
The castle of Sedan
Some cold drinks at the beer museum - and yes we did not drink alcohol we sat this part for the arriving at the hotel in Luxemburg
Last stop at Orval befor we went to the hotel

Day 6: Rest Day in Luxemburg - you think it is not worth to ride here - we can proof you wrong ;-)

Müllerthal - we fall in love with you - you tried us well with all your curves. Greg and Keith just fly trough the curves and it looks like they are having fun!

Hello from Luxembourg

What another fantastic day on our tour.

Until now, even I was not aware of what Luxembourg can offer a motorcyclist. How should I describe it- MMmmmmm

Maybe so, if small roads through forests along small parks and castles make a great tour for you and maybe you looking for a lot of sweepers then this is the day - certainly one you will not forget!!!

Of course there are also passages where you looking forward for a curve, but sometimes it is also good to have a small break in between, just on side even here they got some switchbacks like in the Alps.

This rest day round was simply worth it and on top there were 2 tour guides on bike today in our case you could say: front axle and rear axle.

See you back here tomorrow for our day 7 as it will take us further south where a lot of highlights await.

Stay tuned and check back


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Well this is what we did
Here comes on of the 3 Amigos on his Monster

I have to say this is a great bunch of riders an co pilots!
Thanks for making this tour to one of a kind
Miss Ducati of the tour is dancing through the Müllerthal
It is a pleasure to have you on tour Lisa
First stop after Müllerthal - and the smile on our faces tell you exactly how the ride has been so far
Let me introduce you the Front axle (Tourguide) of the day
Quick Foto stop at Vianden and let’s go again- because there are mooooore curves for us
Bob and me discovered already the ultimate alps tour and it is such a pleasure to ride again with him
Our two RT Bears having a great time - they like brother from a mother mother
Second break on this riding day - Axel found a perfect stop for panini and ice cream
That’s the way how happy bikers looks like after a lot of curves - not happy I mean totally happy
34 C and there comes the train - sometimes you wish that nothing will stop you in this heat
Because we are already a little family!!!
We went out tonight together to have some food in s Italien restaurant and do know what it was just wonderful - and on side there is always something to see if you are on the way with us - in this case som gravity - and that’s looks quite good I would say

Day 7: Luxembourg to Nancy

Its Picknick Day at day 7 - healthy healthy healthy

Theme of the day:  The Battle of Verdun during WW1

 Welcome on day 7

Welcome on a sunny morning - actualy deffintly to sunny - Why 27 C when we started the day.

Today we are riding from Luxembourg to Nacy and on this day we will catch up withe the past - Which means we will step back in time where things have happend - what should have not been.

Everybody who nows a little bit of history and is intrested to learn more about this time frame is just on the right day and tour.

I dont´want to step to deep in history and the theme is not what you can describe in a view words - that why I just say - it is worth it to see it !!!!

After this impressive moment on all the historical places Axel was waiting for us with a picknick which gave us the power back which we needed for the rest of the day to survive the power of the sun.

All in one it was a great day witch might touched one or the other quite a bit. Finaly we we arrived at Nancy and as we praid for on this hot day - every room had an AC !!!!!!

For dinner we went out, just arround the corner and i have to say it was realy good.

So time for bed - Let´s see what the next day will bring - Once I can say already it's got something to do with a lot of curves

See you tomorrow here


Morning briefing with the A Team - Where to go, what to see.....
Pappa Bear is getting ready for the second half of the day - and no he is not crazy - he is just watering his shirt because today the temperature is 37°C and it is just hot.
Pimp the RT - sunflowers are the choice of the day - Jogi loves sunflowers
Keith takes care that we catch the moment on picture
Shadow in the shadow - it is soooooo warmmmmmmm
Last break before we ride to the Hotel in Nancy

Day 8: Nancy to Rott - That is the day where this Tour get his name from!!!!

Gerald just say to me this the proofs the the name of the tour

Hello Hello!

Today we did honor to the day - Sweepers Heaven Eifel is definitely the right name for this tour. In the case of today the Vosges - not really high, but curves over curves - for our group and for me it was by far the best day for motorcycling on this tour!!!! It started with rain and a short stretch on the highway to get to the Vosges! But then we were in motorcycle heaven in the truest sense of the word - left right - up down - just fantastic - we are all simply enthusiastic about the route today - there was sunshine and thanks to the rain it was pleasantly warm today. On top of that there was a picnic and historical moments rounded off the day. And now we'll let a few pictures speak for themselves and who doesn't believe how beautiful it is here!? Just come and ride with us and we will show you that this trip is worth it

Tomorrow is the last day of riding and for me the sad feeling of saying goodbye comes more and more up – on the other hand it proves that we have become a smale riding family with all what belongs to this – like nicknames ( Jogi/ Pappa Bear/ Shadow……)

I can honest say I will miss you all – thanks for having the chance to meet you all and ride not as a tourguide and costumers – thanks for riding as friends

I already hope that we catch up again – doesn’t matter where ever it will be.


First coffee stop of today to get rid of the rain gear
Just on the other side of the coffee place. If you are riding on this tour there is always some historic building to see
The 3 Amigos
What might be the conversation - The answer: It's belly talk - because it is just before picknick
Shadow got no shadow today at the lunch
Jogi Bear is looking forward to the picknick
Axel did a great job with the picknick and we all needed it after all these curves
Human beings have not always been good - like in this case - I think we should never forget what happened so that we learn for the future.
If you just read about this - it is not the same if you get in touch in real. It is worth to see it!
Keith the XR man having a great time today
Bob my wingman is always right behind me in the mirror
Pappa Bear and Flumi and Jogi getting ready for the second part of the day
Lucy and Thomas - I can tell you something about them - If will ride at this age that good like they both do - I will be pleased - Respect for that !!!!
Theme of the moment: Pimp my helmet
The last doping after a long curvy day before we will arrive at the hotel

Day 9: Rott to Bad Kreuznach- our last day on this tour

Jogi is ready to on more time - and is just waiting for shadow

Let's do it - last day of riding- from Rott to  Bad Kreuznach

To describe this day is kind of hard for me because it is the last day. For me I can say it is kind of tough as a tour guide because it clicked between all of us and to ride with this group was just a pleasure. If I look at the impressive couple like Lucy and Thomas which have proved to me that age is just a number!!! And I already wish for myself that if I reach that age that I will keep my young heart like them and be able to ride the bike like Thomas or like Bob, Keith Greg, Gerald, and and and all the others on this ride

I just can say thank you for this great tour with all of you!!!!

The day itself started cool and nice - the road was winding along the day through the Pfälzer Wald and along the German wine road and it was again a pleasant ride.

Oh man these days have been flying -  I'm going to miss this bunch of bikers!!!

At the end I can say after this tour - this tour is worth to ride it.

Now I think I will not ride much more because it is time for the last dinner together and I like to enjoy all the conversations what will be popping up and of course we will play again some jokes on each other based on our given nicknames.


So here are some pictures what will give you some impression of our last day. But the most important thing is on one side that we came back in one piece and on the other hand that we had a great time together!!!

Once again - thanks for this ride and all the fun and I´m looking forward to see you again - for the A team the tour is just over and tomorrow we will move on to Paris where we will take on the next tour - which one?

From Paris to Omaha - if this is something for you !? - lets find out at our blog which will be soon on our webpage to.

See you

Front Axel and Rear Axel

Good conversations along the tour have been impressive and make this tour something special - you can organise the best tour of the planet, but at the end it's the people that count and make the tours unique.
I think the last riding day is always more about what kind of people you met on a tour with us - in this case it was just fitting: Lucy, Betsy, Greg and Bob after climbing the tower at the Donnersberg.
Pappa Bear and Flummi enjoying a wonderful ride along the win yards in Germany
Lunch with a view on a sunny day - this will it make even harder to say goodbye tomorrow
Friendship’s has build up even between big riders and smaller rider or smaller smaller riders

It’s a inside joke but I have to announce it here
The power women of the tour or we can say 4 ladies for Front Axle and rear Axle
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Greg and Betsy Saunders
Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 22:54

We had a great time on this tour ( our third). Axel and Axel were perfect complements to each other. There are of course the participants who share a love of motorcycle travel and adventure. We look forward to taking another tour hopefully with some new found friends.
Axel Allgaier
Monday, August 15, 2022 at 18:57

It was a pleasure to have you on this tour. See you next time...
Axel Schneider
Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 23:23

Heu hey Shadow and Jogi
I hope that tooooooo - looking forward to the special tour of yours - where will it be
Keith Brown
Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 18:13

Great experience! My second tour with Edelweiss. I highly recommend this company.
Tour guides, Axel and Axel did a great job for us!

Axel Allgaier
Monday, August 15, 2022 at 18:54

Hello Keith, thanks for that. By theway, my second tour with Keith, I highly recommend this guy!
Axel Schneider
Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 23:20

Thank you Keath I hope we see us soon again !!!!
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 11:10

Dear Axel's,
I wish you a lovely trip in my personal sweepers heaven.
I hope you all enjoy the Eifel !
Best wishes from the octopussy sweeper part of the german sandwich
p.s. Axel Schneider: Many thanks for the great trip at the Adriatic Sea this summer
Axel Schneider
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 23:10

Ihm the first Tim up here and I got to say: you gat a Nice playground - looking forward to see you again on tour


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