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NTC2203 Touring Center Norway - The Third

Thursday, August 11, 2022 | Angela | Europe

The thrid Touring Center of Norway took place last week. A really diverse mixture of nationalities had found together in Ålesund to ride some of the most famous motorcycle sights in Norway. We had riders from Dubai, from Turkey, from Ireland, from the USA, and from Germany joining the tour. It was truly great to experience so much international fun.

Before the tour start

Angela had the motorcycles prepared and ready for the riders to start the tour

If you want to get an overview of the city of Ålesund, you can tune in on the curvy riding by taking the serpentined steps up to the top of the Ålesund mountain - and there are more than 400 of them. But there is also a loophole - the serpentine road on the northern side of the mountain

The evenings and the setting sun are always worth the walk along the waterside.

Day 1 - The loop to the Atlantic Ocean Road

On a Touring Center, the weather dictates the row of rides. We chose the Atlantic Ocean Road, or the Atlanterhavsvegen as they say in Norwegian language. On a stretch of a little over 8 kilometers (5 miles), this fabulous road connects a set of small islands by 8 bridges.

Here is Conall from Ireland. He almost got airborn 

Riding in Norway involves also taking a number of ferrys and/or tunnels, which connect the numerous islands, thus contributing to the perfect road network.

At first, this might sound less convenient to you. But at the end of the day, the ferry rides turn out to be welcome stops to have a coffee and a chat with the other riders.

The most photographed bridge of the Atlantic Ocean Road.

At the far end of the Atlantic Road, we stopped for a delicious lunch. What a treat the fish soup and the Bacalau had been. Yummy

Day 2 - The loop to the birds island

There is an island close to Alesund called "Runde", which is home to about 100-150,000 birds of different kind. The most well-known among them probably are the Puffins.

As the weather was promissing even sunshine later in the day, we decided for a late start to Runde to have lunch there. And as promissed, the rain stopped and the sun came out just upon our arrival on the island. Still, a boat ride was not possible today, as the waves were still too high to enjoy a safe boat ride.

Angela and Karl-Heinz from Germany are looking forward to the ride

The road leading to the bridge to the Runde island

We were able to take some amazing pictures out there

Jason from Tampa, USA is taking in the fresh air from the sea

And Sami from Dubai relishes the beautiful Norwegian landscape

And Warren from the USA perfectly fits the picture

Don and Karin are also from the USA, and Don is elegantly riding his 1250 RT through the curves. He makes it look very easy.

Omur and Avi - they brought the sunshine from Turkey in their hearts

Stephen and Conall from Ireland are the father and son Team in the group. 

It turned out, that motorcycle yoga might be a good addition to the rides. Angela suggested a daily routine, which got lost somewhere along the route ...


All of a sudden, we spotted a gnom - is this one of the Norwegian trolls that are supposed to be all around? We are going to find this out the day after tomorrow.

Day 3 - The loop to the Fjords

The weather forcast said, it would be raining for most parts of the day. Well then, lets go and take the loop by the Fjords. We will be near the water then all day long anyways.

Of course, the daily route needs to be copied from the master map. Brian is very good at that.

Hey Conall, need some air to pump up your GS?

The dramatic Norwegian landscape surrounds the visitor with a lot of green

Several time each day, we take a break from riding. 

Of course, we also stop for lunch. Look at this gigantic pizza. Will it all fit in...?

What a question!! Of course, it does!

Riding in Norway you feel like you want to stop by the side of the road to simply take in the beauty of the country.

Randy and Idee from the USA

Don and Karin


Day 4 - The loop to the Geiranger Fjord

Probably the most dramatic ride of the Touring Center Norway is the loop to the Geiranger Fjord. Once more, we start out from Ålesund to take a ferry. This time to a place called Sykkylven and then via a big loop south into the village of Geiranger. Before, however, we will be riding up to Dalsnibba, Norway's highest paved road. The ferry ride through the Geiranger Fjord is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Judy, the safety lady of the day

What a scenic place for a picture, Judy and Brian

On top of Dalsnibba, the highest road in Norway.

Day 5 - The loop to the Trollstigen

What would be a visit of Norway without a day that is dedicated to the famous trolls? For sure, it would not be a true visit, of course.

Have you actually ever seen a Norwegian troll? Well, we are not sure, but there might have been the one or the other troll with us on tour

Leaving the parking for the last tour day's ride to the Trollstigen

Who says, a rainy day won't produce nice pictures? Of course, we had to go and see the Trollsveggen (the Troll's Wall) despite the less promissing weather forcast.

A Turkish troll in Norway

Judy and Brian from the USA - it was their 5th tour, and so they well deserved their additional shirt. Thank you also Judy and Brian for producing so many beautiful pictures.

The famous switchbacks of the Trollstigen (the Troll's Ladder)

Avi and his yello jacket can't get lost

Sami relished every day of the tour and all the rides to the fullest. 

For lunch we stopped by a place where you get Norway's probably best strawberry cake. Some of us went inside to eat ...


... and others went outside to take a nap ...

... either in the gras - or on the motorcycle

The final highlight of our Norway Touring Center was a visit of the beautiful Rose Church. The outside hides well the beautiful old hand painted design of the interior.

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Chiara Van Doorn
Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 10:33

Looks wet but with heaps of fun! Great pics Angela!


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