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DTC_2202-The Dolomites in autumn

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 | Peter Kuhn | Europe / Italy

Passo Giau and the view at the mountains of Cortina D Ampezzo

Day01 - Brixen, Pustertal and the Würzjoch

Der erste Tag unseres Touringcenter in den Dolomiten, führt uns nach Norden. Wir besuchen die älteste Stadt Südtirols Brixen für einen Kaffe und fahren dann weiter in das Pustertal und über das sehr bekannte Skigebiet Kronplatz zum Würzjoch, wo wir unser Mittagessen genießen. Danach geht es über kleine Italienische Bergstraßen zurück in unser schönes Hotel am Ritten.


The first day of our touring center in the Dolomites takes us north. We visit the oldest town in South Tyrol Brixen for a coffee and then continue to the Pustertal and via the well-known ski area Plan de Corones to the Würzjoch, where we enjoy our lunch. Then it's back to our beautiful hotel on Renon via small Italian mountain roads.

and there we are in the historic city center of Brixen in the best weather
we drive through lush green meadows and perfect mountain roads through the Kronplatz ski area
the sisters on tour are very happy with the view in front of our restaurant for lunch
the sun shines towards us once again as we set off - the perfect moment for a group photo
happy faces and beautiful views on the descent
and the warm autumn sun gives us a nice drive home

Day02 - Three highlights over 2000m

Der heutige Tag führt uns wegen dem guten Wetter noch einmal nach Norden um die drei 2000er Pässe Penserjoch, Jaufenpass und Timmelsjoch zu Besuchen. Die Straßen sind eine Freude für jeden Motorradfahrer und die Aussichten ein Genuß führ die Passagiere


Because of the good weather, today takes us north again to visit the three 2000m passes Penserjoch, Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch. The roads are a motorcyclist's delight and the views a delight for the passengers

The last meters before the pass from the Penserjoch
Our coffee stop on the top
The sisters are happy about the next prospect
and it's really great
a group photo and it's off down into the valley again
there is already our next highlight at the Jaufenpass
a short bath in the sun to enjoy the impressive view and then the next pass is already waiting for us
suddenly a tour guide colleague appears... Hi Tom
The arrival at Timmelsjoch, with the glaciers in the background
The girls are very happy about the impressive landscape
and it's again a great view from Timmelsjoch
The golden autumn in the Dolomites
Back in the valley there is excellent Italian pizza for lunch
Another short stop for a great view of the peaks of the Dolomites...
and a group photo and then it's back home to Klobenstein

Day03 - Down Town Dolomites

Heute ist unser großer Dolomitentag und wir fahren direkt ins Herz der Gebirgskette um die schönsten Gipfel und Pässe zu besuchen.


Today is our big day in the Dolomites and we drive straight into the heart of the mountain range to visit the most beautiful peaks and passes.

The first Highlight is Passo di Sella
and there the Group is coming
A portrait with the beautiful view of the Marmolada
The next Highlight is Passo Pordoi
and there at Coffe is the perfect map to show our todays playground
a group picture and we had of to our next Highlight Lagazoui with lunch
ah and of course a new Sisters and Peaks picture
on Lagazoui we were to busy for pictures but here we are again with the arrival at Passo Giau
Charles loves the place
the Marmolada
one of the traditional vilages in the Dolomites
and there we are on our last Highlight of the day Passo Gardena
a last view back and we ride home

Day04 - Lago di Garda

Heute führt uns unsere Route zum schönen Gardasee und wir können die Küstenstraße sowie die umliegenden Seen Idro und Ledro besuchen. Doch das größte Verknügen auf dieser Runde sind die straßen die die Seen miteinander verbinden


Today our route takes us to the beautiful Lake Garda and we can visit the coastal road as well as the surrounding lakes Idro and Ledro. But the greatest pleasure on this round are the roads that connect the lakes with each other

After a short start on the autobahn we reach Lake Garda
and there we are already right on the lake for our first coffee stop in the Sailingbar
a quick stop at Valvestino
the last hairpin bends down to Lake Idro
and there it is already in all its beauty
Pizzaparty at Lago Idro
a group photo...
...and a sister's picture and on we go to... the beautiful Lake Ledro

Day05 - Aples and Monte Penegalj

Der letzte Tag unseres großartigen Touringcenters Dolomiten führt uns auf den Gipfel des Monte Penegal, durch die Apfelplantagen Südtirols und zum Wahlfahrtsort San Romedio


The last day of our great Dolomites Touring Center takes us to the summit of Monte Penegal, through the apple orchards of South Tyrol and to the pilgrimage destination of San Romedio

After a winding ride we reach the summit...
...and despite the clouds we have a great view in all directions
the election drive up to...
...Church of San Romedio
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