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BOG 2202 Best Of Greece

Friday, October 21, 2022 | Axel Gert Schneider / Helmut Wonisch | Europe

Day 13: Nafplio to Athen our last Day of the Tour
Day 12: Monemvasia to Nafplio - The Road is the Star of the Day
Day 11: Monemvasia – Rest Day with Surprises
Day 10: Areopoli to Monemvasia
Day 9: Vytina to Areopoli
Day 8: Rest day and Picnic Day
Day 7: Lefkáda to Vytina
Day 6: Metsovo to Lefkáda
Day 5: Rest Day at Metsovo
Day 4: Kalyvia to Metsovo
Day 3: Arachova to Kalyvia - What a Ride
Day 2: Athens to Arachova
Day 1: Welcome Briefing
Welcome in Athens
Let me introduce Helmut one of The Tour Guides on this Tour
And me - Axel - the other Tour Guide

Καλωσόρισες στο - καλύτερο της Ελλάδας


Welcome to: Best of Greece


We are Helmut and Axel and we are the Tour Guide’s on this Tour from Athens to Athens.


I´m just arrived in Athens and brought the bikes with me and Helmut he is almost here as well.

In the next 14 Day´s we will have a ride one of a kind!!!


Why!? We step back in Time where motorcycles has been not invented.

We will visit Delphi, Meteora, Olymp and many places more and on we will ride through the Parnassus and Pindus Mountain range. You don´t know what that means? 

We will show you here everyday some highlights of our Ride. And I got to say already sorry because it will be breathtaking – On the way to Athens I was already flashed by the impressions of the landscape. 


So let´s see what happened in the next day´s. So tomorrow we will meet our Group for the first time, and we are looking forward to get some unforgettable Moments down here in Greece.


Now we gone have to make some preparations for our welcome Briefing tomorrow


Stay tuned if you like to see more from this Tour – Best Of Greece


Helmut and Axel



Almost in Athens - well still 240 kilometres from Patras - but I´M SOON IN ATHENS
MISSION COMPLETED - Bikes unloaded - and almost ready for the Handover tomorrow

Day 1: Welcome Briefing - The Journey will start Today

If you See this once in your Live than you might have chosen a trip of a Live Time

Welcome to the Welcome Briefing


It´s time to get started!!!! 

It is 4:30 pm and we meet the first Riders and Lady’s of this Tour and I can tell you they are highly motivated and that’s no wonder because we got sun in our face the temperature is with 25C quite nice – I think that is a perfect setup for the start in this Tour.


So what have we done we had a Handover of the Bikes, we had a Welcome Briefing and our first Dinner together. Along this time we had already nice conversations about Bikes Tours …. It felt almost as we had been riding together before.


Tomorrow is our first Riding Day and the Weather looks perfect. 

So just come back to our Blog if you like to see what we will see.


Helmut and Axel



Helmut is taking care of the new Toy´s
Yes I know is like in School but some guidelines makes the trip much more easier
This big boy is going on a great Tour tomorrow

Day 2: Athens to Arachova - Let's Do It and start the Tour


Welcome to Day 2 Athen to Arachova


Today is the day where our Journey through Greece begins.

Full of energy and after a good breakfast we went out to the Bikes to start the first morning Briefing with Helmut. Our main Highlight is for sure Delphi where we may ask the Orakel how the weather will be along our journey. But before we have to get out of Athens and for this we used a short stretch of highway. After this, we went for the roads where we was looking for – small little roads in a breathtaking landscape – that is for me, the best second breakfast what I can get as a rider. This little rollercoaster in the morning brought us to the Gulf of Corinth where we stopped for the first time today to get some good pictures and of course to chat about this great roads with almost no traffic. The sun in our face on top a warm autumn and good roads that is pretty much all what you need to have a good day on a bike.

Later on we got some lunch along The Gulf of Corinth a little towards the hinterland.

And now as mentioned before it was time for Delphi. The Place, where two eagles met and because of this it was for long period of time the center of the earth. It was also the place where the foundation for the fall of Greece was laid. I know we are Bikers but some history belongs the tour as well because Greece would be not the same without it and actually the world would be not the same. To the end of the day we went towards the Parnassus Mountain´s where we will spend the night in on of the famous ski resorts of Greece – Arachova.

The way up here was a great topping of our first riding day. 


No we got to go to dinner!!!! As a little spoiler tomorrow we gone have a nice Riding day through some nice Mountain´s.


Stay tuned and see you tomorrow here with Day 3


Helmut and Axel

The cotton harvest is in full swing here in Greece
Arachova is a mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassos and for tonight we will sleep here. If you feel the 25 C you can't imagine that this is one of the favourite Ski Resorts here in Greece
Like the sherry on a ice cream - we got a breathtaking sunset before we went for Dinner

Day 3: Arachova to Kalyvia - The Day we will never Forgettttttttt!!! or me ;-)

Gooooooood Morning Day 3


 Here we go again 

Day 3 Arachova to Kalyvia 


Today there is actually a Formel for Happyness!!!!



You need 3 GS/ADV + 2 Ducati + 1 XR + 1 F900 + 1 Tiger +1 KTM + 1 Harley Davidson Pan America + Greece in the Autumn + a perfect Road in Parnoss and Pindos Mountains


= Pure Happyness!!!!!


So welcome to our Day 3 and I can say it was just great. We started with a refreshing morning temperature of around 12 C and ended up with 23 C. That sounds already good but on Top we got This landscape where you can´t get enough from it – look at the pictures!!!!!

The Start in the morning was directly curvy and the road himself was fantastic – you just lean in to almost every curve what came up. From the Parnoss Mountains we dropped down to Lamia where we had the first coffe break because we needed one after this kind of coffe in the morning. Well and then we crossed the plane of Lamia where the cotton harvesting was going on. After this we have been back on Track for some more curves and a lunch break as well.

This curves and Mountains what we have crossed today we will for sure never forget. For me as a Tour Guide it reminds me a little on Montenegro or de Dumitor National Park – The landscape is so similar. And so far I got to say Balkan Adventure has been always one of my favorites but this time it looks like I gone change my opinion about that. – Let´s see what the rest of the Tour will bring up – if it keeps on going like that it will be for sure my new favorite.


If you like to know if I Change my mind? Then just come back on our Blog


Helmut and Axel

Our be loved Steal Horses
Time for a good coffee after some winding roads
First chats about the great roads of the morning
Cotten fields all over the place
The Leaders of the Tour got a Salad Party going on - at lunch
Mans Table

A lttle photo shooting along the way 

The Roads over here always protected by the Dogs

Day 4: Kalyvia to Metsovo


Day 4: Kalyvia to Metsovo

Good Morning Day 4 – here we come – motivated full of power and high hopes for a great day of riding.


For sure is our Highlight today Meteora!!!! But before there has been some really nice roads where our bunch of Riders had a lot of fun. After shaking the hips loos on the Bikes through the winding Roads – it was time for a coffee break. 

Now it was time for the main event of the day – Meteora – but hold on there are some kilometers to ride and what happened then – we cached up with Axel because he had to turn around on his route, because of an Truck witch has blocked the complete Road and he had to ride a long way back before he could go on to the Hotel. So if we are all together!!! Why we should not make lunch together!!! And so we did. 

Nice chats about the morning route has been taking over the lunch and on side we had always an eye on the weather because today it was going from rain to no rain again rain and so on and on and on. 

So after we finished lunch we moved al on – Axel went to the Hotel and we made our way to Meteora – The Famous Place of the Monks which been living up on top of the rock formations.

Several pictures later and of curse some curvy moments later we went towards the Hotel in Metsovo where we will spend 2 nights.

This Day got some adventures Moments and it is just the right moment for an Rest Day at our Tour.


Helmut and Axel and I guess the Group is hungry so we got to go for Dinner


So see you tomorrow 


Day 5: Restday in Metsovo

Day 5: Rest Day in Metsovo

Today is our first Rest Day and some of us took it easy and started the Adventure here in Town with walking around and discover this cozy little village and some of us went out on the Bikes with Axel.

The Groupe with Axel was going out for some really really winding Roads and the Goal of the ride has been Vikos Gorge. The deepest gorge on the world if you relative it to the width.

The ride to the Gorge was just great because we dived more and more into the Pindus Mountains witch has been already a highlight of the last day´s. Well, and today it was like a little jungle ride – still on tarmac but twisty narrow roads which challenged us on some moments.

The Groupe was only 5 Riders and so we did it like on a Day where you go out with your buddy´s and ride – We stopped to have a coffee and the main thing today was for sure the ride himself – on top we got some breathtaking views and the best thing it was not raining as it said last night.

The smile on the faces of us Riders when we came back directly answered the upcoming Question of: How was the Ride? – I think Raza, Dane, William, Michael and Me we had a good Time today!!! – Thanks for this Ride today from me.

Back at the Hotel we cached up with the others and exchanged impressions of the Day and so another day is almost over – Next Highlight is Dinner where we will follow Helmut to a nice Restaurant where he has been before in the Spring.

So that was our Rest Day and tomorrow we will move on 


Helmut and Axel over and out

Nikos Gorge
If you look at the next pictures you will know directly what the conversation has been about
Let me Introduce you Raza on the right Michael in the middle and Dane on the left

So if 3 Big Boy´s on Big Toy´s going out on a Rest Day Ride and standing on a brige which was build 1814 around !!!

There is alway one who might ask the other two:

What do you think will happend if we take one Stone out here directly in the middle (i don´t say that it was Michael) and there is alway one who would like to do it (and i dont say it was Raza)

And lucky for the Bridge there is always one reasonable one (and i don´t say it was Dane)


As you can see we had a great day of riding and and funny Moments to!!!


and for those they might like to visit this bridge!!? She is still in one peace - Michael dicided not to take a the center stone as suvinier

I think Dane was thinking something like: Doesn't matter how old we mans get - we still be in some moments like like little boys
This is the pitthoresk Metsovo
The bears are back in town
....the boys are back in town.
The shepards protects the herd. Or is it a Edelweiss Tourguide?
The boys were hungry
Ther girls inkl. Raza want some Baklawa

Day 6: Metsovo to Lefkáda

Day 6: Metsovo to Lefkáda 



Let´s do it – from the Pindos Mountains down to the Coastline where the sun is shining and the temperature is nice and warm.

So what we are doing today – We riding at first through the mountains high up to 1950 m over sea level and then we will drop down on the other Side.

The road has been today challenging in the morning because it was a little wet and let´s put is it this way: It would been have nice if it´s was a little warmer. After the Pass which has been covered in clouds today we went towards the Ambracian Gulf where you direcly get the vacation feeling of: Let´s go to the Beach, get some drinks and enjoy Life.

But not now – there are some kilometers to ride to Lefkada where the entrance will be a floating Bridge. When you ride in to Lefkada with the sun in your face and all the Sailing Boats around you!!!! And you looking in the Bay where you see all the little Boat´s out there than you know what’s Greece all about it. It is pure enjoying Life.

Another nice riding day is over and tomorrow we keep on riding south so I guess the temperature will pic up and we will get some colure.


So see you tomorrow


Helmut and Axel

It´s Boot Beer Time In Greece

Day 7: Lefkáda to Vytina - Rain + Sun + Rain + Fog + Rain + Cloudy = Day 7

Day 7: Lefkáda to Vytina



Good Morning  - MMMMMmmmm

Maybe somewhere else on this Planet but not today at Lefkàda. The Wakeup call today has been a Mix out of Thunder and Lightning. The Sky was deep black, and Lightning was everywhere around - but doesn’t matter we got to ride to the next Hotel. But before we started, we gave Pedrus another chance to change his mind. And do you know what!? He did, at least until Lunch. 

So what’s about the ride – welllllll


The start has been easy because got the same way back like we came yesterday. Reaching the main land of Greece has been a pleasure ´because the Sky was open up and the sun came out. As you can see on the pictures it was just what you like to have in the fall when all the leaves changing the colure. The road himself has been challenging today – small and narrow and not the best tarmac, but they landscape what he brought us through was just GREAT. Sorry on this point there are no pictures because we has been enjoying every kilometer. Finally we came down to the Gulf of Korinth where we ride along until the first highlight – Rio Antrio Bridge - besides the landscape. Several Pictures later we all went together to Lunch, what has been a little food festival – the amount of Salad and Meat Balls and ….. was not to manage. Totally happy with a lot of Energy we Split the Group because the Road in the Mountains was a challenge for himself. So, some of us followed Helmut in the Van and the rest of Wild Hogs went with me up. 

The Way up – Mmm – I put it this way The Rain The Fog and the final solution of waring the Safety Vest mad this part already very special. On Top the Road was narrow and in sunny conditions it would be a push steering paradise. In our case it was a Challenge. Later on the Fogg gave us a break and we arrived on the Nekrotafeio Plataniotissas Church. This is really one of a Kind – build into 5 trees and so charming – if you don’t like small rooms you should not  go in. One coffee later we went on and back into the Rain and into the Rain. But that is no complain – it was just reality. As an Insider: I showed the Group how a Tour Guide can get dirty.

Next Stop along this day was the Kalavryta Massacre Monument. Where we stepped back in a dark time of human being. And now it was time to get to the Hotel and to catch up with the rest of the Team.

A long day of challenging riding comes to an end and now as we all need a warm shower and need some Fooooood.


That has been our Day 7 – and now enjoy the pictures 


Helmut and Axel


The Mood is good - because the Weather is now that what we looking for
Micheal and Pearl are rocking the the Adventure
Jeffrey our Tiger fighter
William and Michelle the KTM Team
Jamie unstoppable
Chris the master of XR
Raymond and Anita our GS Team
Welcome to Edelweiss Bike Travel next Top Model
Welcome to the Rio Antrio Bridge
Next Stop - Nekrotafeio Plataniotissas Church
Micheal came back out - don't worry he is not the next priest over there
Tour Guide gets Dirty
Stepping Back in Time means not always to see happy Places - Kalavryta Massacre Monument

Day 8: Vytina - Rest Day meets Olympia

Day 8: Vytina -Rest Day meet´s Olympia



A Rest Day  means not that you don´t ride and in our case for sure not because Olympia is on top of our bugged list.


I disappeared early in the morning and Helmut cached up with the Group at the Breakfast and made the daily Briefing at 9 am. I was meanwhile on the way for shopping because today we made one of our famous Picnics. And for that we got a really good place what Helmut has scouted in the spring. The Ride himself was such a pleasure to Olymp!!!! It was the Greece Roller-coaster and the surrounding was just – YEEEEeeesss we are on the right Place to the right time. One Coffee Stop later and a couple kilometers on top the Group turned up at the Picnic Spot and the eyes has been big and Michael put it this way I hope the other come soon to make a picture because I like to start Lunch.


We enjoyed the Picnic and then we went out to step back in Time of Olympia. So on the Bikes and some turns later we have been at Olympia where we went in, to have a look back at 5oo BC.

The way back has been today the same way what we have been on in the morning so it was maybe for some of us more fun because they know the road and tricky turns.


Now it is almost Dinner Time and Helmut and Axel got to prepare the next day.


That´s it for today 


Helmut and Axel


Its Picnic Day at the BOD 2202
Let’s get in touch with the history
Welcome to Olympia
The way Back has been fun

Day 9: Vytina to Areopoli What a Day - From the Mountains to The Sea

Day 9: Vytina to Areopoli


From the Mountains To the Sea!!!!


Our Rollercoaster goes on and on and on. What does it mean: It means we have been riding Up and down once again and on Top we came to Kalamata with a lot of sun in our Faces.

The Morning has been a coooooold Morning!!!!! 4 C or 46 F that sounds not like fun but it was!!

Riding through the woods of the Mountains of Vytina is such a pleasure that you can´t imagine if you not have been here. After the Mountains around Vytina we droped down towards Sparta and to save some time we took a couple of Kilometers on the Highway. But then we went up again. We has been take on the Langada Pass (1524m high) and the sun was taking care of us – so no 4 C it was already around 20 C. Down in Kalamata it was time for lunch and so we did, directly on the Beach. It was Tasty and it felt like we are in the south Sea. I gone say this ride has been nice even if there have been a Road closed!! The additional Kilmoters has been verry nice and curvy. Well from Kalamata to the Areopoli is just 78 km but they got some flair as well. To the right the Sea and on the left the Mountains where we been riding along.

All in one this day was nice.


Helmut and Axel keep it short today and will go now for Dinner

See you tomorrow

Day 10: Areopoli to Monemvasia

Day 10: Areopoli to Monemvasia 


Question of the Day: Can you get sick of breathtaking Landscape and breathtaking Roads?


The Answer is: NO


And we proofed it Today!!!


This Ride has been from a other planet!!!!

Our Day was kissed by the sun, all day long and the roads has been fantastic.

Up and down right and left created by somebody who must thought about it: What does a Rider need to be happy!!!! And I can for sure say he did a great Job!!!!

On Top we started the day with a short ride to the Caves of Diros where we switched Bikes against a boot and took a ride. So if you are here one day you should do not miss to go there.

After this Adventure ride we jumped back on the Bikes and went on. Along the Coastline it is always something mystical – the mix out of the crystal-clear water, the blue sky and the great roads are just that what a bikers heart need to be happy. 

This day was not that long as some others on this Tour but for sure on we will still remember.


Thanks for the great Ride to everybody of the Group 

And see you later at Dinner


Helmut and Axel

Our Birthday Man William
Lunch with a view
Welcome Home

Day 11: Monemvasia - Rest Day with Surprise

Day 11: Monemvasia – Rest Day with Surprises


Today ist Rest day as it say´s already but some of us still feel that a day without riding will be not the same. So once again we split the Group – some of us just enjoyed the day at the Hotel with a great breakfast and the other half just went out on a good ride. It is a short Ride today (100Km) but with nice Curves – Yes I say that here not the first time and yes there must be also a bad day – but no!!!! – over here there is somehow no bad day if you like curves.

So we went out and the start up in the Mountains was a tricky road what could be better but than we have been again in paradise of roads!!! Well than we got a little experience what we not closer describe but what we will not forget. And hey then we came to the surprise of Helmut – Picnic. So this Time it was his turn and we made just around the corner of the Hotel. 

Why? On one Side because some of us has been in the Hotel so they got a little walk and the others including me have to pass the place on the way back. The place himself got a nice view towards Monemvasia and it was not so windy like on the Beach ( 35 km/h) so the advantage was as well that the food is not flying away.
The next Highlight has been Monemvasia himself – so we took some Taxi´s and took a ride to the famous town at 4 pm so that we got enough time to see the little village.

And hey if we are there why should we not have Dinner over there!!!!

This Day has been a Day to remember in many way´s.


So let´see what the next day got for us!?



Helmut and Axel

Our Start in the Day - Envious? - there is a solution- come with us on Tour

Usually I'm not a fan of Buffet Pictures 

But in this case I can't resist 

It was Windy today 35km/h

Welcome to a little Bike Rating at our Tour.


As a biker you got always a favorit and in our case i can tell you that our rider are realy know what they talk about. And well, for me it is sometimes funny just to here the plus and the minus of each bike.

It is about the Fiat or the Beamer.....


Let me introduce Raza - He likes the Ducati/Fiat - small teaser on side
And that is something what Raza don't like
Let me introduce William - that's what he really love and that's what he is really good on it
And that is William and a Bike what he will not ride
What else do we got on Tour !?

That's the Pan America - If I like it as a Tour Guide
I got to say the Engine is really nice and for the first shot of Harley it is good
And of course there is always something what you don't like but I got to say I got used to it in terms of riding it alone - with two up I think that bike can't keep up in comfort with the BMW or KTM or Ducati
But this is just a personal opinion - but hey for sure you should ride once in your life!!!

But as you can see - Daniel and Michael are not convinced like I - how the Pan America is
Happy Michael - of course he rides the ADV like he invented it and if you got some challenging roads for him!!!! Then you will see this happy face always in your Mirror as a Tour Guide - Compliment to you Micheal it is a pleasure to see you riding
As I sad it was windy
Rating of the Bikes are never stopping

Even if there not all Riders with me today - On this point i got to say there are some realy good riders on tour here and also some they improved a lot


Day 12: Monemvasia to Nafplio - The Road is the Star of the Day

Day 12: Monemvasia to Nafplio

That was a ride to remember today!!!!

Simply, because this Roads along the Coastline are such a pleasure!!!!!!!!!


That is a day of riding where is gone be hard to find the right words for it!!!

Usually I got always some words but in this case – MMmmmmmm

Let´s start maybe like this:

Passing Monemvasia in the morning when the sun still climbing up is just breathtaking. The hole landscape is touched in yellow and orange colures the sea is shining blue and the Road in front of you is out of sweepers where you let your bike dance from corner to corner.

How does it sound? For me like a perfect start! After Monemvasia we climbed several mountains along the coastline, pretty much from 0 m to 700m and that again and again and again. That was our Playground for the complete day. In between riding dreamlike roads, we got highlights to like Elnona Monestary. But on the end of the day the Road along the Coast has been the Star!!!!


Tomorrow we will ride our last Day to Athens and the Tour is already over again – somehow was it really quick now – but before think about goodbye moments we gone ride one more day and I would say we will enjoy it as much as we can


So see you tomorrow



Helmut and Axel

Chris and Axel were the brave

Day 13: Nafplio to Athen our last Day of the Tour

Day 13: Nafplio to Athen 

Our Last Ride On This Tour


How should I Start!!!?


Well, to write about the last day is always something special for us Tour Guide´s. 

On one Side: The Day started as usually with Briefing…. On the other Side: the Feeling of a last ride together for now, it let start you to think about all the memories what has been build up. All the unique Moments what we went through (and sideways – Slider – that’s in Insider).


But let´s start with our Ride. It was a fresh morning and in the shade you would not like to stay for long for the Briefing. Lucky us we get some Sun close to the Bikes. After the last Briefing with Axel we went down south towards the Coastline to get to the soooo be loved small  narrow Roads. It was again an Up and Down and the Scenery tread us with the Greek Flair what we loved along the Tour. As we crossed from one Side of the finger of the Peloponnes to the other the Curvy Road Haert of an Biker has been happy. That also means usually that it was time for an Coffee after this first bit of the Ride. And so we did!!! Good Coffee and on Top I decided to by all Chocolate Cookies of the Shop – So we had an Chocolate Cookie Massacre.

After this we went back on the Bikes to ride the Highlight of the Day the Epidaurus Amphitheater which has been quite impressive. Why? The acoustic of this Theater what they figured out over 2000 years ago worked that well that I could not resist to test it out – so official it is not allowed to play music but: I got to play Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son - And yes i got busted like in a swimming Pool where you not supposed to jump from the Side. But hey – it was it worth to proof what they have been able to in those day´s. And the Song is also good. After this it was Time for on more Lunch and so we went down in a little fishermans village and enjoyed the Lunch with a stunning view. Life can be soooo Nice!!!!
The next and last Highlight of the day has been the Cannel of Korinth where we stopped once again before we took on the last stretch of the ride to the Hotel in Athens.

Now there was the Point what no rider really likes – Passing The Key´s of the be loved Ironhorse back. 
Later on we met down in the Lobby to go together one more time to Dinner.
After the Dinner we sit together on the Porch and it is one of the let´s say nicest Moments- and from me called Flashback Moments – All the Stories along the Trip/ Special Moments/ and many things more have been told one more Time.


Well that was our Tour here in Greece – For Helmut and me it was a Great Ride and tomorrow we got to move on Helmut fly´s out and I take the Bikes on a Trailer back to Austria – Home Sweet Home – here we come!!!

But more important as to come Home!!!

Helmut and I like to thank all of you for this Ride!! Without you we could not do this what we do. Without you it would not be the same. 
We both hope we will ride along wherever once or twice again!!!!



Thanks again!!!

Helmut and Axel over and out

Axel recapitulates the tour
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Ray DeHaan
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 02:00

Axel, wonderful photography! I feel like I'm back there in Greece. Thank you for all your efforts to make this a memorable trip!
Jan Van der Jagt
Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 12:28

Hi Helmut and Axel, looks like you guys have a beautiful tour!! We will see each other Thursday in Athens! Jan and Maike
Perry Cogburn
Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 20:43

Hey Axel, say hello to Jeffrey and Dane. Toured with them in 2019 on Eastern European Delights. Cheers!
Axel Schneider
Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 21:21

I will do it tomorrow- hope you doing good ?
Friday, October 14, 2022 at 07:20

Greece in the autumn realy looks fantastic. But how is the grip on the roads? Have a safev ride.
Axel Schneider
Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 21:24

So far so good- depends of rain of course
All in one 75% good 25 % I put it this way: interesting
Monday, October 17, 2022 at 07:57

Thank you Axel! Sounds good


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