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From Rome to Sicily (RTS2204)

Monday, November 7, 2022 | Thomas Ritt / Thomas Fellechner | Europe / Italy

Areviderci, Italia!!

Riding day No 1. - Rome to Pompeii

For the last time this year, we tour from the Eternal City to the incomparable island of Sicily. It's late in the season, but it is nice and warm, the sun is out, and the sky is blue. Follow us on this epic trip!

Our small but fun group from Ireland, Australia and the US
The map holder
Castel Gandolfo, formerly the Pope's summer residence
Adelaide is hunting for good pictures
In late October the beaches are empty
Tom ist waiting for us with a little refreshment

Rest Day No. 1 - Rest day in Pompeii

Today is our first rest day, the tour is just one day old and we are full of energy. But for Pompeii it takes more than a few hours. Our hotel is super located directly opposite the excavation site of Pompeii. In the morning we meet our local guide she is great and leads us to the best places of the excavation. In the afternoon we again have the choice of chilling or exploring the Amalfi Coast. Some of us decide to ride..... and ohhh my god how beautiful is this peninsula. We sit in front of the Amalfi Duomo in the afternoon and enjoy an ice cream.... What a day

everybody listen carefully to our guide in Pompeii
ancient amphie theatre in Pompeii
in the morning we have the excavation site nearly for uns
nearly the whole pack infront of the vulkano vesuvio
Tour guide Tom waiting for his group
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Steve and Adelaide leaving Pompei for the rest day ride to the Amalfi coast
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Daniel from Australia thankfully keeps right...
Adelaide and Steve
the peninsula of Sorrento
Bruce @ the amalfi coast
the city of Amalfi
enyoy your icecream infront of the dome of Amalfi

Riding day no. 2 - Pompeii to Maratea

Today is our second real day of riding, after exploring Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast yesterday, we are full of anticipation for what lies ahead. The day begins from a rider's perspective somewhat unspectacular but rather drive a few km of highway than fight through the traffic chaos of Salerno. Our first stop is the world famous Paestum a more than 2000 year old greek settlement with temples and everything that belongs to it. Over 1000years this place was forgotten simply unique. Afterwards Tom is waiting for us with a picnic. Freshly strengthened we tackle the afternoon. Countless curves are waiting for us. Just in time for sunset, we reach the Jesus dew in Maratea and enjoy the view  over the landscape. What a day.

excavation site Paestum
temple of athena
Bruce @ the Paestum
our Picnic spot today...beautifull
riding along the coast to Maratea
steve enjoy the view
Steve with the biggest camera of the pack
Jesus of Maratea
View from the cliff @ the Jesus statue in Maratea
Steve, Adelaide, Bruce, Peter, Steve

Riding day no. 3 - Maratea to Parghelia

Another day in paradise: a day of curves, turns, and twisties in Calabria. Under a clear blue sky, we took off toward the south. First, it was just a cruise along the coast, but after a quick coffee in Diamante, we headed into the hills. A couple of hundred curves later, we arrived in Altomonte for some lunch which lasted longer than expected due to the fact that two people had to get their daily fix of pasta. With a bit of extra speed, we made up for that on our way back down to the coast on what probably was the best ride of the tour so far.

Beautiful road high above the Calabrian coast
Everyone's happy
Daniel and his RT
Daniel and his lunch
Sunset comes early this time of the year

Riding day no.4 - Parghelia to Taormina

Today we finally reach Sicily. We can hardly wait. The day begins comfortably we stop several times along the coast and enjoy the Italian joie de vivre and the beautiful weather.  After a short ferry ride we finally reach Sicily. After a short detour on the highway we drive into the mountains. Here countless curves welcome us. When we reach Taormina the sun has just gone down. We can hardly explore this beautiful city and of course Mount Etna.

Bruce, Stephen and Adelaide enjoy riding along the coast in the morning
city of Scilla
Hello Sicily we are coming
Daniel the RT tamer
yami our first Pizza @ Sicily
Panorama of Taormina
Sundown in seems as if the sun falls into the crater of Etna
Taormina @ night
Happy Birthday, Steve!!!

Rest day No. 2 - Taormina & Mount Etna

Today is rest day, which of course does not mean that we can not ride a motorcycle. When do you ever have the opportunity to explore an active volcano by motorcycle. So we take half a day and drive the wonderfully curvy roads up to Etna. At 1900 meters we enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside. Back in Taormina we have enough time to discover the city. Simply wonderful.

Mount Etna erupting?
Adelaide and Stephen
riding @ Mt. Etna is simething really special
Beautifull roads through the lava fields
Sundown @ Mit. Etna

Riding Day No. 5 - Taormina to Cefalú

Today we have a long day of riding ahead of us. There is much to see and many curves to master. Our route winds through the hinterland of Sicily. What fun. The highlight of the day is definitely the fortress in Sperlonga. An impressive building. At noon we stop briefly to eat a few panini in Ghangi. Just like the locals do. The view back to this city a few kilometers later is fascinating. We enjoy our afternoon coffee in Castelbueno. And yes, this castle is really beautiful because the coffee tastes even better. We arrive in Cefalu in time before sunset to enjoy our hotel and the old town. Another day in paradise.    

A Sicilian sunrise
Bruce, performing some kind of sunrise meditation
Our Pack
look at this... what a perfekt day
Steve has sweets from Barein with him
Fortress of Sperlonga
hey Steve something bigger to photograph you do not have
Bruce enjoy the view to Ghangi
Jim to
Bruce meditates again on the experienced
well and Peter just sleeps
little chapel in Castelbueno
the final of a good day
beautifull Cefalu
our Hotel tonight

Riding day No. 6 - Cefalu to Agrigento

Our penultimate day takes us from the northern to the southern coast of Sicily. Along the route, not only a lovingly arranged picnic awaits us, but also a Norman castle, the two most famous-notorious cities of the mafia hinterland and many, many curves, but also one of the biggest cultural-historical attractions in the whole country: the Valley of the Temples south of Agrigento. The buildings here are 2500 years old and especially the Temple of Concordia, which is still quite intact, is very impressive. Especially in the last light of day, when it is already brightly illuminated.

Photo stop in Cefalú
The Norman castle of Caccamo
A picture-perfect Sicilian village
The picnic starts with some appetizers...
What a lovely setting
Tour guide Thomas explains all the treats on his buffet
...while the group waits patiently.
Then, finally, it's time to dig in!
In Corleone, it's all about the sign with the town's name on it...
...while Prizzi is definitely the more picturesque place.
Highlight in the late afternoon: the famous Valley of Temples in Agrigento. We came at dusk and the light and the setting was just magic!
The Temple of Concordia
Daniel, Adelaide, Bruce, and Steve are excited
The Temple of Hera or Juno Lacinia

Riding day no. 7 Agrigento to Catania

Mercilessly the last tour day dawns upon us, we have to go to Catania. Rain and thunderstorms pummel us even more mercilessly, the flash floods of last night have washed a lot of dirt and mud onto the roads. We fight our way through, reach a construction site and Peter decides to put his KTM to the test. Unfortunately, the construction site wins and we turn back.

At noon we visit the Roman villa of Casale with its famous mosaics, unique in the world. Afterwards a quick lunch, then we catch the autostrada, as the weather is not improving much.

All in all, a very nice and successful tour. We came as strangers but left as friends. Thanks to all of you, we hope to see you on tour again soon!

Defeat! This construction site may look easy to get through, but it is not!
Thomas, Peter, and Steve push the Beast back to where it started from. The mud is just too sticky.
No, this is no fun!
It still rains as we reach the nearly-deserted parking lot of the Villa Romana de Casale.
The mosaics are about 1,700 years old and still full of color and detail
The "Bikini Girls" are probably the most famous display
A cute little visitor in the restaurant
Heading back home to Austria...
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Michaela Achatzi
Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 20:20

Hey Tom and Tom
nice to see you, have a beautiful trip.
Weather looks perfect, your group friendly
@Tom Godfather: it is not possibly to visit my Tour in NZ ))))

Best Michaela
Thomas Ritt
Monday, October 31, 2022 at 22:49

Thanks, Michaela. And don't worry, I will check your New Zealand blog closely and frequently...


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