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Thailand Extreme 4TH2301

Saturday, February 4, 2023 | Michaela Achatzi / Michael Göbel | Asia

Mekong River
The bikes are ready to start, for the great Thailand Extrem Tour

Welcome to Chiang Mai

Day 1 Arrival in Chiang Mai 

12 riders from 5 different countries arrived in Chiang Mai for the Thailand Extreme Tour.

After the welcome briefing everybody is excited and can't wait until tomorrow. We had a great lunch at our charming hotel  Viang Thapae Resort and went to bed early to be fit for tomorrows first riding day.


Everybody listen for the details what's going on the next 9 Days 

Michael , in his element, he has a big smile on his face when he tells us what we will experience

1. Riding Day - Chiang Mai to Chiang Kham

What a fantastic start to the tour.  Everyone was excited, will we be able to leave the city together through the Chiang Mai traffic?  All super disciplined and focused, everyone behind his   tour guide. 
our first coffee stop at a beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere.  Pure romance.  Strengthened with coffee and biscuits, it could start cornering.  But be careful, we don't know what's waiting around the next bend.  We could go on like this all day, but a fantastic place with BBQ is waiting for us.  Today was just to warm up.  Tomorrow, folks, you're getting dizzy.


Gino from Mexico is happy 

The first step in the Hell, but since we've all been decent, we have nothing to worry about

A wonderful sunset in paradise 

Riding day 2 - Chiang Kham - Nan

Starting out of Rico Resort, we took the 1148, a dream road for motorcycles. Like a rollercoaster this road goes up and down with countless curves. A stop at the 1148 Cafe is a must. But later on we had more riding fun coming up and a great lunch. What a perfect day!

Boot beer time!


Today is rest day, but without rest.  We start at 11 degrees but it's supposed to be a fantastic day.  You won't believe it, but Thailand is a Paradies of curves.  And in the middle of nowhere.  We are coming very close to the border of Laos.  And we had a typical noodle soup.  Tomorrow another day with grandiose roads awaits us

Riding day 4 - Nan - Chiang Khong

Today we leave Nan - but not before seeing the Golden Temple.  We drive north on beautiful winding roads to get very close to the border of Laos.  A great lunchtime stop at the waterfall where hundreds of children happily greeted us in their pink shirts.  Let's go - even more curves - did I already say that we are in paradise?  A 15 min walk lets set a foot in Laos geographically.

5. Riding Day - Chiang Kong to Mai Ai

Our day begins with such a breathtaking sunrise on the Mekong.  With a look to Laos we start to the Golden Triangle.  It lets us see again and again how beautiful it is in Thailand.  Extremely narrow and steep hairpin bends demand all of our skills, but we confidently steer our motorcycles to the next hotel in Mai Ai, where a pool and a cold beer await

6. Riding Day - Mai Ai to Pai

Welcome to the jungle !

Today we will experience a lot.  We swing comfortably to then support ourselves in the jungle.  Great narrow paths lead us through dense forests.  Where we surprisingly come across an ice cream  TukTuk.  This is only possible in Thailand.  We find a wonderful place for our lunch stop. Where we are allowed to feed elephants beforehand.  These live freely and are allowed to enjoy their retirement. Every evening they go into the woods to spend the night.  Continuing on very narrow roads we will call a great waterfall our destination, a cool down in it is very welcome.  Then we reach Pai, the party town in the north.  We too let ourselves be inspired with a good mood at the night market.  Buy some more souvenirs.

it's amazing, at a crossroads somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we made a quick stop to get the group back together....  there's an ice cream moped coming along... 14 times please...

7. Riding Day - Pai to Mae Sariang

Today there should be even more curves.  We already know the road of 1000 curves.  Today there will be 1672 curves. Along the border with Myanmar there is a roller coaster ride.  For lunch we change vehicles and take a longboat that takes us to the village of the Long Neck Women.  Padaung Village .  Beauty and riches represent their stanchion.

Our lunch is a simple but very delicious Thai soup, which strengthens us for the last kuven to Mae Sariang.

Jessica looks good in traditional attire

Classroom in the Mountain 

8. Riding Day - Mai Sariang to Chiang Mai

Unfortunately, today is the last day of driving.  But no less exciting than all the other days.  Before we return the bikes in Chiang Mai, we still have a few curves ahead of us.  Another great stop with a local lunch at a great waterfall.  We meet an elephant in the middle of the road and we see many on the side.  A last coffee stop before our biggest challenge.  City traffic through Chiang Mai at 38 degrees (felt 50 degrees) But we all survive and are happy and sad.  But after the tour is before the tour.

Thank you Nek , you are Great 

Flower Parade in Chiang Mai, parade for everyone who hasn't left yet

The Group

Marco from México 

Bob from the USA

Kevin from the USA 

Anthony from Austria 

Steven from Canada 

Rudi from the USA 

Jessica and Scott from the USA 

Carey from the USA 

Jorge from México 

Rob from the USA 

Gino from México 

Cloude from Switzerland but original German 

Michaela the leader 

Michael the chief  leader 

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Ted Goslinga
Monday, January 30, 2023 at 00:03

Have fun up there in Thailand!
Axel and me still stuck in Auckland!
Michaela Achatzi
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 19:26

thanks Ted, we hope you can fly back soon
Martin Fischer
Friday, January 27, 2023 at 09:31

Hello Michaela
Have a wonderful Tour. We will follow the blog
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 00:12

Hall Martín,
Das freut mich sehr viel Spaß
Liebe Grüße Michaela
Uli Fischer
Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 20:26

liebe michaela und lieber michael
wir wünschen euch eine super tour viele schöne erlebnisse sieht nach einer coolen truppe aus
habt spass liebe grüsse aus der kalten schweiz
uli und martin
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 00:14

Liebe Uli und Martín
Schön euch wieder mit dabei zu haben.
Und bald hoffentlich wieder auf Tour !!!
Herzliche Grüße
Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 18:48

Ich wünsche euch allen eine wundervolle Tour!
Es liegen geniale Erlebnisse vor euch

Viele Grüße aus dem eiskalten Österreich
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 00:16

Hallo Marc,
Danke dir , der erste Tag war schon ein Erlebnis.
Wird bestimmt noch einiges kommen.
Grüße aus dem warmen (30grad) Thailand


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