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4CI2301 - The first Canaryride this year

Friday, February 10, 2023 | Peter Kuhn | Europe

The wonderful group of this wonderful week in the Canary Islands

Day1 - Welcome to La gomera

On the first day of our adventure we start at 07:30 a.m. for breakfast in the harbor and then the first ferry takes us to La Gomera, the second smallest of the Canary Islands.


Am ersten Tag unseres Abenteuers starten wir schon um 07:30 Uhr zu einem Frühstück im Hafen und danach bringt uns die erste fähre nach La Gomera der zweitkleinsten Kanareninsel.

After half a lap around the island and a drive through the famous laurel forest, we reach the north side near Agulo and enjoy a coffee on the sunny terrace in the green hinterland.
After crossing the green heart of the island we reach the west coast with the Valle Gran Rey where lunch on the beach is already waiting for us

Day2 - two in one La Gomera and Tenerife

On the second day we don't have to start that early, but we don't have to start too late either, because a spectacular loop in the tropical north of the island is already waiting for us to wake up and then the ferry that takes us back to Tenerife.


Am zweiten Tag müssen wir nicht so früh starten aber auch nicht zu spät denn zum Aufwachen wartet schon ein spektakulärer Loop im tropischen Norden der Insel auf uns und danach die Fähre die uns wieder nach Teneriffa bringt.

A brief stop at the Barranco de Monforte for a group photo and to browse the vegetation overlooking the Hermigua coast.
and another one at the landmark of the Garajonay National Park the Roque Agando, but now further on the ferry is already waiting for us...
After lunch on the ferry, we head from the harbor 2100 meters uphill to the Teide, Spain's highest mountain, and the impressive landscape that surrounds it.
A few photos and many curves later we reach the Tenoberge, the oldest part of the island, with lush greenery and deep gorges. Just the right place to enjoy a coffee with a fantastic view
From the Teno Mountains we go to the north side of Tenerife where we spend the night.

Day3 - Day of green Tenerife and Gran Canaria north

Day three and the middle of the week start again and in the morning we enjoy the lush and varied green on the north side of Tenerife until we take the ferry to Gran Canaria at noon to enjoy the green and the winding roads of the north there too.


Tag drei und die Mitte der Woche brechen schon wieder an und am Vormittag genießen wir das saftige und vielseitige Grün auf der Nordseite Teneriffas bis wir zu Mittag mit der Fähre übersetzen nach Gran Canarias um auch dort das Grün und die kurvigen Straßen des Nordens zu genießen.

The first photo stop gives us a beautiful view of the Orotava Valley and the snowy peak of Mount Teide.
countless curves later we reach the high plateau again to see the Teide and the landscape and the imposing summit from a different perspective
some views from here above the clouds seem almost unreal
and then it goes through the Corona Forestal down the largest pine forest in the Canary Islands to the capital of the island of Santa Cruz where the ferry is already waiting for us again
during lunch the first view of the new island opens up...
...and after the first curves everyone is in love again
We can still enjoy the curves and landscape for some time, as our current hotel is located at the top of the island with a breathtaking view back to Tenerife and the Teide, as well as the bizarre rocky peaks in Gran Canaria's center.

Day4 - The micro continent Gran Canaria

On day four of our adventure, everyone can decide whether they want to use the hotel's spa area or go on a short hike in the mountains, but if you want to see more curves and fascinating landscapes, you can drive about 200 km around the island with the tour guide


Am Tag vier unseres Abenteuers kann jeder entscheiden ob er den Spabereich des Hotels nutzen will oder eine kleine Wanderung in den Bergen machen will aber wer gerne mehr Kurven und faszinierende Landschaften sehen will der fährt mit dem Tourguide ca. 200 km um die Insel

On the first km of the day it is still a bit wet and the fog is fading in the pine forests but...
...just around the corner and the sky is blue again, just one of the wonders of these islands
A little further on, there are no more clouds in the sky and the sun is shining on the asphalt while we enjoy a first-class coffee with fresh cakes in Santa Lucia's bakery.
After the coffee we go up to the mountainous center of the island and on the other side straight down to the Barranco Mogan where a rustic finca is waiting for us with lunch
In sight of lunch is already the fun that awaits us after the meal and takes us again a quarter around the island to climb the rugged Barranco de La Aldea.
And Mike is already busy climbing
Judy is proud of her driving performance and that she mastered the challenge BRAVO
Our last stop of the day takes us to Artenara, the highest village in the Canary Islands and also very famous for the countless cave houses that can be found here.

Day5 - The grand finale

Unfortunately he has come again, the last day of our wonderful tour. But it still has a lot of highlights in store for us, because in the morning we drive through the northwestern lake district and visit another cave settlement before the ferry takes us back to Tenerife. There we can expect a drive through the Corona Forestal to the ridge of the island, from where we then drive down the Guimartal and then the incredibly curvy TF-28 takes us back through the south of the island to our start hotel.


Leider ist er schon wieder gekommen, der letzte Tag unserer wundervollen Tour. Aber der hält für uns noch jede Menge Highlights bereit, denn in der Früh fahren wir durch das Nordwestliche Seengebiet und besuchen eine weitere Höhlensiedlung bevor uns die Fähre wieder retour nach Teneriffa bringt. Dort erwartet uns noch eine Fahrt durch die Corona Forestal auf den Kamm der Insel von wo wir anschließend das Guimartal hinunter fahren und uns dann die unglaublich kurvige TF-28 durch den Süden der Insel retour in unser Starthotel bringt.

In El Hornillo, a small cave village in the Lake District, we stop for a coffee and admire the view and the fascinating cave settlements.
After lunch on the ferry it's straight back up Tenerife's ridge to enjoy the pine forests and then straight back down through the Guimar Valley, what fun and what an amazing view
A week has passed like nothing and we have grown into a great biker gang A last wonderful coffee stop in an original Canarian street bar fits like a glove at the end of a wonderful week.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 15:33

Liebes Edelweiss-Team, lieber Peter,
... es war eine g**** Woche - many thanks to all ...


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