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The Secrets of Japan CJA2301

Saturday, April 22, 2023 | Michaela Achatzi / Angela | Asia

Rainbow Bridge
Snow monkeys
The houses of Gokayama
Senmaida rice terraces
Chirihama Nagisa Driveway
Mikatagoko- the five lakes from Mikata
Himeji Castle
Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple) in Kyoto
Chef of the day it was so delicious
The season of the cherry blossom
Mount Fuji

Kon'nichiwa-東京へようこ—Tōkyō e yōkoso

      Welcome to secret  of Japan



 Now it's finally that time again.  We can follow in the footsteps of the samurai, geishas, ​​sumo wrestlers, the breathtaking nature, the symbol of Japan - Mount Fuji, the hot springs, the incredibly good food and, what you can hardly imagine, a fantastic country for motorcycling,  embark

 In 16 days we will visit many interesting and well-known cities.

Tokyo, where we starts and heads south.  The first highlight is already waiting for us there - Mount Fuji.  Coming back to the coast and taking the ferry, we then change direction to the north-west behind Kumano.

 Kyoto and Himeji are other destinations not to be missed.  Before heading back to the Japanese Alps, we return to the coast of Nanao.  It will be up and down, we will ride motorcycle dream roads before we reach Tokyo again.

 Are you all so excited too?

 Then join our blog on this fantastic journey.

 We look forward to having you with us


 Your tour guides


 Michaela, Angela and Adrian












The nametag for our motorcycles are ready

Impressions from Tokyo

Cherry blooming
Tradition and modernity
Kanda Myōjin Shintó-Schrein
Thefamous Shibuya Crossing, up to 2500 people cross the streets from 5 directions in 45 seconds. amazing that nothing happened

Tour Start

1st challenge, welcome briefing in Japanese on tatami mats
And at the first dinner, our athleticism is tested. It was so tasty

Day 1: from Tokyo to Kawatsu

Leaving Tokyo

What an exciting feeling !!! You know you are in the biggest metropol city in the world and you know you are going to ride out of it on a motorcycle. To be fair, it was not as difficult as it sounds. The highway leading south started almost right after we left our hotel in Tokyo. 

Sunday traffic was not that bad but we had to deal with some accumulating road construction traffic. Soon after we found ourselves cruising towards one of Japan's most popular mountain roads, the Mazda Hakone Turnpike. Not very much going on for a Sunday. I guess the weather today wasn't the average Japanese motorcyclist's favourite. We were happy about it because we had the almost empty road to ourselves.

At the end of our riding day we were chairlifted up Mount Omuro. A normaly green mountain. Just now the grass hasn't yet been growing back after their yearly burning down of the old grass.

An early arrival at our tonight's hotel allowed for a relaxed boot beer chat

Finding your way around in Japan - at least we got to the coffee place
Afraid of tights? No issue here
Cherry blossom is in full swing all over Japan
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The helmet menu
Can you tell the difference between real food ...
... and plastic food?
Mount Oururu our last highlight of the day along the way to our hotel
Same mountain - different look
On the rim walk of Mt. Oumuro
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Day 2 : from Kawazu to Yamanakako

The secret mountain 

Today we can see what we couldn't see yesterday because of clouds - the holy mountain of Japan - Mount Fuji.

We start with a bright blue sky, a bit windy but the temperatures are good.

On the Nishi Izu High Road, 900 m high, we find a perfect road for our motorcycles.  Here we can already catch a first wow look at the Fuji.

We continue on the Hakone panoramic road and Ashinoko Skyline, 23 km of the finest asphalt and curves that a motorcyclist can't get enough of.  And again and again the Fuji appears.  We could stop every few meters for an even more perfect photo.

 We actually wanted to go up Mount Fuji as well, but unfortunately it was closed due to snow.  We'll try the other side tomorrow.  And will report.  Stay tuned and excited.

 Until tomorrow


 Angela and Michaela



Good morning
A great view from the hotel room to the offshore island of Ōshima
Our daily briefing
Our guests are already very excited about what there is to experience and stock up on today
In some countries you overcome height differences with serpentines,
in Japan this is done with a “spiral road”
Today we see HIM
The true sign of Japan

Mount Fuji 3776m high
Daniel from Romania
Judith and Stephan from Germany
Bill from The USA
And again and again Mount Fuji appears in front of us or next to us on our way. How are you supposed to focus on the road?
This picture was neither painted nor edited
A nice big table for our dinner

Daniel brought us a local plum schnapps to try from his homeland - thank you very much

Day 4: from Yamanaka to Hamanako

Today, we leave the area of Yamanakako and to see Mount Fuji once more from its south side, but also for the last time on this tour. However, we happily trade it in for some of the nicest mounain roads here in Japan. Once you are in the mountains you are fully immersed in the surrounding forests with the smallest roads spiraling you up on top.

What a fantastic day for riding a motorcycle! Sunshine, not too cold, great roads and at the end of the day a nice hotel to rest.

A last view of the Mount Fuji. As its eastern road was closed because of too much snow, part of the group went up on the Subaru line this morning. This road, at least, was open to ride until the 4th station.
It was an uplifting feeling to drive up Mount Fuji, even though we weren't alone there at 9:30. definitely 10 tour buses were there
Garry and Yvonne from England at the "Love Bell"
Visiting the green tee fields
Peter from Ireland enjoys the tour to the fullest
Christian from Germany
The beautiful mountains of Japan
The cherry blossom makes for a perfect background
Each time anew an exciting experience in Japan - filling the bikes up
A picture says more than a 1000 words

Day 5 - from Hamanako to Kumano

Ferry ride and magic forest




 Today we start in two groups towards the southernmost point of Cape Irago.  It remains exciting at the port until the end whether all motorcycles get on the ferry, as only limited places are possible.  Everything goes well, everyone comes on two ferries.  With a bit, for me , too much swell, we arrive at Ise Bay after an hour.  Wonderful motorcycle roads are waiting for us there.  We start with the Pearl Road panoramic road and then drive into the enchanted forest.  You just wait for the fairies and elves to come out from behind the trees.

 At lunchtime we have a great place for our lunch.  Our cook was so enthusiastic that she almost got on the motorbike and rode with us.

 In the late afternoon we all arrive at our today's accommodation - wow - nothing is missing here.  From the shuttle to the bungalow, to the private onsen, to the mega dinner and nightcap.

 Then good night everyone and tomorrow the trip through Kyoto is on the agenda.

 let's see how that turns out.

Waiting for boarding
Very important note, this is how the motorcycles are secured
Under the Japanese flag

Stephen und Stefan 

Valerie and Jeff


Kurt aus der Schweiz 

Garry und Yvonne 

Day 6: from Kumano to Kyoto

Today, we dedicate our time to the Buddhism. In the morning we leave Kumano's coast line and our beautiful hotel to ride up to Koyasan. The spiritual place is located amidst the forests on top of Mount Koya. The first Temple was built in the year 805 by Kobo Daishi, one of Japan's most significant religious figures. Over the years, more temples were added and together they represent today's center of the Shingdon Buddhism.

After Koyasan we continue on a beautifully curved road back down to the valley and soon after are headed towards the highway. As it doesn't make any sense to ride on the roads between the two gigantic cities of Osaka and Kyoto, we quickly enter the highway, to reach our hotel at Lake Biwa. Here we will stay for the next two nights to sightsee Kyoto.

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Is the monk ringing the bell for lunch? Quite possible, the time would be just right for it.
The Konpon Daitō (Great Fundamental Pagoda) is the tallest building in Koyasan.
A Japanese style coffee stop, see what we have selected
At lunch, Christian opted for soup
Creations of tofu, very special and tasty
This is a typical Japanese dinner - or at least part of it. There is always more coming
This is how our menu looks like. Thanks to Google Translate we can have at least an idea about what we are eating

Day 7: rest day in Kyoto

Despite the rain, most of the group went to sightsee Kyoto, today. On this tour, our hotel is located outside the city. So we took the train to get to downtown Kyoto and then went to see the Bamboo Forest, the attached Zen Garden and the Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Temple.

Bamboo Forest
The golden temple from Kyoto
Three candles-with wishes

Day 8 from Kyoto to Himeji


Today the sun is shining again, our joy of getting back on a motorcycle grows with the view out of the window. We're in two groups, but we'll see each other again soon.

The goal today is to reach Himeji early.  To visit the castle.

One group starts with a fantastic warm-up on the Hiei toll road.  What a curve festival.  We manage the challenge through Kyoto, a city of millions, with ease.

Our second group drives through the forest with very narrow roads.


At the coffee stop we meet again briefly.  We reach our destination and take the castle in our possession.

It is also called Fortress of the White Heron. A masterpiece of wood whose functionality and aesthetics can be seen from anywhere in the city.  We climb seven floors.  And the garden with its cherry blossom trees tricked us.

Good morning, Lake Biwa
In einem wirklich kleinem aber schnuckligen Café halt gemacht
Himeji Castle
Cherry blooming everywhere
Himeji castle at night
Valerie and Jeff

Day 9 - from Himeji to Tsuruga

Today we go to a beautiful place where many people are left speechless.  We're on our way to the Northwest Coast, still in Hyogo Prefecture.  On the way to Mikatagoko the 5 Lakes via the Rainbow Line.  We park our motorcycles to enjoy an ice cream with a small sea lift to the breathtaking viewpoint with a 360 degree view.

The Lovebell- brings lucky
Die “Rainbow Line” ein absolutes Highlight auf dem Motorrad
Breathtaking view
Bill and Robert - Eiscreme with view

Day 10 from Tsuruga to Noto Peninsula

Today we will experience two absolute opposites.  The oasis of calm and excitement with lots of fun.

 But first we start slowly with a visit to the Eiheiji Temple.  This was built in 1244 and is made entirely of wood.  The soothing atmosphere of this beautiful temple is enhanced by the creek that flows through the courtyard.  After our lunch stop, the only thing left between us is the passage from Kanazawa.  We are aiming for the only navigable beach in Japan.  Chirihama Nagisa Driveway.  What fun over 6 km, we roar over the solid sandy beach, enjoy the sea, pure freedom.

Stephen is already standing impatiently in the pole position
After a fantastic day, sitting together with a beer is part of it

Day 11: Rest day on Noto Peninsula

What fantastic weather is waiting for us today for our rest stop.  We drove once around the Noto Península.  Again fantastic roads are waiting for us.  There is also some culture.  We visit a workshop where we are shown how the wood is processed into really beautiful tableware in the Japanese tradition. A good opportunity to buy souvenirs.

 Also we find a great place for coffee stop and a lunch.  It was a really nice day of driving.  Before the rain greets us tomorrow.

Helmet Storage Space
Senmaida rice terraces
Peter new hair Design

Day 12: von NotoPeninsula to Hirayu

Fish market in Himi-Stadt
A traditional dinner
An open secret - Baumkuchen is a specialty in Japan

Day 13 - from Hiruya to Kusatsu

Wow - what a breakfast with attention to detail
The largest wasabi farm in Japan
The privat onsen from the snow monkeys
Christian on the lookout for a perfect photo - but don't fall into the onsen
Power Nap for Bill

Day 14 - from Kusatsu to Nikko

Valerie and Gerry enjoy the coffee in the sun
Did you know that in Japan there are about 5.5 million
vending machines are there?
Mostly for drinks but also all sorts of other stuff that you can use on a daily basis

Day 15 from Nikko to Tokyo

Unfortunately it is true.  It's our last day of riding, heading back to Tokyo.  And heaven weeps with us.

 Due to the heavy rain in the morning, we didn't drive through the woods, but we made good progress on the large roads.  So that we could take a little more time for today's highlight.  If you are a motorcyclist in Japan, it is considered good manners to visit the Motegi Twin Circuit and the Honda Collection Hall Museum.  Everything Honda has ever built can be seen here.  Including the Moto Gp machines of all the great racers.

 With a heavy heart, we jump onto our motorcycles one last time to devote ourselves to the challenge of Tokyo traffic.  With bravura ease we reach the hotel where we started 15 days ago.  What time has flown.  What fantastic memories we have with us!


 We would like to thank all our guests for your trust, the great time, for only small incidents and a lot of funny moments.  And we look forward to welcoming you again soon on another trip.



 Angela, Michaela and Adrien

Our last briefing on this tour
We wait patiently to be let in.
Replacement program for Stefan
Eine Auswahl von Motorrädern in der Honda Collection in Montegi
Racing cars can also be admired
Ferrell Dinner
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uli und martin
Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 22:19

liebe michaela und liebe angela
ihr seit ja so wanns von cool
die bilder und die kommentare dazu sind mega
genießt mit eurer truppe den rest der reise
liebe grüße aus der schweiz
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, April 24, 2023 at 20:36

Liebe Uli und Martin,
Herzlichen Dank fürs virtuelle mitfahren. Es freut mich besonders euch bei dabei zu haben. Ich denke die nächste Reise steht auf Eiere to-do Liste
Liebe Grüße Michaela
Ted Goslinga
Monday, April 10, 2023 at 20:06

See that Valerie and Jeff are on tour with you girls!
Still hear him laughing)
Pass my regards to them!
Michaela Achatzi
Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 00:07

Yes, we have a lot to laugh about, I'll be happy to say hello
Diane & John
Friday, April 7, 2023 at 03:19

Hi Valerie & Jeff,
It is so good to see you enjoying another tour. Good on you for the adventure of exotic locales; first Africa and now Japan! Japan is on our super-long wish list. This year it is to somewhere green, Norway. Next year, who knows? Please give my regards to Michaela and tell her I have been practicing.
Michaela Achatzi
Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 00:10

hello Diana and John,
nice to read from you. Japan is wonderful, you will like it there too. It's great that you're expanding your driving skills!
best regards
Ted Goslinga
Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 19:36

Looking good girls! Have a great time, Japan rocks!!
Angela de Haan
Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 11:46

Hi Ted, thanks for your message. We're missing you here: moshomeidimas
Hugs, Angela
Michaela Achatzi
Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 01:08

Thanks for looking Ted it's an amazing country
Girls Power !!!!
Uli und Martin Fischer
Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 17:32

Liebe Michaela Liebe Angela
wir wünschen euch und eurer tour
viel spaß und gute fahrt es sind jetzt schon soo tolle bilder im blog wir freuen uns euch bildlich zu begleiten
Michaela Achatzi
Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 00:44

Liebe Uli und Martin
Ich freue mich besonders Euch wieder auf dem Blog dabei zu haben, Genießt die eindrucksvolle Landschaft.
Ganz herzliche Grüße


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