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4CE Crete Extreme

Sunday, May 7, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider | Europe

Day 7: Chaniá to Iraklion
Tag 7: Chaniá to Iraklion
Tag 6: Chaniá
Tag 6: Chaniá
Day 5: Mátala to Chaniá
Tag 5: Mátala to Chaniá
Day 4: Ágios Nikólaos to Mátala
Tag 4: Ágios Nikólaos nach Mátala
Day 3: Ágios Nikólaos
Tag 3: Ágios Nikólaos
Day 2: Iraklion to Ágios Nikólaos
Fortress of Spinalonga
The master Plan for this Tour

Crete Mountains Extreme


Welcome to Greece with Axel


Today I will meet our Riders and the most important thing:

!!!!Our Riders will get the Keys for the Bikes!!!!

In the next 8 Days we will discover the Island of Crete on the most beautiful way – On a Motorcycle. The Island himself is a nice playground where will have a lot of fun. But before we will meet for the welcome briefing and the handover of the motorcycles.

I´m looking forward to meet the group and also to ride along this breathtaking Coastline and all the little twisty roads.

For now, I cross my fingers that the weather stays dry, because when I came from the ferry it was raining. 

So, if you like to hear more about this tour just come back and check on our blog what we have done.

See you later! 


Welcome in Iraklion - The weather could be better - would say
Iraklion port - everywhere are small fishing boats and the charm of Greece starts to have an impact
Many opportunities to spend your money in the little shopping streets

Day 2: Iraklion to Ágios Nikólaos

Day 2:  Iraklion to Ágios Nikólaos


What A Curvy / Twisty Day

Welcome on day 2 our journey or better first riding day.
Today we started our ride out of Iraklion and soon we entered the land of olive trees and the pure countryside of Crete. What a pleasure to ride here. All this tiny little villages with all the old people, which are sitting in all the coffees along the road and smiling at us as we pass by. The heartwarming flair over here is something special I can tell you!!!! The rid himself has been like that: Up into the mountains and back down to the coastline and then back up – guess what! – into the mountains and again back down to the coastline. Ahhhhhh this day was just a good start in this tour!!!!! Along the way we passed by numerous old windmills and that all in a landscape what takes your breath away. If you are like me and like to take a lot of pictures – then this will be hard day for you, because on one side you like to ride and on the other there are so many places where you like to stop. If you would stop all the time! I guess you would not arrive at the hotel.
Well, that has been just the first day of our tour – so, stay tuned for more and enjoy the pictures.



Last preparations before we have our first morning briefing - challenge of the morning: how to get all the luggage on the motorcycle
Axel when do we start!!!? - Rodney in a couple of minutes
First coffee break after some really nice roads - curvesssssssss all over the place here
Coffe with a surprise - Ice cube - why? that's a good question and maybe I upload the video, but for now it stays as in insider
Only small souvenirs allowed - well big ones to but the space on the motorcycle is all what you have.
There you have to think twice - what you take
Moussaka Time/ Lunchtime
Homemade and fresh out of the ofen - just what we needed to recharge our batteries
How is the ride?
Cristal clear water and the colure !!!!!!! Just great to ride here
A Great day comes to an End

Day 3: Ágios Nikólaos

Good morning day 3

Day 3:  Ágios Nikólaos


Rollercoaster Day Deluxe

Let´s do the East coast of Crete!!!!

Our Day started as usually with the briefing but then we went out for 280 km fun run. This day was not just a pleasure because of the weather the landscape – NO it was a day to remember because of the roads where we have been on!!!!

From the beginning until the end of this ride there was no boring moment. In-between nice twisty roads and more than less single lane roads and we came along the oldest olive tree what I have ever seen in my live – around 3500 years old – impressive!!!! Life can be so wonderful and even better on a motorcycle!!!

On top of the this, we had coffee on the coastline, lunch at the beach side – what else could you ask for? Well, dinner and that we had outside of the hotel and again just good. Here in Crete, they know how to enjoy the life.

You should ride once in your lifetime here – So if you are looking for a curves curves and mor curves and less tourist staff and you like to ride through breathtaking landscapes – than you are just made for this tour.

So, for us it is time to go to bed because tomorrow is another day in riding paradise


Axel over and out

One picture and you can see 3560 years of history ( the Tree is 3500 years)
First Highlight of the day
Welcome to a coffee break with a view - Life is just good
Fresh grillt fish and the place is almost just for us - feels like we took over the place
If you think about what bike you should ride - XR is for sure not a mistake and GS and Triumph + KTM fit very well tooooooo
Power Nap just before we dive into the next rollercoaster section
Dinner Time and the table is full of food and wine - This Group is fits total match

Day 4: Ágios Nikólaos to Mátala


Day 4: Ágios Nikólaos to Mátala

What else you could wish for!?


I was thinking during the ride how could I describe this day. And maybe I will find the right words. So, let’s get started!

As you can see the sunrise has been already a pleasure and that was just the start!

After the daily business of briefing and storing the luggage on the bike we went off towards the mountains, with the sun in our faces and a gorges road under neath our tires. So, we climbed again up over the mountain range where we finished our tour from yesterday – but on a different road. Well, and then we went again through numerous valleys of olive trees. On top we got almost 50% of the day a stunning view of the crystal-clear water from the coastline. And as you can see on the pictures – it was another wonderful day here in Crete.

And a compliment to my group it is extremely fun with you to explore the island here - Great personalities - Very good drivers - and you make a really good mood - Thanks already now for this!!!!

Tonight, we are in Mátala – the famous hippie community from back of the days.

So, in this case we got to go out for dinner and have a look what´s left over frome those days.

Tomorrow there will be the next fun run with 280km, but what’s going on tomorrow – I will tell you later – I just spoiler - it will be like that on the end of the day –



See you tomorrow



I guess we are ready to start
First Coffee Stop and the view is just great
Lunchtime at the Beach - it was quite windy but the food was really good
What a Playground
We are stepping back in Time - Górtyn - and almost at the Hotel

Day 5: Mátala to Chaniá

Day 5: Mátala to Chaniá

Yesterday I was impressed – But today my mind was blowen away


Mostly if you think it can´t get better – it´s getting better 

And so was our day!!!!

There are 285 km on our to do list today and this was from the start to the end such a pleasure that even for me it is hard to find the right words. This day was full of fun and the landscape and the roads are just awesome. Today I will not write much because, I still searching for words. That why here some highlights of the day: Prévilin Beach with his little oases, The No Name Pass, and the Arádena Gorge. That’s only some points of this day what have made in my eye’s unci.

Well and tomorrow we will ride again on the West Island, and it will be another day what we will never forget!!!

Now, we all need some rest today after this breathtaking ride and I can promise you we all will dream from some section of this day. 

Soooooo, Axel need´s to go to bed as well

Tag 6: Chaniá

Day 6: Chaniá

If you don’t have a lot of pictures!?
Then you had a great day on the motorcycle


Our day on the Westcoast has been just great – no – it was a real riding day and on top: for me it feels like riding with some frends!!!!
Some of us spend the day at the town of Chaniá and some went out by them self and the rest – the rest was on the fun run with me. The nice thing on our group is that we work verry well together and as well the riding. You feel like everybody improve his skills from day to day. And that’s makes even more fun.
Today we have been on roads they have been more then less goat trails and then there have been roads along the coastline with a stunning view and as a sherry on top there have been roads where we just went from one turn into another – it was like dancing with the bike on the road.
Once again the smile on the faces off our riders has been the compliment what are you looking for as a Tour Guide. And because this day has such a fun, we had a nice cold beer at the bikes when we came back at the hotel. The funny thing was, that I hide it in the pannier of the Harley with some ice and nobody, even the rider had a clou what he was transporting after the lunch break.

Now we relax a little and then we will catch up once again to go into the old part of the town to have some dinner.


So it´s time to go 


Another day in paradise - looking forward to this ride
Morning Briefing before a great day will start

Day 7: Chaniá to Iraklion

Day 7: Chaniá to Iraklion

The Final Chapture


The last time that we store our stuff on the motorcycle. Ohhhhh, how quick these days went by – crazy – crazy -crazy.

So once again let´s roll. First we went out of town (Chaniá) and soon we reached the mountainside where we just dropped down 2 days ago. The weather himself was not the best today and the forecast talked about rain – but on the end it was just cold and verry windy on the ride. The last day of riding is something special, because on one hand you looking forward to do it but on the other hand you know when you park today the motorcycle at the hotel it is the last time on this tour. During the day we had some special moments where I would say that’s our groupe secret and of course some highlights like the Moní Arkádi. But overall it was more the ride what was counting. Riding with shadow, balu, mogly…… its such a pleasure that I honestly looking forward to having them all on tour again. It is like riding with my buddys!!!!

I use this moment as well to thank all of you for this great days – it would be not the same without you – SO keep your rubber down and we will see use again.

Axel got to go – because he is going straight to the Best Of Greece Tour

Goodby Crete
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Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 13:19

I just got back home from this Crete Extreme tour and once again enjoying the memories.

If you like to challenge yourself on twisty roads you will love this trip. Every day ends with delicious food (and a few drinks if you are so inclined) and you will have no problem falling asleep.

I can't imagine a better Tour Guide than Axel.
Axel Gert Schneider
Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 21:04

Hey hey good to here you are back home
Thanks for the big compliment!!!!!
And yes, this is a real rollercoaster down here - now you can do almost everything after this week - hope to see you again on tour
Take care

Franz Gmachl
Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 20:40

Hallo Axel, coole Trour und echt schöne Bilder, mich frisst der Neid, Grüsse an Christian!
(XR 1000 oder??). lg aus Salzburg Franz
Axel Gert Schneider
Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 18:02

Danke dir Franz und ich hoffe wir gehen mal wieder auf Tour
Melanie Riml
Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 07:47

Ich wünsche euch allen noch weiterhin viel Spaß! Ride Safe and all the best from rainy Austria, Melanie
Michaela Achatzi
Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 14:30

Hey Axel,
Wünsche dir tolles Wetter , lustige und entspannte Kunden und das wir uns in 8 Tagen in Athen sehen!
Grüße Michaela
Axel Gert Schneider
Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 21:03

Danke Dir - bis später


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