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Rome to Sicily!

Sunday, May 14, 2023 | Ted Goslinga / Christoph Haidinger | Europe

Day 1 - Arrival day in Rome

Y allá bamos!

Today we expect a group motorcycle riders from Argentina and we are very pleased to do this beautiful tour from Rome to Sicily with them! The bikes are prepared and ready to roll again. ! We will have anwelcome briefing as soon as everybody has arrived in our great hotel

Looking forward to ride again !

Day 2 - riding day Rome to Pompeji

And off we go! Sunny sky, perfect temperature, a little sad that we had to leave our fantastic hotel, but excited to go into Italy's great scenery!

But first we had to make our way through the dense morning traffic in Rome, but soon we were already at the GRA, the ring road around Rome, and another 30 minutes we were already riding through the first vineyards. What a beautiful scenery it always is. Riding  our way up to lake Albano and taking a look at the Pope's summer residence,  then having a coffee on top of the mountain in the village of Rocco Massima was great   And of course to start our first day in the back country with a great lunch full of regional products. Coming out of the mountains we followed the coastline slowly south to Naples and with the last part on the highway we finnally entered the famous village of Pompeji next to the Vesuvio vulcano

Tomorrow a nice restday in Pompeji and the Amalfi coast

Castelo Gandolfo, pope’s summer residence
Relaxed coffeestop at Rocco Massima
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Day 3 - rest day Pompeji

What a great day we had today! In the morning we started  with a great guided tour in the excavated city of Pompei. This time very well guided by Rosella! 
Then tourguide Christoph took the group for a ride along the Amalfi coast and then the group throwed themselves in the vibrating atmosphere of Naples ! And this time it was more vivid than ever because every Napolitan was celebrating the championship of Naples soccer team. And that means there was a party to celebrate. All together a well spend day in Napoli and Pompei in

Day 4 - riding day Pompei to Acquafredda

A marvellous daynon the bike again ! Leaving sunday morning Pompei on the very nice highway down south direction Agropoli. Here we find the archeological site of Paestum, an very beautiful site with very good preserved temples and a amphitheater. Also we visit a buffalo mozarella farm for which this area in the Campania area is very famous for. After this a relaxed picnic and a walk to the Paestum. 
Then it was time for our daily portion of curves and views and of that we had plenty today. What a fantastic route we had and on top of that we stay overnight on one of the best places in Acquafredda ! Good times !!

Day 5 - riding day Acquafredda to Parghelia

Leaving the enchanting place of Acquafredda behind us, we left again in southern direction mainly along the coast.....that said, a part of the coastal road was closed because of a small avalanche , so we had to deviate a bit through the mountains. First highlight of today was the big Christ statue ( Il Redentore) in Matea. Super views and exciting road to go up and down. Than the rain slowly came in and we found out that most of the group members left their rain gear in Argentina. And so the  local  fishermen' s store was happy with us because some of the guys bought super bright fishermans rain trousers and jackets! ( see picures) Everything not covered by raingear was then made rain proof by trashbags and tape. With everyone dry and happy, we went on along the coastline, had a very nice lunch at Mauricios and at the near end had the Pizzos famous Tartufo.

Day 6 - riding day Parghelia to Taormina

And so tha last day on the Italian mainland has started. From a bit rainy Parghelia we rode along the coast but already soon we were deviated into the mountains because of debris on the road which came down from the hills. But it was a very nice deviation though! Arriving in Scilla and visited the statue of the Scilla myth, we went down to the beach and had a nice lumch there. Then it was time to hop on the ferry whoch brought us up to  the island of Don Corleone and as soon we landed we took thenroad southward to the enchanting city of Taormina where we wil stay two nights !

Day 8 - riding day Taormina to Cefalu

With heavy hearts we left the nice town of Taormina. Nevertheless we still got a bit of the Etna to see. We drove alongside the big volcano, we saw some old lavastreams and smoke coming out on top. A nice lunch in Ganghi, an old Mafia-Town with quite a bit of history - we also learned that the mayor gave away houses for € 1,- from 2017!! 

In the end we were happy to arrive at our great, great hotel with a nice Spa, a pool and everything to calm down after this nice curvy trip.


Day 9: riding day Cefalu - Agrigento

Another day of sunshine riding, at least almost. We had a very nice trip from Cefalu to Agrigento - through a vast, wonderful landscape with some really nice motorbike-worrhy streets. 

After a coffestop in the morning Ted invited us to his perfect picknick. We then went on to the famous Mafia-Towns of Corleone and Prizzi. Thes days there is not only Mafia, but also an Anti-Mafia-movement, wich do education-work or help local farmers with a special label for theyr wines or olive oil. 

Before we went to the hotel "quick" detour to the Valley si Templi in Agrigento - home of some well preserved greek temples. 

Last but not least we arrived at the hotel, after a very long day. Lucky us - Ted was there with a boot beer! 

Final riding day: Aggrigento to Catania

And so the last riding day is suddenly there: after 9'days great riding, splendid Italian food, the best cappuccino in the world, the tour has come to and end. Although we had some rain and strong winds , we did visit the beautiful villa romana and had our last lunch in a typical Italian agriturismo restaurant with great local products. Then the last part of hoghway to the hotel in Catania

Muchas gracias buen grupo de Argentina por la fantastica semana con ustedes y buen viaja de vuelta a casa!!

Muchas gracias buen grupo de Argentina por la fantástica semana con vosotros y buen viaje de vuelta a casa.

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