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Adriatic Rollercoaster extreme (4SC2301)

Friday, May 26, 2023 | Daniel Neuner | Europe

Day 2: From Klagenfurt to Motovun

Welcome to our Adriatic Rollercoaster extreme Tour. For the next 6 riding days we will explore the wonderfull area south of our starting point of Klagenfurt in Austria an we will ride through the beautiful countries slowenia and croatia before we head back to Klagenfurt

The masterplan for our first riding day is to cross all of slovenia and go all the way to Motovun in Croatia. So quite a big ride ahead of us today, but its a very nice one with a lot of different types of roads and different landscapes, from the austrian mountains to the mediteranian landscape of istria.

Our first stop on the Loiblpass. Not a very high one, but a nice smooth ride and a good start into our tour.

Once we reached Slovenia we stopped for our first coffeebreak.

Slovenia is a very small country but has alot to offer for its size. The landscapes are just stunning and the roads a great to ride, especially the small ones.

Time for lunch.

Our goal of today was Motovon, a medieval city sitting on top a hill with a nice 360 degree view of t he surounding area.

The have quite a selection of different craft beers here in croatia, which was highly appreciated after a long day of riding.

Day 3: To the Islands

Today we visited croatias two biggest island, Cres and Krk. We had to take two seperate ferries to get there, but the rides and the scenery were definitly worth the effort.



Nikolaus has the plan for today all figuered out.

Having nice coffee breaks to chat is an important part of the tour experience.

There is always time to stop for some pictures, especcialy if there is a frame with a view of the sea.

AJ deciding if he should go in or not.

The weather so far has been better than predicted, so we had to take some gear of while waiting for our ferry.

Amazing how many cars and bikes fit on such a small ferry.

The island Cres had some amazing views.

A real submarin at our lunch stop in Krk. Sadly we had no time to take a trip with it cause it would have been a great experience for sure.

Hum is another one of these lovely medieval towns in Croatia that you just have to explore.

The area around Motovun is famous for its truffles, so we just had to try some bruscetta with cream and truffles at dinner.

Day 4: From Motovun to Plitvicka

Today we are leaving the wonderfull Istria and head to the mainland of Croatia. Our goal for today is the famous area at the Plitvicka National Park that is one of the main attractions of Croatia. To get there we follow the beautiful coastline of Croatia for most of day and have the pleasure to ride parts of the Jadranska Magistrale, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

One last stop before we leave Istria.

Today we had lunch in a little town called Zengg right by the beach.

Some of the views on the coastal road were just breathtaking.

Day 5: Over the border to Bosnia

Today was our restday, but since we are on this tour to enjoy some nice road, we didnt stay at the hotel but went out for a ride. Since we were really close to the border already we took the chance to cross over to Bosnia to add one more country to our list. The border between Croatia and Bosnia is still a "real" bordercrossing with checks of the passport etc which is quite unusual in Europe these days but everyone made it into Bosnia just fine.

A good breakfast goes a long way.

We were the only ones crossing over to Bosnia this early in the day so everything went smoothly.

Once in Bosnia we had our coffeebreak at this nice little spot right down by the water that was just beautiful.

Day 6: From Plitvicka to Novomesto

We had a great time in Croatia the last few days with a lot of nice riding. Today was the day when we had to leave this wonderfull country and start our journey back north to Klagenfurt where we started our tour. On our ride through the north of Croatia and a little part of Slovenia we ran into not only one but three different roadblocks due to construction works, so we had to take a few detours today. But at the end we arrived in our hotel close to Novo Mesto in Slovenia.

Nikolaus is always a great help when presenting the route of the day at our daily morning briefing.


We had lunch today at the Castle Dubovac which is close to the town Karlovac and not only offers a nice setting for our break, but also had a great view over the whole area.

What Dietmar is thinking about?

Most of us made it to the top of the tower and enjoyed the view.

Probably not the best armor for motorcycle riding.

Day 7: Back to Klagenfurt

Its already our last riding day on this tour, time went by way to fast. But at least we are having one more great riding day back to Klagenfurt where we started our adventure.

To get back to Austria we got to ride alot of small roads up and down the hills in Slovenia and then finaly, as the highlight of the day crossed over the Paulitschsattel back to Austria. What a great ride that was.

Dietmar and Nikolaus doing some finaly preparations.

Our Father and Son team, what a great way to spend time with the family.

Unser Vater und Sohn Team, was für eine tolle Art Zeit mit der Familie zu verbringen.

The landscape in Slovenia with its many hills was great to ride and had some nice views to offer.

Many thanks to Jeff, AJ, David and Keith from the US and Dietmar, Christian and Nikolaus from Germany for this amazing tripp. Such a fun group, we should definitly do this again soon.



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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 08:10

Have fun y´all!


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