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Best of Italy BOI2302

Saturday, June 10, 2023 | Dieter Arnoth / Julia Marie Joy Hamm | Europe / Italy

Arrival day Rome

Best of Italy, Welcome to the tour!

A wonderful tour awaits us! 8 days through the most beautiful regions in Italy. Not only can we look forward to fun roads, curves and switchbacks, we will be riding through breathttaking scenery,rolling hills and blooming fields shining in yellow, purple, blue and red.

Or course we will also enjoy the most delicious food! Pizza, Pasta, Wine, Canolli, Capuccino, Tiramisu, ... We are all on a diet. The Italien diat, which is perfect for the soul!

Our first day starts with a lovely get together at the welcome briefing. Julia and Dieter tell us all we need to know about riding in Italy and in a group. Then we finally get to see our motocycles! We can´t wait to start the engine... but first we enjoy a lovely dinner! Great ham and chese as a starter, lovely Risotto, the greatest lightly salted Lasagne... and WAIT? Another course? And a dessert ...Holy poly. We won´t need a motocycle to role back to the hotel

Italy is already waiting for us!
And we can't wait to finally get on the road!
Julia telling us about Italians on the road
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... do you remember the game "traffic rush"?
I wonder if it was created in Italy
One of the highlights of the arrival day: the bike handover!
Toys for big boys
Any more questions about how good the welcome dinner was?
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But there is always some space left for dessert.
This innocent tartufo was so good, it was worth to fight for!

Riding Day 1: Rome to Assisi

Late night tour preparation...
A beautiful first day awaits us.
Departure … let’s rock Italy
Here we go again!
Serena and her dad Steve are a dream team on the road!
The beautiful medieval town Montefalco is also known as the balcony of Umbria.
We total understand why.
What a beautiful scenery! It seems like the fields are on fire. And so are we!
Our star photographer Sylvia and one of the most famous models from cypress tree fashion peak: Jim!
Welcome to the show.
Yes, we are having fun
Hello little pretty.
Hello tall pretty! And hello Assisi!
One last picture before we head to our hotel in Assisi.
Heading Assisi
Arrival in Assisi
the church of St. Francis
Hang on …

Riding day 2: Assisi to San Marino

morning in Assisi
That's what we call efficient attachment.
Dieter is telling us about today's route.
Sounds amazing! Let´s go.
Lago Trasimeno
San Marino
Holy poly. That was delicious!

Riding day 3: San Marino to Florence

One of our highlights today: A lovingly prepared picnic by Dieter!
This little fellow was once a delicious Cannoli.
Seems like the photographer came too late.
Don´t you trust your tourguide or why do you meet up at the map?
The way to a picnic Julia will always find!
... always the same problem. What should I try first?
Thank you for the great picnic Dieter!
Picnics are just the best!
Before we hop back on the bikes we go for a walk.
And spontaneously end up on a beautiful hike through the forest.
Does this stone wanna tell us something?
Well... no words to be said.
Paul and Ivonne on their way back to the monastery La Verna.
Chris strikes a pose for us infant of La Verna.
Ready, steady, go! Florence awaits us!
Never forget to look each other in the eyes!
No matter if coffee or wine.
Who had a great riding day today, hands up!
Who can tell which pass we are having our coffee stop?
I could try to describe how delicious that was... but words can hardly describe that magical taste!

Restday in Florence

The most wonderful view of lovely Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo.
Early birds. Scott and David can't get enough of Italy's beautiful roads.
Before 9am we reach the Mugello race track where the Moto GP will take place next week!
Next Stop. Passo del Giogo.
Wow! WHAT A gorgeous RIDE up here on a completely empty road with countless curves!
Today our stops are as short as the typical Italian hot drink!
We just want to ride, ride, ride
... not all our plans work out though.
Never the less we had a wonderful unique day!
This is how time efficient refueling works in Italy.
Seems like some artists stay in our hotel, too.
With what patience they conjure up Italy's wonderful landscape on the canvas!

Riding Day 5: From Florence to Volterra

If you want to see Steve smile, just give him a BIG cup of American coffee.
And make sure to fill it up ALL the way!
We enjoy our breakfast in the garden of Villa Agape. What a beautiful way to start a new day!
New day, new Flipchart. You wonder what the weird drawing in the upper right corner might be?
... Serena´s favorite dish: Fiocchetti di pera in salsa di taleggio e asparagi
(Fiochetti with pear in cream sauce with asparagus) to be found at 4Leoni. Make sure to get your reservation on time, or have a “badass” do it for you
We climb up the Torre Grossa, the big tower in San Gimignano.
At a hight of 54m we have a fantastic view over the colorful landscape of Tuscany.
The tower was built in 1310! Hard to believe.
Looks like we were not the only motorcyclists visiting San Gimignano today...
...not even close, it almost seems like a biker meeting.
In Volterra we visit Gloria Giannelli´s Alabastrine shop. What beautiful vases and vessels she creates!
You can even watch the artist at work. And she will tell you all about her passion!
Hey Jim! Show me your most beautiful Cannoli-face

You don't know Cannoli?? You better change that!
You don't know Jim?? Get some Cannoli, and he will be your friend

Riding Day 6: From Volterra to Sienna

Morning in Volterra
Macelleria Falorni in Greve
the lovely center of Greve
In the evening we visit the beautiful old town Siena, which is known all over the world for it's horserace!
Well... we do not get to see too much, after just a few minutes it starts to rain cats and dogs out of nowhere.
heavy rain … but we have had a great time not only with Pizza...
... too bad we got stuck in a bar
Wait?! Did I have a beer to many? I see my tourguide upside down?!
Siena’s wonderful Duomo at night...
Sleep well everyone!

Riding Day 7: From Sienna to Pienza

Morning sun in Sienna
Abbazia di San Galgano
Bagno Vignoni
Shhh. Do not distract the chef, she is very concentrated preparing dessert.
And yes, of course chocolate was included.
Abbazia Sant'Antimo
Montalcino famous Brunello wine
lovely town Pienza

Riding day 8: From Pienza to Rome

Of course a stop in the beautiful and highly historical city Orvieto is a must on a best of Italy tour!
Some of us visit the Dome...
... the other part of the group visits the Well of St Patrick.
What an an architectural masterpiece, built from 1527 till 1537! Super interesting!
Built on tuff the city Civita di Bagnoregio is in danger of collapsing sooner or later.
To make the scenery even more mystical we get pleased with lots of rain.
Our very last coffee stop. At least on this trip.
And as always, after rain comes sunshine

Thank you and goodbye :)

Thank you for the most wonderful time in Italy, great riding days, countless stories and laughters and the best company we could have asked for!
We hope to see you again! Better sooner than later!

Till then, all the best,
Julia and Dieter!
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Sylvia de la Cruz
Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 15:48

Great pics Julia and Deiter! Thank you for the amazing rides and great memories!! Will always remember our group and the awesome views and experiences we had! Definitely the best of Italy!!! Ciao for now
Thomas Ritt
Friday, June 2, 2023 at 21:48

Super Blog, super Fotos, super Flipcharts!!!!! Weiter so und weiterhin gute Tour!
Julia Marie Joy Hamm
Friday, June 9, 2023 at 15:11

Herzlichsten Dank Herr Ritt.
Wir haben bei den besten gelernt


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