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PYT 2301 Tour of the Pyrenees

Saturday, June 10, 2023 | Axel Gert Schneider / Michael Göbel | Europe

Day 7: Mollo to Castelldefels
Day 6: Carcassonne to Mollo
Day 5: Carcassonne
Day 4: Peramola to Carcassonne
Day 3: Peramola
Day 2: Castelldefels to Peramola
Day 1: Welcome to the tour in Castelldefels/ Spain

Welcome to the Pyrenes


Michael & Axel

The playground of Spain and France is calling and we – we will travel soon to Castelldefels to start our journey through a breathtaking landscape and all of these on great curvy roads. Highlights like Andorra are waiting for us!!!

Sooooo, Michael and Me (Axel) will meet our riders on Saturday for the first time and we are looking forward to meeting them. So, the countdown is ticking and we have to get ready. 

If you thinking about a ride in this destination and you are not sure now – may you should follow our Blog on this Tour.

See later

Michael and Axel

As a little appetizer bite - not bad I would say

Day 1: Hallo again and Welcome to the Pyrenees

The sun is shining - let’s kick this tour off with the welcome briefing

Welcome to the Pyrenes

On day one

The motorcycles are ready the meeting room as well, I would say it is time to meet our riders again!!! Again – yes because some have been already on tour with Michael and me. So, we will meet old friends and will introduce the dreamlike roads of this tour.

So, If you think about to book this tour and you are not sure - well than stay tuned on our blog 

Michael and Axel

It is Briefing time
A perfect start in the tour - our first dinner

Day 2: Castelldefels to Peramola

Day 2

First riding day in motorcycle paradise. In perfect weather conditions we started direction north to Monserrat, a beautiful mountain range with its famous monastery. Later on we went to Cardona, visiting an medieval caste and continued on really twisty mountain roads to our final destination Peramola. A great hotel to spend two nights. 

Our first morning briefing with Michael
Let´s do it - with sun our faces we start into our first riding day
Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey hidden in the clouds
Dreamlike Roads already in the morning - and later on as well
Pyrenees - the first view of the Pyrenees, where we will spend the next days on dreamlike roads.
Our place to be for the next 2 days - our hotel in Peramola

Day 3: Peramola

Day 3 Peramola

Welcome to Pyrenees Dancing 

Today is rest day – but not for us!!!!

If you are here in this arear and the weather is good!!! There is more than less no excuse to stay at the hotel. This day started with an outstanding breakfast and then it was time for the briefing of the day. And our highlights of the day has been:  Coll de Nargó - Coll de Boixols & Col del Canto – all in one this is a motorcycle paradise!!!! And on top it is Monday, what means there is almost no traffic on this road. If you look at the pictures and the smile on our faces you can see – what a pleasure this day has been. I wrote dancing on the headline and exactly this is what you do all day long. I can just recommend this day to everybody out there!!!
200 km of fun and now still enough time to go to the pool – what else can you ask for on tour.

That has been our day 3 on tour and tomorrow we will ride to Andorra and entering France.

So, see you tomorrow for another great day in the pyrenees.


Michel and Axel

Welcome to the Pyrenees - the place to be if you love to ride motorcycles
It is no fake - that is the way you look if you are riding in this arear
Sometimes you have to sit down to capture the moment
What a view
The bosses of our tour enjoy the day just as the riders do
A little test ride with the Yamaha - maybe a option for back home as a fun bike if you are not riding 2 up

Day 4: Peramola to Carcassonne

Day 4 Peramola to Carcassonne

What a day!!!!!

Let´s go to France has been the massage of the morning briefing – and so we did.

It was a kind of sad, that we had to leaf this hotel because it was all what we needed to be happy – the food the rooms and the view!!!

But anyway we like to see more of the Pyrenees and that why we started our day: with the first border crossing into Andorra. On the way to Andorra the sky was between cloudy and sunny so, that we could see all the high peaks where we will be riding along the day. On the border himself nobody paid any attention who is entering and so we went on to the first highlight besides the 1 million shops where you can bye almost everything. For us has been already the highlight to get out of this shopping paradise and on top we went up to the first pass of the day Col d`Ordino (1981m). What a nice ride up there – as a reward we stopped for an espresso and enjoyed the dry conditions, because later on the weather changed completely. And if ju ride up the mountain you have to ride down on the other side to get to the next pass. Next Target has been Port d`Envalira with 2408 meters – Not bad I would say. Well, because all good things are three - we drove directly in the direction of pass three in France where we reached again over 2000 meters. This day started as rollercoaster day and went after pass number 3 into bike washing day. The reason has been bin simple – Petrus open the water gates in the sky and we made our motorcycle swimming license. But I got to say we did well!!!! And so we arrived after thousands liter of water, which has been falling down on us in Carcassonne where we will stay again 2 nights and will go out for dinner tonight.

Another day comes to an end and everybody is still smiling because even in rain this day has been great.

Michel and Axel

Day 5: Carcassonne

Day 5: Carcassonne

On the road again

It is another rest day, but we are back on the road, and it was a pleasant ride through this French backyard of Carcassonne. Today we had no high mountains, but we had a great ride through a lower mountain range with nice curvy roads. And on top the weather has been good again. Highlights like Minerva the medieval town and the black mountains has been our playground. And now we have still some time to discover the old town and fortress of Carcassonne.

So, see you tomorrow.

Michel and Axel

Minerva the medieval town
For an Espresso should be always time
Today we had no high mountains, but we had a great ride through a lower mountain range with nice curvy twisty roads

Day 6: Carcassonne to Mollo

After a relaxed rest day we were ready for a full riding day,  several passes, countless curves, castles and the highlight Gorge du Galamus. What a spectacular road leading through the canyon. And the picnic at the end of the canyon was also spectacular. 

Nach einem entspannten Rasttag gestern waren wir bereit für einen anstrengenden Fahrtag mit vielen Pässen, unzähligen Kurven,  Burgen und als Highlight den Gorge du Galamus, eine wirklich spektakuläre Straße durch eine Schlucht.  Nicht weniger spektakulär war unser Picknick am Ende der Schlucht ,  das Axel hingezaubert hat.

Day 7: Mollo to Castelldefels

Day 7: Mollo to Castelldefels

The last Dance on this tour

The day of mixed feelings. In Front of us on of the nicest roads you can ride here and on the other hand you know, that when we arrive at the hotel and park the motorcycles that it will be the end of the tour.

But, before start with saying goodbye and thanks to the riders. Let´s talk about this last ride. We leave the hotel and just a couple of kilometers afterwards the dance began. The small narrow winding road towards Beget was such a good start that you think that can´t get better but, after we walked through the tiny little streets of Beget the fun level went up again. Why? Let´s put it this way – a new tarmac + no traffic and a never-ending curvy road has been our second breakfast. How nice was that!!!! After all it was time to stop for an espresso and so we did it at the lakeside of Banyoles. Well, after all these mountains of the last day it was time to get to the coastline where we had once more a healthy lunch and just before we took on the famous GI 682. If you never have been on this road – you missed something!!!!
Several stops later, we went towards Barcelona where we got one more thunderstorm before, we finished our tour in sunshine at the hotel in Castelldefels.

8 Days of riding came to an end and we like to use this moment to say thank you to all the costumers for these pleasant tour and we hope already that we will catchup soon – somewhere – somehow on a motorcycle.

Michel and Axel

Beget a hidden treasure
Axel in history mode
For a good picture - you need sometimes to change the angle
The famous GI 682
Farewell evening
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Alison Johnston
Friday, June 9, 2023 at 23:36

I would have no hesitation in recommending this tour to anyone. The scenery is beautiful and the riding amazing. That said, what really made the trip was the skill and expertise of the outstanding guides who made every effort to ensure that everyone had a memorable holiday.
Sunday, June 11, 2023 at 17:05

Thank you very much for the compliment and it was fun to ride again with you - looking forward to next tour
Cindy Barnes
Monday, June 5, 2023 at 00:49

Looks like a fantastic tour with two outstanding guides!
We will enjoy the photographs! Safe travels!
Jim and Cindy
Axel Gert Schneider
Monday, June 5, 2023 at 18:21

Thanks you two


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