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Thursday, June 22, 2023 | Michaela Achatzi | Europe

Linderhof Castle
Rhinefall Schaffhausen
Sunset in Heidelberg
Rothenburg ob the Tauber

Welcome in Erding

The most beautiful roads in Europe just a little longer

 Motorcycles are ready


the welcome briefing is done


our first dinner together


I think this is going to be really fun


Friends from America discover Europe on motorcycles


tomorrow it will start

Funny squad

We get used to our bikes or we will find any detour

Having routes is good, it just doesn't always help




Our first day of driving starts punctually at 8:55 a.m. in Erding.

 But I should notice pretty quickly that my route today is worth nothing.

 I think I gave up counting after the 5th detour.

 but this should not mean that our driving pleasure is impaired.

 The route is the goal !!

Through the beautiful Hollertau, the Altmühltal and through Wassertrüdingen.

 We arrive early enough in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

 Showers --- dinner (delicious)

 then the highlights


the night watchman

On your marks
Maria Hilf Kappel
Coffee stop Wolzenach
Big portions
The boys
The beautiful Girls !!!!
Archaeopteryx founded 1855
The nightwatcher meets the group

In the Middle of Germany

Good job
We leaving Rothenburg
Lockable specialties
Monasteries Schöntal
First picnic with Daniel

From Germany to France

We're changing countries today




Today we are going to France, more precisely to beautiful Alsace.


But first we have a bit of distance ahead of us.


The adventure begins today with Heidelberg leaving in rush hour traffic and then the Auobahn with construction sites and closed exits. But we master it and then enjoy our first coffee in Bad Herrenalb, a place in the Black Forest.


Now the B500 is ahead of us. The well-known Este Ferienstrasse with 60 km.


The Mummelsee should be our lunch stop.


Through the Rheineben over the border and we're already in Alsace, for two days

the same procedure every day In the morning ….. painting the road on the map
Cliff’s Birthday presented

Restday Ribeauvillé

Rest day or girls group/boys group




Today our ladies decided that their husbands should be allowed to drive without any additional "burden"


So let's go in paradise without a passenger or corner robbers.

what fun.


Of course not without a stop in Munster with Tarte Flambee. So delicious.


But the ladies also had a great program. Assisted by Daniel, they have a tour with the

Street and a guided tour of a winery followed by a wine tasting.


Everyone got together again for dinner.

A successful day



Delicious Flamm Pizza
Yes, a tour guide works hard and needs a nap like Cliff does
Boot beer for the boys

France-Germany -Swiss

Three countries in one day




We start with the trip to the Kandel - what a view


A visit to the Hexenlochmühle and Black Forest cherry cake


Rozhausbrauerei for lunch


and the highlights


the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen with a boat trip.


Biggest waterfall in Europe


with 140 m wide 23 m high and 500 000 l/s


the refreshment felt good



Coffee stop at the old mill in the Hexenkoch
Roger gives tips on how to plant flowers, what you can learn from our tours
The well-known beer from the Black Forest Rothaus
Rhinfall in Schaffhausen
Debby and Diane
Krissi and Tom

Through the beautiful Swiss

Beautiful Switzerland




Today we stay in Switzerland.

It's going to be an exciting day.

Because we are struggling with a lot of traffic.

A bicycle race slows us down a bit


and then we make acquaintance with a police control.


But since we're always on the go, that's not a problem.


The Säntis is one of the highest mountains in Switzerland and we take the gondola up to 2500 m to enjoy today's fantastic view. Just as local dish of Switzerland.

we have to move on and still have some way to go.

Lichtenstein is to be crossed. And we want to drive over the Albula Pass.

… in the background Lake Constance
There is no better way to stop for lunch at 2700 m Säntis

Best Riding Day

Today is Passes Marathon




The day everyone was looking forward to.


How will the weather be, will we manage, what will await us, so many questions.


As every morning, we start our briefing with a delicious breakfast with all (well, almost all information )


Today the queen of passes is on our agenda.


And as I say every day: the weather is DA when you look out the window in the morning.


Don't trust any weather app unless you see it for yourself.


Also today, with the most beautiful sunshine we start to the Bernina Pass on to the Forcola to Livingno and then Bormio.


Not far and we take the 39 bends under the wheels, what fun.


At the top of the Stelvio at 2745 m, a fantastic view awaits us and a delicious lunch stop at Bruno's.


Strengthened, we take on the 48 hairpin bends down.


I see the grin under the helmets of every single one.


Reschensee is worth a stop with the church in the lake.


half time


Reschenpass, Arbergpass, Flexenpass and Hochtannenbergpass are still waiting.


In Warth, a thunderstorm catches us thanks to the high temperatures. It's coming, it's raining thunder and it's all over. Nature smells so fresh.


We all arrive at the hotel overjoyed.


And who counted? Exactly there were 8 passes.


The best compliment for a tour guide is when the guests say:




That was the best day of my life on a motorcycle

Now we drive to Livigno
Bruno entertained us deliciously on the Stelvio Pass
More switchbacks
Today we watch the thunderstorm
Stelvio Curve 48
Stelvio Curve 48

Last riding day

Every tour comes to an end....


.....but first we drive.


After a very strong thunderstorm in the night, the colorful nature awaits us again with sun.


Once again up the Hochtannenbergpass, through the green Lech Valley.


Today we visit the Linderhof Palace of King Ludwig II.


His garden with the more than 12 meter high fountain invites you to linger.


With a heavy heart, we end our adventure on winding country roads in the hinterland of Munich.


Oh come on, a stop is still possible.


In a quaint, typical beer garden, we enjoy the shade and local specialties in sweet.


Let's find some more curves, please.


I have to shed a tear as we start the last time on the bikes, all line up behind.


What a great time, made new friends or even grew together like a family.


Promise, we'll see each other again

Manche mussten das klare Wasser testen es war so erfrischen
Appel dumpling with Eiscreme
Ayinger Beer Garden
Done ✅
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