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The Viking Experience (CVE2301)

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 | Peter Rollmann / Christian Holan | Europe

The longest day is awaiting us (sample pictures taken the day before aroun 10:15 pm, todays weather cloudy rainy and foggy)

Day 1 - Welcome to Oslo

Today's welcome Briefing was very compact and this tour will be fun with 5 guests on 4 motorcycles. The only problem was the bike handover in the foggy and rainy conditions. 

The bikes were hard to find and see

Day 2 - Oslo to Vrådal

You have not been to Norway if you did not have seen Kronene I Håvet
Vrangfoss lock the ships are traveling over many steps to the next level of Eidselva and everything is done manually
The bikes in front of stave church Heddal

Day 3 - Vrådal to Sola

We could have made the morning a boat trip...
... but have decided for the motorcycles.
At Lysefjord, two more transport options were added. In addition to the option of using the ferry, the helicopter also brought one back to the top.
But we left this to the base jumpers and also waived the ferry. Because the ride down was so beautiful that we wanted to enjoy it right back up again on the motorcycle.

Day 4 - Sola (rest day)

As for everybody also for the blog.

Day 5 - Sola to Bergen

Not an edelweiss but edelweissbiketravel bring you to the nicest places
Hardanger bridge was one of the widest bridges on the world
Langfoss waterfall a nice spot with some extra cooling dringend driving

Day 6 - Bergen (rest day)

The rest day welcomes us with beautiful sunshine in a beautiful place

Day 7 - Bergen to Fjærland

One of many but big is beautiful
Stunning view and nice ride up

Day 8 - Fjærland to Geiranger

The way home to our Hotel in Geiranger
The view on the Lake near Djupevatn
On the way to the glacier museum in Fjærland

Day 9 - Geiranger to Ålesund

Our British friends gave us a great motto for the last day of riding.

Day 10 - Goodbye, Ålesund

Last view on Alesund
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