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Fire and Ice 3FI2302

Saturday, August 5, 2023 | Thomas Fellechner / Nicolas Preining | Europe

Day 1: arrival day

a warm welcome


The Iceland 2023 adventure enters a new round. The bikes have shaken off the dust of the last tour and are ready. The island welcomes us with sunshine and unusually high temperatures. That's a good start.
After we get our keys, we are prepared by our guides for the next days. It all sounds pretty exciting. A bit excited and full of anticipation we look forward to the day of riding.

stay tuned

Nico and Thomas

sometimes you need a pair of new shoes for the party
downtown Reykjavik @ 11pm
the church in Reykjavik is a quite impressive Building.
Marina of Reykjavik

Riding Day 1: Reykjavik to Selfoss

first impressions



We must have done something right, we think to ourselves, as we look out of the window in the morning and Reykjavik greets us with bright sunshine. The perfect day to collect the first impressions of Iceland. After a short briefing, we are off. It is surprisingly busy this morning in the city, but only a few kilometers beyond the city limits it gets noticeably better. Our first stop is the Viking World, a small museum where we learn more about the history of the Vikings on the island. Some of us even try to compete with the Vikings armed with VR glasses. After what you hear so, successful
After that, we take a closer look at the crack between two tectonic plates. Kind of cool that you can just walk across. I'm sure not many of your friends have done that before. After that we visit a real volcano Gunnuhver. Okay it doesn't spit lava but boiling mud. The smell of sulfur takes our breath away.  Of course, a visit to the Blue Lagoon is a must on any Iceland trip.
After lunch directly at the port of Grindavik, we take a look at Kleivarvatn, but unfortunately the monster is probably on vacation. The first kilometers of gravel road of our tour we master a little later also with bravour. Oh man that was a lot for the beginning. And tomorrow we face the first big adventure. Be curious.  

Jason the Viking
ride throuh a lavafield, called the "field of death" towards the blue lagoon
the rift between the continents
Thanks for taking care of the bridge Jeff
Harry has a closer look to the surprisingly very warm black sand
Andreas the first "Beatle" @ Gunnuhver
The blue lagoon
the pack @ Kleivarvatn. This Lake changes his waterlevel quit quickly because of a very thirsty monster. So we heard.
the first gravel of the tour. not to bad.... and look there are some trees

riding day 2: Selfoss to Saudarkrokur

a dusty Adventure



The second day of our adventure Iceland has begun. And speaking of adventure, this day should really become one in the end. Once again, our ride starts in the best weather. On the first kilometers we have enough time to take in the impressive landscape. Our first stop today is the Golden Waterfall "Gullfoss" A must see in Iceland. And with its 2 steps really impressive. In the visitor center we fill up again our supplies and then we go into the wilderness. Tourists turn left, explorers to the right Ahead of us lies a breathtaking landscape whose barren beauty can hardly be put into words. To the left and right tower mighty glaciers. Only a dusty and sometimes rough road cuts through the solitude. In the middle of nowhere we stop to admire hot springs, take a bath and of course to strengthen us. Well recovered, we continue our way on the track, which leads us further and further north. Arrived there we imagine ourselves in another place. The landscape has suddenly changed completely. Something that there is probably only on Iceland to see. A short visit to a traditional Icelandic village, we reach tired but happy our hotel. What a day. 

Jen find a good way to protect her selves from the fly's
the "Gullfoss" from the upper level
Amadeus @ Gullfoss. Did you know that a britisch company in the 1920`s was not far away to build a dam here?
ready for adventure Guys?
lets ride
Demetri on road F-35
Amadeus landet on the Moon
the clacier Langjökull
Harry @ the first watercrossing of the Trip
Andreas infront of Hofsjökull.... but wait a there a new crew member?
.... oh yes Duckvader sneaked in
natural hot springs on our Lunchplace, the sheep didnt read the sign, that this area is dangerous
Richard went for a bath in the natural hot spring
Duckvader @ Afangafell viewpoint
The famous Iceland "ponnys"
dusty Amadeus infront of traditional icelandig houses
Harry and Richard, discovered how people lived here a couple hundret years ago

riding day 3: Saudarkrokur to Akureyri

a quiet day



It is remarkably quiet in the morning of our third day of riding. Heavy fog lies over Saudarkrokur. So thick that it seems to muffle all sounds. You can hear the morning dew dripping from the roofs. And that is also part of Iceland. It promises to be a relaxing day. Not so bad actually after all the action yesterday.
So we roll off and follow the coast, it seems, except for us, almost no people are on the road and somehow this atmosphere also has something for itself. The only partially paved coastal road and the fog demand a little later yet our attention. Just in time for morning coffee time we reach Siglufjördur. Here we will spend some time and visit the Herring era museum. Which tells in a very lovingly arranged exhibition, the history of the city. So to speak history to touch. After lunch we will continue towards our destination for the day, Akureyri. The second largest city in Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of flair. Of course, we all pay a visit to the largest motorcycle museum on the island together with the motorcycle. Matter of honor.

are this eyes in the fog? no thats Demetri on his Africa Twin
Jeff and Jen, warmup with a hot coffee
Captain Jason is taking the lead.
Duckvader is checking out the old fisherboat
Fisherman Andreas
a memorial for the "herring girls"
Harry and Amadeus watching a movie about the hard work towards the herring era in Siglufjördur.
the exhibition is full of little details and gives us a good impression how live was hundret years ago.
Ridchard admires the harbour of Siglufjördur.
Jen and some quiete stiff locals
majestic snow covered mountains hiding in the clouds
to reach Siglufjördur you need to ride towards quite long one way tunnels
Lupins in Iceland
Duckvader is on fire for this old Benelli @ the Motorcyclemuseum of Akureyri
have you ever seen a flying Java?
the Pack + a fan infront of the Motorcycle museum in Akureyri

riding day 4: Akureyri to Husavik

simply perfect



After the somewhat foggy start yesterday, Iceland shows its best side again today. It should be one of the most beautiful days of the year. After all, we are in the north of the island. This is actually known for cold and rough weather. Less for sunshine and temperatures close to the 20 degrees celsius. So we do not want to complain. We leave Akureyri first, as real explorers do. Not through the tunnel but of course via the curvy gravel road over the mountain. We are all alone up here. And the view is stunning. Arrived on the other side it goes direction "Gullfoss". Not the biggest, not the most powerful but certainly the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. After a coffee at the waterfall we roll on towards "Myvatn". One of the most famous because impressive landscapes of the island. The famous black fortress "Dimmuborgir" is also part of this incredibly beautiful region. Satt see impossible But we have to go on. After all, today is quite inoffiziel a rest day. And who knows Edelweiss, who knows that rest day does not necessarily mean to do nothing. And so we reach Husavik in time for lunch. Our destination for the day. Here now everyone goes after what he or she likes. In the capital of whale watching of course.... yes Whale watching, others climb with their motorcycles the nearby mountain and enjoy the view. And still others visit the whale museum or visit the local seawater swimming pool. there is something for everybody today.

this small and empty dirtroad leads us over the mountain... the Tunnel is for beginners
bye bye Akureyri
this little watercrossing is our mornig call
James @ Godafoss
Jen and Jeff @ Myvatn area
the guy with the cool helmet is Andreas, he`s taken a panorama picture
the black Fortress Dimmuborgir
perfekt empty road towards Husavik
the weather is perfekt... the views are stunning, its a taff right up to Mt. Husavik...
...but it is worth it, right Jason?
Lupin fields on the backside of Mt. Husavik
We are ready to see some whales...
...and we did see them.

riding day 5: Husavik to Egilstadir

the power of nature



After taking it easy for the last two days, today we have a long day on the program. There is still a lot to check off on our "must see in Iceland" list. So don't dawdle let's go. But before we turn our backs on the north of the island, we take another look at the ocean. Some may be looking for the northernmost geochach of the island who knows. The impressive rock formations of Asbergy canyon are our first big stop of the day. After a short hike we find ourselves at a small lake. The silence down here is a nice contrast to our next two highlights, Hafralgi and of course Dettifoss. The most powerful waterfall in Iceland. We approach the waterfall from the east via a gravel road that many tourists avoid. So we can enjoy the thundering power of this waterfall almost undisturbed. From all the hiking, we have now gotten quite hungry. So our next destination is a campsite on the edge of a desert landscape... why not? Well fortified we continue through the fascinating barren landscape to our next stop, the Studlagil Canyon, where not only many steps but also unique basalt formations are waiting for us. WOW amazing what fits so everything in a single day.

There are a lot of puffins around.
Mission accomplished Graig, geochache found.
This little lake in a corner of the Asbergy canyon is a nice and quite place
look @ this nearly perfect shaped rock
Harry is checking out some information @ the Asbergy Visitorcenter
this is the parking where the explores are
Hafralgifoss, the little brother of Dettifoss
Jen and Jeff like this selfie stuff
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The power of Dettifoss is amazing. And look @ this two rainbows
the canyon between Detti and Hafralgifoss
after all the gravel, its nice to have some pavement on ringroad number 1.
live is hard, right Richard?
right after we left our Lunchplace, the landscape chanced into a desert.
the Studlagil canyon, unfortunately is the water this time not as clean as usual

riding day 6: Egilstadir to Höfn

another day in paradies



After all the natural spectacles yesterday, we are curious to see what awaits us today. At some point it must be good with all the beauty. But this really seems to be the wrong island. Our way leads us first along a beautiful lake `s which we want to round, just because he is so pretty. The landscape here is actually characterized by a lot of trees. Something that must be mentioned in Iceland. But first we stop at the Snaefellstofa Visitor Center, where we learn more about the region. After that, we continue our circumnavigation of the lake until we finally reach the highlight of today, the Oxi Pass. It is not particularly high, and because it is a gravel pass not particularly fast either, but it is indescribably beautiful. There is such a view only on Iceland. That once again the weather is kind to us, makes it perfect. On the way down we make a short stop at Foldafoss and a little later at Fossa. These waterfalls are of course not to be compared with the elemental forces of yesterday, but they are still beautiful. The rest of the day we ride along the coast towards the hotel. The landscape here is, once again, completely different than the day before. Arrived at the hotel, some daredevils decide to pay a visit to Hoffelsjökull. The ride there is short, but a challenge, but definitely worth the beads of sweat on the forehead.

reindeer are quit rate in Island, Jen and Jeff spotted one
We learn more about the Area and the Vatnajokul clacier @ Snæfellsstofa Visitor Center
Wallpaper like landscape
James is checking out the view @ oxi pass
perfect conditions @ Oxi Pass
Foldafoss @ the end of Oxipass
Andreas infront of another small waterfall called Fossa
the entire landscape here is so spectacular, hard to decide where to look first.
Did somebody forgot his rock here?
It is a challenging ride towards Hoffelsjokul...
.... but Duckvader proofed, it's worth it.

riding day 7: Höfn to Kirkjubeajarklaustur

on the ice side



A new day dawns and with it the next adventure awaits us. The day is marked by the mayesthetic Vatnayokul glacier, which will accompany us the whole day due to its sheer size. Our first stop is the glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon and the adjacent black beach. It is impressive to see how the huge icebergs from the lagoon find their way into the sea. Of course, it is even more impressive to see the icebergs of the lagoon from close up. A ride in one of the amphibious vehicles is perfect for this. We say goodbye to the icebergs and continue our trip along the south coast. It is a pleasure to roll along this part of the ring road and let the landscape take effect on you. The glacier towers over everything and impresses us again and again with fantastic panoramas. After lunch we take a rather bumpy path to one of the glacier tongues of the Skaftafell particularly close to come. Once there, we are almost alone and can enjoy this unique piece of nature to the fullest. Arrived at our destination we can decide, either we go to the hotel or we get an impression of what is waiting for us tomorrow. And of course we do not miss it. So we take one of the famous F-roads and train our skills in rougher terrain and really big water crossings. Adventure included. This day will stay in our memory for a long time.

Good morning Vatnajokul
Black sand beach near jökulsarlon glacier lagoon.
from here some icebergs find their way into the the sea
vehicle change!
The amphibious car is taking us close to the icebergs
Harry, Greg, Richard and Demetrie. Enjoy the ride @ jökulsarlon clacier lagoon
Bye bye beautifull glacier lagoon...
.... but now we have to escape the rain
The pack @ Skaftafell clacier tongue. Getting closer is nearly impossible on a motorcycle tour.
Look @ this landscape
The first realy long watercrossing of the trip. A good training for tomorrow's adventure
Before we get surprised with some 1000 year old ice from the clacier lagoon....
.... and a good Whiskey
Realy good ice...Whiskey lovers please forgive us.

riding day 8: Kirkjubeajarklaustur to Geysir

something for everybody



So there it is the day we have to decide, great driver related adventure or a relaxing day full of natural wonders.

The highland group has some very interesting kilometers ahead of them. The famous F-208 awaits us with winding, sometimes rough gravel roads and 20 water crossings. What sounds a bit extreme at first turns out very quickly to be a true dream for all "offroad drivers" With every kilometer and with every water crossing we have the feeling to experience something incomparable. framed the driving fun by the incredible scenery of the highlands. Unfortunately, the luck leaves us for a short moment as unfortunately the material of one of our bikes gives up. But in the highlands you help each other. A big thanks goes out to our A.R.T.T friends from ridenordic.  After our lunch in Landmannalaugar we ride the last kilometers back towards civilization. Another unforgettable day.

The second group follows the coastal road and visits THE most famous black beach in Iceland. The cliffs on the beach form beautiful basalt formations. Only a few kilometers further we will climb up to Puffin Rock. From up here there are not only hundreds of the popular birds to admire but also impressive rock formations. They give us an idea of the power of water and volcanism. Later in the day we reach Skogafoss. The almost perfect waterfall if you will. A lunch with a view of one of Iceland's biggest attractions, here wo go.

first coffee of the day, what a peacefull place
crossing those rivers is so much fun, isn't it Craig?
riding the highlands is always a unique feeling
Look @ this view
some of the watercrossings are tricky
thank you guys from ridenordig, helping us out.
The colors and the nature up there is something realy special
The campsite of Landmannalaugar a piece of civilization in the middle of nowhere
Jenn and Jeff enjoying the view at the Puffins Rock
...and of course, puffins.
A short section of alps even in iceland.
James, Richard, Demetri, Amadeus so Jenn&Jeff @ Skogafoss.
And finally a good dinner.

riding day 9: Geysir to Rejkjavik

ein Blick in die Geschichte



Das ist er nun also unser letzter Fahrtag. Wie jedes Abenteuer geht auch dieses leider zu Ende. Das ist natürlich kein Grund diesen Tag nicht mindestens genau so spannend zu verbringen wie die anderen. Im Rückspiegel sehen wir ein letztes mal den mächtigen Geysir seine Wasserfontaine gen Himmel blasen. Unser erster Stop ist der Kerid Krater über dessen Entstehung lange Zeit Unklarheit herrschte. Wir sind definitiv zurück auf der "Feuerseite" der Insel. Nur wenige Kilometer später kommt tatsächlich richtig Fahrspaß auf, denn die Straße schmiegt sich schmal und kurvig an die Berge. An deren Ende wartet der, für die Geschichte Islands, wichtigste Ort auf uns, Thingvellir. Allein sind wir hier natürlich nicht aber dieser Ort erzählt viele Geschichten, und es gibt Kaffee
Danach machen wir uns auf einen kleinen Fjord nördlich von Reykjavik zu umrunden. Die Aussicht ist einmal mehr Wunderschön und die Kurven zahlreich. Uns knurrt schon  etwas der Magen als wir an einem unscheinbaren Gebäude am wegesrand halt machen. Die Malereien an den Wänden sagen "make love not war". Es ist das War and peace museum von Island. Eine beeindruckende Private Sammlung aus der Zeit des zweiten Weltkriegs und während der Besitzer uns mehr über die Geschichte dieses Ortes verrät genießen wir eine Hausgemachte Suppe in einzigartiger Umgebung. Das ist wirklich besonders. Nach einem Rundgang im Museum nehmen wir die letzten Kilometer nach Reykjavik in Angriff. Ein echtes Abenteuer neigt sich dem Ende

a closer look to history



So this is our last day of riding. Like every adventure, this one unfortunately comes to an end. Of course, this is no reason not to spend this day at least as exciting as the others. In the rearview mirror we see the mighty geyser blowing its water fountain towards the sky for the last time. Our first stop is the Kerid crater about whose formation was unclear for a long time. We are definitely back on the "fire side" of the island. Only a few kilometers later, the driving fun really starts, because the road nestles narrow and curvy against the mountains. At the end, the most important place for the history of Iceland is waiting for us, Thingvellir. We are not alone here, of course, but this place tells many stories, and there is coffee
Afterwards we go around a small fjord north of Reykjavik. The view is once again beautiful and the curves numerous. We already growls something the stomach as we stop at an inconspicuous building on the wayside. The paintings on the walls say "make love not war". It is the War and peace museum of Iceland. An impressive private collection from the time of the Second World War and while the owner tells us more about the history of this place we enjoy a homemade soup in unique surroundings. This is really special. After a tour of the museum, we tackle the final kilometers to Reykjavik. A real adventure comes to an end

Harry @ the Kerid crater
nice windy road in the morning. Propably the best paved road in Iceland
the continental rift goes also though Tingvellir area
nice view over Thinvellir region including Thinvellirvatn`
Quick Stop in the Fjord to enjoy the view
Jen @ one of the paintings @ the war and peace musuem
propably the most unique lunch on this trip
Jen and Jeff enjoy "the history to touch"
This was hightech, Richard said
Andreas and Graig enjoy your bootbeer
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jeff kagey
Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 20:02

so great to see the smiles enjoying a boot beer or two look forward to seeing you guys soon jeff
jeff kagey
Monday, July 31, 2023 at 23:16

hello my friends !! looks like a great time wish i could have been with ya i did enjoy my 2016 tour i see alot of familier sites i see the tour guide name { priening } is nico christians son ? EL HEFE
Christian Preining
Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at 23:08

Hi Jeff,
yes, that's the younger one of my two boys! Now that's also the first time I follow somebody on social media. Sooner or later, the internet gets all of us apparently .
jeff kagey
Thursday, August 3, 2023 at 22:40

halo christian !! you must be a proud dad !! it is good to hear from you hope all is well and say halo to all in the office I do miss all the great fun you and the other guides have provided for me over the many tours I am forever grateful !! jeff
Nicolas Preining
Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at 10:30

Yes, you are right I am Christian's son.


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