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Machu Picchu Adventure ACP2302

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 | Michaela Achatzi | North and South America

Happy group after a great ride
Volcan Chancani - Arequipa
The Andes
Titikaka Lake
Machu Picchu
Nazca Lines
Adventure Machu Picchu

Welcome in Arequipa

To a new adventure.


I happily welcome , Patrick, Michael and Joy.


After a very funny welcome briefing, we accept the motorcycles and can hardly wait to get on them and start driving.


But we are allowed to sleep one more night before the chaotic traffic from Arequipa releases us unharmed

Wall painting
The Group and Eduardo the Lokal

In the middle of the nowhere

Where are we going ?

After initial technical difficulties, we leave the metropolis of Ariquipa, unscathed.

416 km await us on the first day, perfect for getting used to it.

About mountains that make you feel like you're on the moon. But we are not alone, many a truck is overtaken by us. Because they are very, very slow.

You could stop at every corner... but we have to move on, because it's advisable to arrive before dark.

Because the hotel descent is 3.5 km gravel.

But we master it with bravura ease.

What a first day

We don’t speak Spanish
No no we are not in Bangkok
The coastline ist breathtaking
Pazifik ocean
Everybody is behind the Tourguide ?
Oh ha, we deserve it!
Thank you Joy

To Nazca

Incas everywhere


Before we leave our simple but idyllic hotel in Porto Inka Bay, we explore the ruins just beyond.

It's amazing what people built back then.

Then we go straight to Nazca where today's highlight awaits.

An (international) flight over the famous drawings of Nazca. These were discovered in 1920 and are hundreds of years old.

Patrick und Marcie
No again , we are Not in Bangkok
The crew

Nazca to Chalhuanca

Pure Adventure




413 km


4600m high


2 million curves


Great Tarmac


1 million alpacas


28 degrees


- 3 degrees


2 hour road closure






solar wind

Road for two Hours closed

Chalhuanca to Ollantaytambo

Nice lunch stop internet middle of nowhere
Couple Connection
Fantastic roads

Machu Picchu

Inca world


Today is our highlight.

We visit Machu Picchu.

We are all excited.

At 7:59 a.m. 1:45 a.m. we take the panoramic train into the rainforest.

But things really get exciting with the bus.

Wow what a ride, what felt like 200 serpentines on clay roads with oncoming traffic.

But we're getting to the top.

Now it's stone by stone, step by step.

And then we see this miracle of architecture on or in the mountain.

A magical moment

that you can hardly put into words or pictures.

We explore the mountain for 3 hours before we head back on our beautiful 

We started with the Perutrain
… in the Rainforest
Llamas as lawn mowers
Entertainment in the train
….. and a fashion show

Shopping Day - Cusco

Eduardo explain the area
Shopping result
We walking in the town

Puno - Chivay

Lake Titicaca

Before we hit the road today, we first take the boat to the largest/highest navigable lake, 3600 m, Lake Titikaka.

The floating islands, which are inhabited by families, have to have new reeds added every 6 weeks.

Then we head back through the breathtaking landscape towards Chivay.

we dream and enjoy.

Come to the highest pass in Peru and start our tour at the same time.

4936 m

It is cold but a very special experience.

We see a volcano erupting and smoking in the distance.

The entrees to the floating island
The transport from the Lokals
At the highest point our tour is 4900 m.
And we jump even higher

From Chivay back to Arequipa

Colca Canyon

Watching the Condors


Unfortunately, today is our last day, but it should also be an unforgettable day.

We start our engines early to drive into the nearby Colca Canyon.



Well today is the day where we want to see the largest flying birds, the condors.

The Peruvian condors grow up to 1 m high and have a wingspan of 3.20 m and weigh 13 kg.

And we were so lucky, when we arrived we saw how majestically they glided in the air, spiraling upwards.


But the path into the canyon was also a beautiful, winding, sometimes slippery road

Then with a heavy heart we head towards Arequipa, where our journey began 9 days before.

Another stop at 4934 m.

We really had a lot

to laugh, to experience and to process it.

All in one

Piece and healthy back.


Thank you very much


Marcie, Patrick, Joy, Michael and Eduardo


see you soon


Your Michaela

The condors
Happy group
Some Alpakas and Lamas
The cathedral from Arequipa
Best ferwell Dinner
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Patrick Moody
Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 16:49

What an awesome adventure in southern Peru!
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, September 11, 2023 at 13:32

Orginal Comment from Patrick
What an awesome adventure in southern Peru! , Michaela was a wonderful (and patient) tour leader and Eduardo’s extensive knowledge of all things Peruvian (history, geography, roads, local restaurants and so on) was a much appreciated addition. Already thinking about our next Edelweiss tour!
Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 20:18

PERU - ein Traum!
Habt alle eine gute Zeit...
Viele Grüße an die Gruppe, an Michaela und natürlich auch an Eduardo.
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, September 4, 2023 at 00:59

Hi Marc

Ja es ist wirklich toll hier, wir haben viel Spaß und viel Adventure

Grüße zurück

Die Gruppe und Michaela
Martin Fischer
Wednesday, August 30, 2023 at 18:13

Hello Michaela
Das sieht sehr, sehr schön aus und das weckt natürlich wunderschöne Erinnerungen. Weiterhin eine erlebnisreiche und spannende Tour!!!
Michaela Achatzi
Monday, September 4, 2023 at 01:00

Lieber Martin

Schön die wieder “dabei” zu haben.
Genieße es

Liebe Grüße Michaela


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