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CCG2302 from Croatia to Greece

Friday, September 29, 2023 | Thomas Fellechner / Jan Van der Jagt | Europe

Day 1: welcome to Croatia

Welcome to Croatia 


It's beautiful in Croatia, while in the north of Europe the autumn slowly arrives, in Dubrovnik the best weather is waiting for us. Our hotel is fantastically located and the Adriatic invites you to swim. That's a good start.

In the afternoon we have our welcome briefing and take a first look at our bikes. The first day of riding can come. We are ready.


stay tuned

Jan and Thomas

All eyes on Thomas during the welcome brieving
There is Jordan, enjoying the sunset in Dubrovnik, overlooking the Adriatic sea

riding day #1: from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Kolasin (Montenegro)

let the Adventure beginn


So this is our first day of driving. The weather is perfect the mood is good. After a short briefing, we're off. We leave Dubrovnik and follow the coast of Croatia. After a few kilometers we reach the border to Montenegro. The border crossing is quite fast and the adventure can begin. Our first destination is Kamenari where we take a small ferry across to Lepetane. This saves us the traffic that rolls along the coast in the direction of Kotor. And since we are talking about Kotor. We take the adventure to visit one of the, if not the most beautiful city of Montenegro. For traffic, this city is a bottleneck but it is definitely worth a look. After lunch and a short walk around the city. we continue. Finally we reach the mountains from where we again enjoy the view of this incredibly beautiful landscape. The roads are narrow and winding. A dream for all those who love technical riding. Finally we reach Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Although we only cross the city, we get a good impression of the bustling life in this metropolis. No sooner have we left the city limits behind us, than we are led around endless curves through gorges and up over mountains to our destination for today, Kolasin. Where we find an oasis of peace in a small hotel on the outskirts of town. 

Next day, same location: beautiful riding weather!
first of all, we try to find out where we want to go. Puh that's a big map.
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And there they go, off on their first day!
Welcome to Montenegro
to avoid the traffic around the bay of Kotor we take a short ferry ride
the city of Kotor
finally we get into the mountains, right after leaving Kotor. The roads are realy narrow and super curvy. A dream
beautifull view down into the bay of Kotor
A brand-new Hotel awaits us in Kolasin.
and Jan has already prepared some cold beers for us

Rest day #1: Kolasin

that means riding!


today is the first rest day of our tour, but why only? One might ask. After all, we only started yesterday. Well the answer is simple Kolasin is located on the edge of Durmitor National Park and this region is too beautiful to just drive through. Since Kolasin is more known as a ski resort, at this time of year up here is quite little going on. But that also means little traffic, so what are we waiting for. The first almost 100km take us along the Tara river, the road winds through narrow valleys as if to keep up with the river. A coffee high above the river must not be missing, of course. Some brave ones even dare to cross the gorge on one of the numerous ziplines. After that we continue on narrow and even narrower roads to our lunch stop. A small restaurant in the middle of nowhere where we get, so they say, the best sausages ever. The afternoon is all about tight curves and typical Montenegrin mountain roads. The whole in spectacular scenery. That means riding!

We are back early enough at the hotel to enjoy the afternoon and the beautiful weather. The day ends with an excellent dinner.

Jan is telling us more about the riding today
it looks like we have a new group member
the View from our coffeestop @ the river Tara
Narrow and curvy roads up here in the Durmitor National Park
Nevidio canyon
Our lunchplace for today

riding day #2: Kolasin(Montenegro) to Shkodra (Albania)

Albania, a fascinating country! Rugged mountains, wild rivers and very friendly people. 

A short pipi stop on a some what bumpy Road at the Tresnjevik pass
A nice cup off coffee in Montenegro
Leaving Montenegro and entering Albania
Todays destination is Shkodra
The local beer is very nice but there is even some Dutch beer
A memorial for the fallen ones during the communist regime

Riding day #3: from Shkodra(Albania) to Ohrid (North Macedonia)

 Want some variety?


Good morning Shkodra, today is not much but so much on the program. Sounds confusing at first, but from the beginning. In our briefing we learn that today is essentially about exploring the hinterland of Albania and in the afternoon to reach northern Macedonia, no world heritage sites no ruins. So let's get going. We leave the lovely bustle of Skhodra behind us and make on well-developed country road and a piece of highway first of all some distance. After about 60km, however, we leave the main traffic arteries and drive into the mountains. After an extensive coffee stop. We experience an incredible variety of roads and landscapes. The first kilometers we drive along a road which nestles close to the rock, to our right a wonderful turquoise river. The curves are numerous and the asphalt is in good condition. A little later, however, the picture changes. In the valleys before Burrel the road condition is... we say, as made for adventure bikes. Then we cross a beautiful, framed by mountains, cultural landscape. To find ourselves shortly thereafter on one of the, so far perhaps most spectacular motorcycle routes of this tour. Almost perfect asphalt, countless curves and a magnificent view characterize the picture. In the middle of nowhere we stop to enjoy a great and very healthy lunch, despite all language barriers. We continue through small villages to the border of North Macedonia.The people at the edge of the road accompany us with a smile. After crossing the border, we descend through a mix of mountain and forest landscape to Lake Ohrid. What a day.

We have a wonderful route ahead of us!
Big John, are you tired?
the Pack @ our first coffee stop
nice curvy roads @ the morning...
...and in the afternoon
It is about the small things on side of the road what makes riding a bike so special down here.
What are these guys talking to?... it's an insider but it looks funny.
our shady spot for lunch
Lake Debar
view from the pool of our Hotel to Lake Ohrid

Riding day #4: from Ohrid ( North Macedonia) to Gjirokastra (Albania)

back to Albania


What a special country North Macedonia is. Tucked away in the heart of the Balkan it has a unique atmosphere. And one could say that about Albania as well! Now we know how the currency and road behaviour works we're looking forward to go back there. Our final destination will be Gjirokastra, the birthplace of the former Enver Hoxha. 

A nice lake view in the morning
Crossing the boarder into Albania
Riding a motorcycle has many advantages. One off them is that it's very easy to make contact with the locals. Jordan is chatting with a Albanian biker
Drinking a well deserved cold drink in the afternoon
It was an adventure getting to the hotel! But this view is worth it!
Freshing up in the pool with drinks!
Our hotel by night
And Gjirokastra by night!

Riding day #5: from Gjirokastra (Albania) to Meteora (Greece!)

Greek curves salad


After we made it uphill yesterday, we have to master Gijokaster of course also downhill. But hey we are explorers, that should be no problem... and hey we have mastered this first adventure as if we had never done anything else. We continue towards the last border crossing of our tour. Greece is only 30km away. The border crossing is easy and quickly it says, welcome to Greece. After a short coffee stop we head into the mountains, the Pindos National Park is waiting for us. Our first stop is the Vikos Gorge. After all we hear probably the deepest in the world. and where we are just with superlatives, the driving in this region is spectacular. After lunch, countless curves await us. Partly the condition of the roads together with their course is a real challenge. But it is so much fun to ride through this almost deserted landscape. Of course, a stop at one of the ancient stone bridges, which are so characteristic of this region, must not be missed. another felt ten thousand curves later, we finally reach our destination. Meteora or more precisely Kastraki, a small town in whose backyard is a cultural treasure.

thats the plan for today
waiting to get back into the EU
our first coffeestop in Greece
nearly empty roade the whole day
the Vikos gorge
Jim @ the Vikos gorge
the pack is enjoying a typical greek lunch
typical for this region, this little bridges. Some of them are hundrets of years old
nice riding also in the afternoon
Our first dinner in Greece!

Rest day # 2: Meteora

9Millions off years ago the current mountains off Meteora were the floor bed off an ocean. When tectonical movements pushed up the rocks the wind carved the rocks in their current pillar shaped form. 

The boys enjoying their visit at the St. John monastery
Jim and Ann having a romantic moment
After our visit we continued the ride
Here you can see how some secluded monasteries are being supplied
The James Bond movie for your eyes only was recorded here
A nice Western style cafe were we had a coffee
Thumbs up Scott
Unfortunately we couldn't finish the rest off the route through the mountains due to heavy rain a couple off weeks ago
After this, the road got even worse

Riding day #6: from Meteora to Delphi

some more history?


Leaving Meteora means that you have to go thrue a huges valley. But after that you enter the mountains, one off them is Mount Parnassas wich is the birthplace of the gods. Our destination today is Delhpi! Here you dive into proper ancient Greek history! 

The boys doing their homework, preparing the route
The stone bridge off Pyli, built in 1514

Riding day#7: from Delphi to Meteora

the gulf of Corinth


Good morning Delphi, our day starts with breakfast on the hotel terrace. The view down to the Gulf of Corinth gives us a nice foretaste of what we will experience today. But first we set out to explore the world famous ruins of Delphi. Afterwards we go down towards the coast. Normally coastal roads are full of traffic, but not so today. And so we enjoy the curves and glide along the Gulf of Corinth to our first coffee stop in Galaxidi. A perfect location to pause for a while. Afterwards we continue to Nafpaktos, where we visit not only the impressive castles of the city but also the place where Jan surprises us with a picnic, right on the beach. After the meal we cross the Rio... or Rion-Andirrio bridge, an impressive structure. The last kilometers of the day we cover on beautiful, gently winding and deserted roads. Until we finally reach our destination, Olympia. 

Eric and Jordan starting their day with playing a parie of chess
the ruins of the Apollon temple. The Oraxle said, this will become a good day
our first coffee stop.
Johnny, Jim, Ann and Scott. The fotobombing guy in the backround is ..of course Jordan @ the fortress of Nafpaktos
Jan is waiting for us @ the beach to serv us a picnic.
The pack @ Rion Andirrion bridge

Riding day #8: from Olympia to Kalamata

Olympia and olives


Today we have a beautiful day ahead of us off riding thrue valleys and mountains. But first we kick off with visiting the site of Olympia. The stadium, temples and also the place where still, every four years, the Olympic flame is being lit. Our destination Kalamata is famous for it's olives: best in the world!

The tempel of Zeus
Entering off the gladiators
Ellwyn is going for it!
Eric is sweating just thinking about it
And the winner is Scott!
Also beautiful was the water power museum.
Again a lovely lunch with typical Greek food
Richard enjoying his little desert
Kalamata by night

Riding Day #9: Kalamata to Nafplio

a greek Roller Coaster


Good morning Kalamata. A new day in the biker's paradise is in the starting blocks. At breakfast we enjoy the fantastic view down to the Mediterranean Sea. After the briefing, we're off. It goes up into the mountains, more precisely on the Langada Pass at 1524m. The route is curvy and challenging, so it should be. On the way down we don't miss the opportunity to drink a coffee in nearby Sparta. We can now claim with right "We were there" After we have crossed the plain, it is again some mountains to overcome because our goal is the coast. It goes again through countless curves up and down. In the mountains hang heavy the clouds. But we are still spared from rain. Finally we reach the coast. The road and the view are fantastic. After a leisurely lunch right by the sea, we tackle the spectacular coastal road. No traffic and 1000 curves are waiting for us. When we have to climb some mountains again, the rain hits us as well. But the spook is already over after a few minutes. We enjoy the last coffee directly at the sea and make ourselves along the coast on the way to our hotel in Nafplio. What a day.

nice mountain roads in the morning
view down from the Langada Pass
View from our Lunchplace today
how "greek" a luchstop can be?
Garry looks like he liked the nice coastal road (in tlhe backround)
Big Jonny is showing his italien site
our last stop for today, what a lovely place
Nafplio by night

Riding day #10: Nafplio to Athens

Time to say goodbye


Nafplío, a very nice city on the sea with little streets filled with bars and restaurants. Unfortunately we have to leave it, but as our next goal is Athens we have something to look forward to. And don't forget the Epidaurus amphitheatre! Built in 330 by and still in use it's the best preserved one in the world. Our last stop off the day, and the tour, is the channel off Corinth. Fascinating to see how ships pass this man made channel.

Jan is doing the briefing in the morning
There it is!
The amphitheatre off Epidaurus!
It seats 14.000 people
And with Kim in the picture it looks even more beautiful
There is also a museum with statues
One off the last picture stops at the sea
Lunch at the channel off Corinth
After a schip has past the bridge is being lifted up
And that's it, everybody is back in Athens and made it safe!!
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Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 06:22

Thank you for a wonderful trip. I look forward to our next adventure time!


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