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Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) Pyränen-Händlerreise Honda

Thursday, September 28, 2023 | Julian Käckermann / Mike Woltering | Europe

Cordoba by night.

After a first day with a factory tour at Honda Montesa, our first riding day was about getting to know the new DCT Honda Africa Twins. We were able to make the first grandiose curves in Montesy National park. A proud 22 motorcycles were on the road together and of course had the first offroad contact to get to know all the versatility of these great bikes!

Riding Day 2:Roses-Setcases

The second day of riding brought significantly more tracks off the road. The first river crossings and mud crossings were tested and enjoyed the beautiful view. We started the first ACT stage and were welcomed in the evening with a Bootbeer and delicious dinner in a mountain village.

Riding Day 3:Setcases-Andorra la Vella

Today was the most technically demanding day on the ACT. It went over many gravel roads, rivers and sandy roads. A total of 140km were driven offroad, there was then lunch in puigcerda. A few minor repairs were then carried out late night as a workshop.

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