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Sunday, October 1, 2023 | Ted Goslinga | Europe

Day 1 - Guided City tour Munich and Welcome Briefing

Welcome to a new edition of Edelweiss' well known tour: the High alpine tour. With a mixed group of Canadians and Americans we will ride some of the most beautiful passes in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. 
But first today we started with a guided city tour in Munich with two friends Dave and Scott. They had spent already two nights at the Octoberfest in Munich so that was  a good start. We had great weather and everywhere there was music and beergardens in town. Super day to start the tour with. 
After returning to our hotel in Erding, we had out welcome briefing followes by a nice welcome dinner. Not much jetlagged people anymore, so ready to roll tomorrow !

stay tuned!

At the Viltualienmarket
Hofgarten Munich
Everywhere Octoberfest events in town
Dave and Scott at the may pole in downtown Munich

Day 2 - Riding day Erding to Lienz

What an absolute fantastic rising day we had! Initially it looks like the Grossglockner Alpine highways closed for motorcycles due to fresh snow (!) , but fortunately for us, they re opened in the late morning again. But before riding up to the Edelweisspitze we had a very relaxed and nice lunch at the Pillet see. A really straight blue sky accompanied us the entire day all the way down to Lienz where we will stay tonight. Great riding guys and girl!

Day 3 - riding day Lienz to Collalbo

How nice it is to ride through the Dolomites on a clear blue September day. No traffic jams, way less campervans and horrible car drivers: thats how an Edelweiss tour day always should be!!

Leaving out cosy hotel in Luenz we rode on the sunny morining side of the Puster valley....untill an unannounced roadblock popped up. So back down into the main road towards the Dolomites. Having a very relaxed sunny coffeestop at Lake Misurina. And from there chef Paul has made us a nice picnic up on thé Valparola pass. Well done!

Thennenjoyed our afternoon with curves, scenic views and fun.Another great day in paradise!

Moonlight landscape

Day 4 - rest day Collalbo

And again.....clear sky, Good mood, great roads!! What else could you wish for??

Last night a great diner up in Collalbo with a clear

moonnover the Dolomitea! And today, after a bit of a sleep in, we headed towards the Mendola pass, which is always a guarantee for great curve riding.  And so we did!  Endless curvea and switchbacks up untill the very end. And then everybody dis a bit his or hers own thing: some to town, some do some work, some exactly how a reat day should look like. 

Day 5 - riding day Collalbo to Pontresina

What a nice view to start the day !!

Day 6 - Pontresina to Warth

What an unbelievable week we had so far! Really not a day of bad weather! Clear blue skies, very comfortable temperatures, not much traffic on the passes: what else is there to wish for?

Great hotels, fantastic food and last but not least: a group of fantastic riders and fantastic peraons!

Such a pity that there is only one day left


Day 7- final riding day Warth to Erding

And then suddenly it is there: the last riding day...!

After a great evening of wellness and a great dinner, we had to leave Warth for our final day towards Erding. Visiting the Neuschwanstein castle and the Linderhof Castle and a very nice lake side picnic prepared by chef Paul.

A short stretch of highway and last nice coffee stop in Sauerlach and the tour was over!

It was a FANTASTIC week: superb weather, great riding, but above all: a very nice group of people!! 
Thank you all for being with us on the HIGH ALPINE tour and hope to see you alk back on another tour someday !!

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