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Adventure Top of the World, riding 14 days through amazing Alaska, AAY

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | Kalti | North and South America

Alaska, the biggest, most northern, most western and also the most eastern state of the US. These are just a few records Alaska has got and their are way more.

For our small group of temperature fearless riders Alaska is the opportunity to get to the most northern point of America and also ride through some amazing wildlife and nature areas.

Bike handover in Anchorage

DAY 1: Anchorage to Valdez

After the motorcycle handover we left Anchorage and made ourself on a 300 mile ride towards Valdez. Shortly after Anchorage we jumped on the Old Glenn Hwy to cover a few turns and enjoy the first hour. After a picture stop at Matanuska Glacier we were ready to warm up with coffee, hot chocolate and pie's at the Sheep Mountain Lodge.

Matanuska Glacier

Coffee and Pie at Sheep Mountain Lodge

At our lunch stop in Glennallen we found out that you are abel to ride a F 650 GS for 58 miles on reserve. In the afternoon our route took us south over Thompson Pass to Valdez.

Joe from Switzerland taking a picture of Worthington glacier, did he never see one?

Day 2: Valdez to Tok

Starting in the morning with a look out of the window we saw real Alaska weather, the forecast said 40% chance of rain and we got it. This couldn't stop us and we decided we test our rain gear and keep going. We took a side trip to the end of the Trans Alaskan pipeline. No pictures are allowed unless you wanna get in trouble.

Back towards the Thompson Pass we had a temperature of 3° Celsius which was a little cool. Although we managed to survive 200 miles in rain and about 50 miles without rain and arrived happy in the amazing town of Tok.

Dinner at Fast Eddy's

Day3: Tok to Haines Junction

After a good rest things were looking completely different in the morning. Alaska was showing us the nice side with a real sunny day! Today we were crossing over to Canada, to the Yukon. It was 300 miles of amazing scenery.

Crossing the boarder

short break along the road

Yukon: larger than life

Day 4: Haines Junction to Skagway

Today we started our day a little early because of the time difference between Alaska and Canada. After having breakfast in a nice bakery with some fresh bread we headed towards Whitehorse for a Coffee break and a gas stop. After we filled our bikes we were able to see the Yukon river the first time.

Aluizio in front of the Yukon river

From Whitehorse on we were riding south along the Highway 2, which is a really scenic road. The area is also called the southern lakes.

Just right before we were ready to cross the boarder back into Alaska we were able to see some bears right beside the street. A mother with 3 little ones was just a few steps away and didn’t care about us at all, just the little one is having a look at Steve’s camera.

Steve is filming the bears, lucky he is not the food the bears are searching for

Today was just a short day so we decided to do something special and go for a little offroad loop to the start of the Chilkoot Trail, which is just next to Skagway.

Steve, Joe, Gerhard, Volker and Johann went for the off road loop.

On the road

When you go offroad riding a river crossing should be part of it! Everybody made it perfect through the water, just one got a little wet in his feet, but I’m not telling who!

Joe in the middle

Volker with a little more speed

Steve on his 2nd try

Day 5: Skagway to Whitehorse

Today was with 120 miles a really short one so we decided that we go one a flight around the east wing of Glacier Bay. 5 of us went and we got two flights in a Bush Hawk XP which was amazing. Although the weather was not so good we were able to see nice landscape, for example a 70 mile long glacier and also some bears and see lions.

The first 3 guys getting ready to board

flying out along the very to end of the inside passage

That's a big glacier, it is 70 miles long

Off course this is also a bike tour and that's why we jumped on the bikes and went to Whitehorse in the afternoon. In the beginning it was a little foggy on the pass, but after a while we got lucky with the weather and we got sunshine from Carcross to Whitehorse.

Lunch stop at Caribou Cross

Day 6: Whitehorse to Dawson

Today the Yukon showed us the lovely side and we were able to ride our 330 miles in sunshine. Just shortly before the coffee break we got hit by a small shower. 330 miles is a lot of ground to cover and this day was real serious riding!

Like it is in the wild we always stopped when we saw a gas station or some food, so on this 330 miles we stopped 3 times. There is not much out!

Gerhard with two scoops, it's a lot

Johann likes it...

The whole day we were riding along the Yukon river. During the gold rush times the people were travelling the same way just on a boat.

The group in front of the Yukon river

Aluizio pictures the Yukon

After a nice lunch in the Moose Creek Lodge, which is the only place in 330 miles that has food, we were just shortly out of Dawson.

Moose Creek Lunch, the owner is Swiss

In Dawson City, the heart of the Klondike gold rush, are a lot of things to see, although it is a very small town. It feels like the time is turned back some years. No paved roads, wooden boardwalks and old houses. Seems like we should get ready to dig some gold!

After a nice dinner some of us went to the Downtown Hotel the learn more about the SOUR TOE cocktail. To explain it shortly: you order a shot, the captain buts a human toe in it and you have to drink it. Volker, Gerhard and the Tourguide are now proud members of the sourtoecocktailclub.



The three having the cocktail

The sour toe certificates

Day 7: rest day Dawson

Today we went for a short offroad loop to get prepared for this kind of riding. We haded out towards the Bonanza Creek were we could visit a old Dredge Machine. After that we took a 4o mile loop on the gravel and after a while everybody was doing extremely good and improved a lot! We are ready for the Top of the World Highway tomorrow

Dredge No 4, that's how they got the gold

First real off road loop around Dawson

Day 8: Dawson to Tok

Today we took it easy with just 185 miles towards Tok. After our morning briefing we jumped on the Yukon ferry and left Dawson towards the west. It was good that we practiced off road riding yesterday because the today 100 miles of the Top of the World Highway were unpaved. The road was in good conditions and the guys were riding perfect on this long off road stretch.

We crossed the most northern boarder and had lunch in Chicken which is kind of a funny place. We arrived a little earlier today which gives everybody a little time to relax.

Break on the Top of the World Highway

Lunchplace in Chicken, good that they have a big sign otherwise we wouldn't have found it in this big city

Some drink in the parking lot of fast eddy's

Day 9: Tok to Fairbanks

Our last easy day of riding, today we just covered 205 miles heading towards Anchorage. In Delta Junction we got our certificate of finishing the Alaska Highway. This 1422 mile Highway was build to support the troops during the WW2. It took them just 8 month which is very impressive.

Steve and Joe at the end of Alaska Highway

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that our group is a men’s only group, that makes it very easy to find right places for a bathroom break.

public bathroom for up to 6 people

In the afternoon we had our last stop in North Pole and guess what: We visited the home of Santa.

You could tell Santa about your Tour or weather wishes

Day 10, 11, 12, 13 Fairbanks Coldfoot Prudhoe Bay Coldfoot Faribanks

Due to a none exsisting internet connection in the wilderness of the north slope I’m writing this 4 days in once.

On our first day of the trip towards the Arctic Ocean we headed out from Fairbanks towards the Dalton Highway. This famous road starts 80 miles north of Fairbanks and a lot of stories are tolled about it. To find out the truth we have to do it our self. We left Fairbanks in cold but dry conditions. After taking a picture at the beginning of the Highway we started the real adventure.

Mile 0 of the Dalton

A few miles later we had to deal with the first flat tire and made it to our lunch place at the Yukon river. After a really good lunch the conditions changed and we had to ride in the rain for the rest of the day. We arrived save but wet in our first camp in Coldfoot. The rooms and the whole place is even another adventure.

Finger Mountain in the back

Coldfoot Camp

After a good night we woke up and Alaska showed us the sunny side again. Ready to ride the rest of the 414 miles of gravel road. After about 70 miles we reached the Altigun Pass and dropped in to the north slope and also the Tundra.

Aligun Pass

The whole landscape is just an amazing impression. After a picnic on the side of the street, between Coldfoot and Deadhorse is nothing for 240 miles, the guys faced another new adventure. In a construction zone the road was extremely wet and we had to ride in deep slippery mud.

Some fun with Aluizio in the construction

shortly before Deadhorse

Everybody made it safe up to the real end of the North American World and was happy that we brought our own beer up to Deadhorse, normally there is no Alcohol.

Pick up bar is open, Johann, Aluizio, Gerald, Joe and Chief

Spending a night in an oil workers camp was the next exciting experience for everybody. We started our next day with a really beautiful morning with no clouds and blue sky and went on a tour around the oil fields and out to the Arctic Ocean.

at the Arctic Ocean

Around 10 we jumped on our bikes and headed back towards Coldfoot again. After the ride up Norht everybody gained a lot of confidence and so riding back was not a big deal anymore, although some had some interesting situations in the muddy construction zone again. This time we arrived in Coldfoot dry and happy and enjoyed the afternoon sun out on the porch.

motorcycle picnic

just the Dalton, how it can lock like

The last stretch of the Dalton Highway we left from Coldfoot and headed back to Fairbanks. Today is not much to say, we stopped again at the Arctic Circle to take a nice picture and we stopped at the Hot Spot Cafe which is another interesting place along the road. Yes we made it back to civilization.

the gang at finger mountain

the Dalton Highway survivors

Hot Spot Cafe, maybe the best food along the highway

Day 14: Fairbanks to Anchorage

Today was our longest riding day with 360 miles, so we got up half an hour earlier to make it back in time. After 13 great riding days this last day brought us along Denali National Park back to our starting point of Anchorage. We had another lucky day according to the weather and enjoyed the sun during the ride. Unfortunately in this summer Mount McKinley or Denali Mountain, however you think is right to call it, was out of the clouds on just one day and it was not today. Although we had a great lunch at the Mount McKinley View Lodge and a great last ride.

Denali Mountain in the clouds

In the evening we enjoyed an amazing farewell dinner at Simons Seafood and believe it or not everybody had seafood. At the end i have to say it was a prefect trip with a perfect group and I hope to see some guys of you again

Stephan, Steve, Johann, Aluizio, Chief, Gerald, Joe, Gerhard, Volker and Bill

This was the gang which did the Top of the World tour together and covered 3500 miles in Alaska and the Yukon area.

Keep the rubber down

sincerely yours


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Silvia Alonso
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 16:56

Alu, muito bacana os lugares, lindas fotos, e acho que o fato de serem lugares rústicos dá um charme a mais à aventura.... na próxima quero estar com vc, desde que seja um lugar quente/verão Bom retorno à vc e aos seus amigos aventureiros. Saudades, Silvinha.
Brother Pat
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 06:27

The pictures keep getting better and better.. I know you don't drink a lot Brother but you should have gopne for the Sour Toe Cirtificate... Keep the pictures coming..
Pete Gauthier
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 20:55

DON'T feed Sauerwald to the bears (even though it might seem reasonable at the time)!!!
PS I've been exercising the VFR every day, just like you asked.
Brother Pat
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 01:03

Still loking/sounding like a blast.. Maybe after I retire i can start doing things like this.. maybe
Patti Berzins
Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 04:23

Hi, Steve-I am enjoying riding through Alaska via these posts and photos. Makes me wish I wasn't such a chicken when it comes to riding! You must be having a great time! Looking forward to more photos and posts! Bring me back a teddy bear!,
Gunars Berzins
Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 14:27

Steve. What a grand adventure! Looks like I shoulda joined you guys afterall. How have the temperatures been? Where do you lodge overnight? Looking forward to further postings. Regards.
Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 08:00

Hi all. Thanks for your comments My tour buddies enjoy
reading them too. Tomorrow is Dawson and a one day
rest stop. I have a lot of video I have been taking. My
personal highlight favorites, bald eagles, bears and the
glaciers up close.
Bill Sena
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 18:40

Uncle Steve, very cool - love the bears! The creek crossing was so much fun you did it twice?! I almost want to take up street riding so I can go on a trip like that...maybe in 21 years when the boys are out of college?
Bob Friedman
Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 05:50

Hey guys...I'm a buddy of Pat's and a rider also.
Looks like you've got a great trip ahead of you! Will be following along...
Pat Sena
Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 04:26

i love the picture of you taking a picture of the bear.. How cool is that...
Friday, July 13, 2012 at 15:46

WOW! It almost makes me want to learn to ride. Such a fantastic ride even at 3 Cel.
Hope you get to stop and "step" on the glaciers.
Safe trip B
Southernmost Rider
Friday, July 13, 2012 at 11:30

Sorry I could not make this trip to the northernmost reef and ocean, but there's always the next Edleweiss tour. Ride safe and enjoy the two wheeled brotherhood and scenery. Perhaps the Alps Tour Center in '13 with Manuel as our guide? I see from your dinner's size at Fast Eddy's that you're not starving. Have you put Alaska into a fresh salad shortage yet? How can Edwelweiss turn a profit?
Smell the wildflowers, don't pet the wildlife and bring back pix.
Pat Sena
Friday, July 13, 2012 at 05:28

To all the riders and especially my Brother Steve.. Great pictures. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Ride safe.


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