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CMP1201 Moscow - St.Petersburg

Sunday, July 15, 2012 | Christoph Zimmermann | Europe

 DAY 7 & 8

Our way to St. Petersburg and the city itself! it was amazing. Russia has way more to offer than we effer thought about! Thanks to the great team we have been and see you on the next tour...

DAY 6:

our way to Velikiy Novgorod... another great city!

The Group!

Day 5:

Our way to Seliger Lake, the area were the Volga starts its way of over 3500km through Russia! Amazing trip and even better Dinner!!!

Our Russian friends Alex & Jan

DAY 4:

Yesterday we had a fantastic night in Jaroslavl and today we went along the Volga to Tver... What a great place

Volga Crossing

The Group at the "Reschensee" of Russia

DAY 3:

Our way to Jaroslavl... chosen as one of the Highlights of that trip! Not only a great cultural city center, it is also a hidden party town!!! 35.000 Students...

Lunch at the Volga


DAY 1 & 2:

Well... the trip started with a sightseeing tour through Moscow and today we had our first riding day to Suzdal - the capital of the gilden ring... Whenever we have wireless connection there will be some new pics... Today we start with that...

Into the Kremlin

Freestyle Motocross Event for our Welcome Dinner on the Red Square!

And the take off to "real" Russia!!! --- the way to Suzdal

Gas station restroom

city tour in Suzdal...

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Alan Magnoni
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 11:59

the"Reschensee" of russia ... i like that one!! i'll go to livigno tomorro for some MTB downhill ... flip a coin into reschensee ... ciao ciao


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