Authentic Cuba

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La Habana (Havana)
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La Habana (Havana)
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10 Days vacation, 8 Riding days
Comfortable middle-class hotels und Casas Particulares
Full distance: 1617-1840 km, 1005-1143 miles
Daily distances: 137-369 km, 85-229 miles
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La Habana (Havana)La Habana (Havana)
Cueva de los PecesCueva de los Peces
Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)
Hanabanilla (dam, lake)Hanabanilla (dam, lake)
Topes de Collantes (National Park)Topes de Collantes (National Park)
Valle de los IngeniosValle de los Ingenios
Monumento-Memorial Che GuevaraMonumento-Memorial Che Guevara
Cayo Santa Maria (beaches)Cayo Santa Maria (beaches)

The pearls of the Caribbean has many facets to be discovered on a motorcycle.

Do you want to discover Cuba in its authentic way? If yes, then this Ride4Fun tour will definitely excite you. Here you transport your luggage on the motorcycle, because we will not have a van, and with the local tour guide you communicate in English or Spanish, because he or she will speak German, if at all, only very incompletely. But you can be sure that you will get all the information at first hand and an authentic impression of Cuba.

If this is what you are looking for, then come to Havana, hop on a BMW or a Harley and spend a couple of happy days in Cuba; it is sure to surprise you! From Havana we ride in a big round first to the west in the region of the tobacco plantations and then to the south past the Bay of Pigs, to Cienfuegos and then on to Trinidad, the quintessential Caribbean city. We then head to the north coast by crossing the Topes de Collantes; a mountain range protected as a national park, where the road climbs up to 800 meters.

After that we drive along the north coast, which is a paradise of palm tree beaches and turquoise bays, back to Havana, the capital of Cuba, where people wave and dance, happy to see our motorcycles. It sometimes happens that a local takes their 1952 Harley out of the shed and joins our group - just like that - for a few miles. Yes, Cuba is unique and well worth the trip, even if you don’t have that much time!


Since 2011 all U.S. citizens have been able to participate in ‘people-to-people’ educational exchange programs that provided for ‘meaningful interaction’ with Cubans. On June 4, 2019, the Trump administration rescinded the “people to people” license. However, every U.S. citizen can still legally travel to Cuba, pre-approved, under the “support for the Cuban people” license, which requires that each itinerary adheres to a full-time schedule of “meaningful interaction” with Cubans.

Although Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Cuba programs are designed for an international clientele, they are also designed to maximize “support for the Cuban people” as much as possible through stays at private B&Bs, meals at private restaurants, and interactions with independent artists, private tobacco farmers, etc.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of individual U.S. citizens to review existing Cuba Assets Control regulations (31 CFR Part 515 administered by the Dept. of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control) to ensure each traveler’s compliance.

If you are a US citizen please note, that US travelers are mandated to adhere to all regulations set forth by the Cuban Assets Control Regulations. These regulations mandate that all travel to Cuba must be in compliance with one of the approved categories for travel. This means that US citizens can only join tours where the accommodations are not state owned. These accommodations are called “Casa Particulares” which are basically simple bed & breakfasts. Our Authentic Cuba Tour is carefully organized according to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations so that US citizens can join. There is a USD 200 fee for all US travelers for the legal documentation for travel. Edelweiss will organize so-called “Cuba Travel Authorization Document” (Cuba tourist card not included and mandatory for the travel as well) which enables you for official and legal travel. These documents are available at your Edelweiss booking agent and will be organized in time and once you have sent a copy of the passport you are going to use on tour.

Travel schedule

Day 1: Arrival in La Habana (Havana)

Day 2: La Habana (Havana) - Viñales

Day 3: Viñales - Las Terrazas

Day 4: Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos

Day 5: Cienfuegos - Trinidad

Day 6: Trinidad

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Best of Kuba

Kuba zu erleben war eine Erfahrung die wir nie vergessen werden! Schon bei der Landung in La Havana hatten wir das Gefühl, eine Zeitreise in die 50er Jahre gemacht zu haben in ein Land, wie es kaum ein schöneres gibt. Man merkt auch, dass Kuba sich allmählich von den Fesseln des Komminismus löst, und unsere Motorradtour war auch gleichzeitig eine Reise durch die Geschichte des Landes. Wir hatten die netteste Gruppe, die man sich wünschen kann, mit Teilnehmern aus aller Herren Länder und unser Tour Guide Jens war nicht nur ein Reiseleiter, sondern ein Freund, mit dem es Spaß machte zu touren. Wir Jungs aus Südafrika freuen uns, ihn und den Rest der Gruppe bald wiederzusehen.

– Tony Cimato, Rod Wooldridge & Dave Leyshon, Südafrika