Newsletter, Issue No. 180
2. July 2015
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Dear Edelweisser

New Touring Season >> New Website >>

In 2015 Edelweiss Bike Travel did replace its current website. The new Edelweiss site will please you with a new responsive design and some great new features to make your online visit an enjoyable one!

Tour Finder
70+ tours and trainings are part of our Edelweiss program - with the new 'Tour Finder' you will find your right choice in no time!
Responsive Layout
It doesn't matter if you visit our website with your smartphone or tablet pc, our layout will immediately adjust to your display size!
Tour Booking
Still you will be able to send in your online booking in 5 easy steps however, in the future you can book all your family and friends in one single booking!
Tours Area
If you have no specific requirement to your next Edelweiss tour you can view the complete program by continent or tour calendar in the 'Tours' section!
Motorcycle Area
You only want to take a tour with a specific motorcycle model? No problem, at 'Motorcycles' you will find an overview about the bikes we offer and can search tours of a certain make only!
Tour Categories
To make all these new opportunities complete you can of course search for your next Edelweiss tour of a certain tour category in the 'Tour Category' section!
Info Site
All the information about our team and tours you can find at 'About Us'!
Login Area
Especially Edelweissers who tour with us more than once will enjoy to create a customer profile online!
Customer Profile
You want to be sure your customer record is up to date and that Edelweiss has all your personal information - just check and update your new profile!
Blog Area
Visit the 'Travel Blog' section if you want to follow a family member or friend on tour or if you just want to learn more about our program!
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