A test ride of the new Honda Africa Twin
21. September 2016

A legendary revival

An enjoyable test run with Honda’s new Africa Twin on the roads of sun-blessed Andalusia, Spain.

It didn’t take much to convince me when I was asked to take the new Honda Africa Twin for a spin on the amazingly winding roads around Malaga.
To be honest, when I saw the Africa Twin for the first time in the garage of Edelweiss Bike Travel in Mieming, Austria, I had my doubts about the performance of this vehicle, which is supposed to replace such a strong and legendary motorcycle. Will this new Africa Twin manage to live up to its promise? Yes, it absolutely does! And even more so, as I found out within this day full of riding fun.

The unusual cockpit attracts my attention

Still on the parking lot, I am curious to finally climb the bike. Being used to the comfortable BMW seats, the long and soft seat of the Africa Twin, initially, feels unfamiliar. The unusual vertical cockpit display attracts my attention at first. And that is as it should be. You are well advised to make yourself familiar with the information load before you start the engine. With this current model it is not yet possible to deselect the information the individual rider may not want to look at while riding. I would also prefer a more reflection absorbing display. Incident sunlight makes it hard to read the information displayed.

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