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Austria   |  Czech Republic   |  Estonia   |  Germany   |  Hungary   |  Latvia   |  Lithuania   |  Poland   |  Russia   |  Slovakia

Adventure, unforgettable moments, magical scenery, friends for life and a huge amount of fun!

Nach Übernahme unserer Motorräder und einer kurzen Akklimatisierungsphase in und um München starten wir Richtung Süden. Ziel ist Mieming in Tirol, der Ort, an dem Edelweiss zu Hause ist.

This leg of the Edelweiss World Tour takes you to undiscovered areas of Europe’s East and North and into fabled Russia. We start in Munich and begin our adventure with some mountain passes before our route takes us into the Balkans. Along the way we will have plenty of opportunities to try regional wine in the wine-growing district of Austria’s Wachau or have some delicious Goulash in Budapest.
We will encounter countless curves and yet few other motorcycle riders, when we find our way through the Carpathian Mountains to arrive in Krakow, Poland. The historically significant Ausschwitz is not too far from there. We travel further to Prague, to unwind and relax and enjoy an original Czech Pilsner beer. The winding heights of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) will make our biker hearts beat faster, before riding to picturesque and vibrating Dresden and Berlin. From here our journey takes us to the Baltic Sea shoreline through the Masurian Lakelands with its quaint scenery. After we will discover the unique Baltic cities. The highlight in the north will be St. Petersburg with it´s Hermitage Museum and the famous Cathrine’s Palace. Moscow is incomparable to anything else: the traffic is a challenge and the people enchanting.
From Moscow our adventure takes us westbound through the Russian Taiga back to the Baltic Ocean where we arrive in Riga. Discover together with us this uniquely unspoiled, primary part of our Earth and experience cultural and scenic beauty on this leg of our World Tour.

At a glance


  • Munich / Riga


  • 34 days


  • Total distance: around 5.900 km


  • Bavarian sociability in Munich
  • Royal castles of King Ludwig II
  • Fantastic Alpine passes
  • Mozart’s Salzburg
  • Obersalzberg and Eagles Nest
  • International life style in Vienna
  • The fascinating double city of Budapest
  • Sweeping roads through the Tatra Mountains
  • Old Town of Prague
  • Dresden and the Semperoper Opera House
  • Lively Berlin
  • Marienburg fortress
  • Masurian Lakes in Poland
  • St. Petersburg and the Hermitage
  • Moscow, Kreml, Gorky Park

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Munich to Moscow

The worldtour segment rides from Munich to Moscow and Moscow to Bangkok have been adventure und unforgettable experiences in breathtaking scenery, with friends for life and a lot of fun. In August 2014 we did finally start the engines and the long planned journey to Bangkok did start. I have been the only self-riding woman in a group of experienced riders - that's why I may have been a little excited in the beginning. Our group did develope to a perfectly working team and everybody could trust each other 100%. This of course did help to increase our excitement and enthusiasm for the tour each and every day. My personal highlight was the ride over the Quilian Mountains with three passes over a 13,000 ft. The landscape was mind-blowing and the remoteness of this part of the world something very special. Our two professional guides and the entire Edelweiss team did a perfect organisation so the group only needed to focus on the days ride. The cultural highlights were also a big part of the expedition, such as Moscow, Kazan, Jekaterinenburg, Astana, Kashgar, Xian with the Terracotta armee or the Great Wall of China. During the trip a group of bikers from Switzerland, Austria, Germans, Canadians and one guy from Poland did get friends for life and we hope, the next segement ride all together will come soon. This expedition has been a unique experience and did change my life in some way.

Claudia-Nicole Wenhart, Germany

Munich to Moscow

To all world tourers and those of you who want to become one some day: In 2014 I have been part of the worldtour segment rides from Munich to Moscow and Moscow to Bangkok. My recommendation to all those who are considering such a journey is ... quit hesitating and take the opportunity and ride! It was a memorable experience for us as a group, and as individuals, too. Our group consisted of riders from various countries and, along the way, we managed to help each other out of the dust when needed. The excellent tour guides assisted us with knowledge and help each and every day; and Edelweiss Bike Travel did an absolutely fabulous job of organizing this grand adventure. My next trip is planned already and I am looking forward to doing another worldtour section soon ... in South America.

Alois Clemens, Austria

Munich to Moscow

It was a one of a kind experience being part of the first guided motorcycle world tour ever. Though I have only participated in the first section, going all the way through Europe, I experienced everything which characterizes such an undertaking: Incredible routes, beautiful cities and gorgeous landscapes. Mother Nature gave us tastes of all she has to offer, from ice cold riding days to days with heavy rain, and from bright sunshine to sandstorms. It was a memorable experience and an outstanding group!

Christoph Haider, Austria

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