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Scouting Oman and United Arab Emirates SPT22037

Oman   |  United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman situated at the Strait of Hormuz – the magical sound of these words instantly generates images of immense luxury combined with exotic fairy tales of 1001 Nights. But what exactly is it that makes the Emirates and the Oman worthwhile being travelled today? To put it in a nutshell – it is all about the unimaginable mélange of our desire for the modern things in life and our affectionate love for traditional things. In our case this will be the Emirates representing the modern part while the Sultanate, although meanwhile evolved to a modern Arabic State as well, has managed to preserve its unique impression of a legendary and exotic destination, casting its spell over you by its unexpectedly diverse scenery and even more so by the welcoming Omani people.

Starting our Tour of the Oman from the United Arab Emirates, we first want to get to know this part of the Arabic Peninsula. The area around the Hatta dam gives us the opportunity to learn more about a desert country’s water supply. Our second riding day will then take us on a journey through the eastern UAE mountains before we cross border into a part of the Oman that is naturally separated from the rest of the country by a part of the Emirates. Musandam is an Omani exclave situated at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Listening to the sound of the waves, you can easily imagine the Portuguese Seafarers landing with their big sailing ships on the Omani coast around 1500. You also get a good idea of these powerful invaders who created a lasting impression by constructing these marvelous, well-preserved fortresses not far from the coastline. As a contrast, the fabulous, dream-like luxury hotels spotted along the coast will show us the perfect and harmonious transition into a modern world.

We will roar up winding roads into the breathtakingly rugged mountain ranges towering up to 10.000 ft and neighboring the coast. But then, as a surprise while following along the easily passable, dried-out river valleys, these mountains reveal magical turquoise oases showing an unexpected abundance of water and vegetation. Doesn’t this create the impression that Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves must have been passing through just the other day?

Perhaps more than any other country in the world, the Omani people have uniquely accomplished to forge a link between tradition and the modern way of life. Being the capital of the country, you might be tempted to think of Muscat as a big and busy town, but quite on the contrary, the welcomingly calm city doesn’t need any glamour or gigantic shopping malls to captivate its visitors. The bustling diversity in the downtown Souq, among all the products of the daily needs, leads your way past exotic scents of frankincense, dates and a large diversity of spices.
At the same time, Western fashion meets Omani elegance: whereever you go, you will find the very hospitable Omanis dressed in their traditional but yet elegant and perfectly starched dishdasha and the kofia. In Muscat one can also find of the most modern and most magnificent mosques in the world - waiting to be visited.

Leaving the capital again, we will continue our journey further south on well-maintained roads to find a today rare treasure of the Sultanate: the picturesque port of Sur is home to one of the last Dhow shipyards. This traditional Omani wooden boat is still built here in Sur today. Doesn’t this bring back memories of Sindbad the Seafarer?

Our next adventure is waiting for us: Oman’s exceptional desert. We will discover the extraordinary Wahiba Sands by 4WD vehicles. The Wahiba Sands with its surprisingly green sand hills seems to mark the boundaries of what appears to be a seemingly endless desert. Only here, you will get the best understanding of how beautifully soothing „emptiness“ can be. Wasn’t it Aladdin’s magic lamp that we just saw flashing up in the sand?

It is time to mount our motorcycles again and to return to the mountainous region. The Al Akhdar range is waiting for us, as does the small town of Nizwa. Nothing could portray the close link between the Omani past and presence better than a visit of the lively spectacle of the haggling market sellers at the famous Nizwa animal market.

Our overnight stay on top of Oman’s highest mountain „Jabal al Shams“ - the Mountain of the Sun - will be our last stop on our magical journey through fairytale Oman before we head back to the United Arab Emirates. But what would our touring of a desert country like the Arab Emirates be worth without a visit to one of the glamorous cities that seem to have been born by the sand? On our last riding day we take the time for a brief visit to the city of Abu Dhabi.

Start/Finish: Dubai
Nearest airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB)
Duration: 13 days vacation, 11 riding days
Accommodations: in very good hotels and 1 dessert camp
Rest day: Nizwa
Highlights: Dubai, Muscat, Dessert Camp, Musandam, Jebel Shams, Jebel Jais, Gulf of Oman, Turtle viewing, mountains and wadis of Oman and the United Arab Emirates
Minimum number of participants: 8
Please note paragraph 4.2. a) of our terms and conditions of travel to find out more about the cancellation of tour through Edelweiss Bike Travel when the minimum number of participants is not reached - Terms and Conditions

Prices start at $ 5.880,-

per person

Included services

Motorcycle category 0

13 days vacation
11 day riding route

DAY 1: Arrival in Dubai
DAY 2: Dubai - Khasab
DAY 3: Khasab - Al-Aqah
DAY 4: Al-Aqah - Sohar
DAY 5: Sohar - Muscat
DAY 6: Muscat - Ras al Jinz
DAY 7: Ras al Jinz - Desert Nights Camp Al Wasil
DAY 8: Desert Nights Camp Al Wasil - Nizwa
DAY 9: Nizwa
DAY 10: Nizwa - Al-Hamra
DAY 11: Al-Hamra - Al Ain
DAY 12: Al Ain - Dubai
DAY 13: Departure from Dubai

Prices start at $ 5.880,-

per person

Included services

Motorcycle category 0

Tour prices & motorcycles 2022

Included services

Price for rider in double room
Own Bike
$ 5.880,-
BMW F 850 GS
Honda CRF 1100 L Africa Twin
$ 7.680,-
BMW R 1200 GS
BMW R 1250 GS
$ 8.210,-
Price for passenger in double room$ 5.160,-
Single room supplement$ 1.860,-
Extension Dubai Expo incl. 2 overnights with breakfast & dinner, 1 day entry ticket for Expo and transfer from hotel to Expo and return
$ 700,-
Single room supplement $ 370,-

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