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Classic Cuba CKU


This motorcycle tour through Cuba is loaded with culture, great scenery and good roads.

Explore the secrets of Cuba on this motorcycle tour and learn more about Fidel Castro’s and Che Guevara’s revolution. Cuba, the Caribbean island full of history, is famous for its cities, beaches and the hospitality of the people.

Heading out West, we will stop at Las Terrazas for a swim under the waterfalls. The area around Vinales is known for its beautiful landscape full of limestone rocks and caves, as well as for its tobacco fields. Learn about the production of the famous Cuban cigars and taste one, if you feel like it. On our way to Cienfuegos you will visit the museum at the Bay of Pigs. We will discover Trinidad considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities on the Caribbean coast. From Trinidad we will ride out to the mountains of Topes de Collantes, where we get to see lush tropical forests, waterfalls and enjoy the view over Lake Hanabanilla. Santa Clara, so famous for Che Guevara and his capture of the city, is next on our list of destinations.

We will of course get to see the mausoleum and museum of Che Guevara.
The further route takes us to the North coast with its magnificent white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

This and much more awaits you on this motorcycle tour in Cuba!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR US CITIZENS Since 2011 all U.S. citizens can participate in ‘people-to-people’ programs that provide for ‘meaningful interaction’ with Cubans. We have designed special departures for U.S. citizens that conform to the requirements of a general license for “people-to-people” educational exchange per Cuba Assets Control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 515 administered by the Dept. of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Renowned motojournalist and Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker will be acting as one of your tour leaders on those specific dates (look for the * people-2-people approved mark) and guarantees that your itinerary combines the very best riding in Cuba with activities that provide a fascinating overview of Cuban culture by maximizing interaction with Cubans from artists and musicians to baseball players and local harlistas (owners of pre-revolutionary Harley-Davidsons).

As Cuba has been in news quite a bit the last couple of months and if you are worrying if it was the right time to take this motorcycle tour with Edelweiss please read the personal note of Christopher P. Baker, who just completed a Cuban ride some days ago:

Recently Cuba has been in the news quite a bit. First, the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Then accusations by the Trump administration of alleged ‘sonic attacks’ on diplomatic staff in Havana.

First, I wish to assure you that Cuba is up and running post-Irma, and the recovery is beyond impressive. As the New York Times reported, Cuba’s disaster response effort is “a well-oiled machine” and was geared up for action the moment the hurricane passed.

In fact, I have just returned from Cuba after leading yet another successful group tour. I wasn’t surprised in the least to find not a single fallen tree or telegraph pole in Havana, and virtually no other evidence that a hurricane had swept the city. More remarkable is that several of the resorts of Cayo Santa María and Varadero, which were badly damaged by Irma, are already repaired and open for business. And Pinar del Río—tobacco country, west of Havana—and the Caribbean coastal zone, including the Bay of Pigs, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, were not impacted at all.

More importantly is the lasting effect of charges by the Trump administration of ‘sonic attacks’ and the corollary State Department advisory warning against travel to Cuba, which have caused understandable trepidation among potential travelers to Cuba.

In my opinion, that was the desired effect. The allegation has the appearance of being a politically motivated attempt to scare travelers and reduce U.S.-Cuba travel.

It’s worth noting that no names of diplomatic personnel supposedly affected have been released, nor any corroborating evidence whatsoever presented. Moreover, Cuba even invited the FBI to investigate, and the four FBI teams (and Royal Canadian Mounted Police team) that were sent to Havana found no evidence to support the claim of ‘attacks.’ The charges thus remain very questionable allegations.

I’ve led several tours to Cuba since the advisory was issued, and can assure you that things on the ground are totally normal and safe. Many of my industry colleagues have also been in regular contact with the State Department and I share their unanimous belief that the advisory is unwarranted. With the utmost respect to the State Department, these claims are clearly defined as ‘unconfirmed’ and ‘unverifiable,’ and seem to be based more on politics, paranoia or other factors. (Indeed, leading U.S. and British neurologists concur that the symptoms reported most likely reflect psychosomatic “mass hysteria”: READ MORE)

I feel strongly that the advisory is not based on fact and that there is no evidence to support it.

Cuba remains the safest country in Latin America and its doors are open for travel.

Christopher P. Baker

Start/Finish: La Habana (Havana)
Nearest airport: Havana
Duration: 11 days vacation, 9 riding days
Route: Total distance: 1617-1857 km, 1005-1154 miles
Daily distances: 70-360 km, 43-224 miles
Accommodations: Comfortable middle-class hotels und Casas Particulares
Rest day: Trinidad
Highlights: Mural de la Prehistoria, Viñales Valley, Las Terrazas, Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), Topes de Collantes National Park , Valle de los Ingenios, Che Guevara Mausoleum, Cayo Santa Maria beaches
Minimum number of participants: 8
11 days vacation
9 day riding route

Day 1: Arrival in La Habana (Havana)
Day 2: La Habana (Havana) - Viñales
Day 3: Viñales - Las Terrazas
Day 4: Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos
Day 5: Cienfuegos - Trinidad
Day 6: Trinidad
Day 7: Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria
Day 8: Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios
Day 9: Remedios - Varadero
Day 10: Varadero - La Habana (Havana)
Day 11: Departure from La Habana (Havana)

The daily riding kilometres are approximate distances and may vary. The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days; there is no riding on these days. Bear in mind the time difference between your country of origin and your travel destination. Arrival time should be arranged before 3 pm on the arrival day. Please book your flights accordingly. Route and overnight places may change due to unforeseen events.

Tour prices & motorcycles 2018

Included services
Tour price per personsharing room,
riding 2 up
sharing room,
riding solo
single room,
riding solo
BMW F 700 GS
$ 5.410,-$ 6.760,-$ 7.470,-
Triumph Tiger 800 XC
$ 5.520,-$ 6.970,-$ 7.680,-
BMW R 1200 GS
Harley-Davidson® Sportster Models
$ 5.600,-$ 7.130,-$ 7.840,-
Harley-Davidson® Dyna Models
$ 5.690,-$ 7.320,-$ 8.030,-
Harley-Davidson® Softail Models
Harley-Davidson® Touring Models
$ 5.820,-$ 7.580,-$ 8.290,-
Guided City Tour (no hotel overnight included)
$ 195,-$ 195,-$ 195,-
Cuba Travel Authorization Documents (mandatory for US citizens)
$ 200,-$ 200,-$ 200,-

Tour prices & motorcycles 2019

Included services
Tour price per personsharing room,
riding 2 up
sharing room,
riding solo
single room,
riding solo
BMW F 700 GS
$ 5.410,- *$ 6.760,- *$ 7.470,- *
Triumph Tiger 800 XC
$ 5.520,- *$ 6.970,- *$ 7.680,- *
BMW R 1200 GS
Harley-Davidson® Sportster Models
$ 5.600,- *$ 7.130,- *$ 7.840,- *
Harley-Davidson® Dyna Models
$ 5.690,- *$ 7.320,- *$ 8.030,- *
Harley-Davidson® Softail Models
Harley-Davidson® Touring Models
$ 5.820,- *$ 7.580,- *$ 8.290,- *
Guided City Tour (no hotel overnight included)
$ 195,- *$ 195,- *$ 195,- *
Cuba Travel Authorization Documents (mandatory for US citizens)
$ 200,- *$ 200,- *$ 200,- *
* Please note that the dates and prices for 2019 are not confirmed yet. The dates shown on our website are preliminary dates for 2019 and might change. Also, for this tour there are yet no prices confirmed for 2019. If the tour price differs more than 5% from last year’s pricing you can cancel your participation until October 31, 2018 without any cancellation fee.

CUSTOM TOURS: For custom tour bookings please refer to the pricing included in the special tour offer for your tour. If having any questions please contact our service team at!

Prices start at $ 5.410,-

per person

Included services

Motorcycle category 2


Classic Cuba

This Cuba tour must be one of the best Edelweiss tours. Excellent riding, varied scenery, history, culture, vibrant colour and vintage cars just everywhere. We even swam in the ocean. The highlight for us was to visit Havana with all its wonderful old buildings and bright 1950's cars. That ride along the Malecon is unique. We also enjoyed riding through the old colonial towns full of colour and character, the roads lined with revolutionary slogans and images of Che Guevara. We spent a few days in old Havana before and after the trip taking in the atmosphere, visiting the museums and having salsa lessons. Cuba is a unique destination - thank you Manuel (our tour guide) for your excellent guiding!

Vivien & Paul Newrick, Great Britain

Klassik Kuba

Kuba zu erleben war eine Erfahrung die wir nie vergessen werden! Schon bei der Landung in La Havana hatten wir das Gefühl, eine Zeitreise in die 50er Jahre gemacht zu haben in ein Land, wie es kaum ein schöneres gibt. Man merkt auch, dass Kuba sich allmählich von den Fesseln des Komminismus löst, und unsere Motorradtour war auch gleichzeitig eine Reise durch die Geschichte des Landes. Wir hatten die netteste Gruppe, die man sich wünschen kann, mit Teilnehmern aus aller Herren Länder und unser Tour Guide Jens war nicht nur ein Reiseleiter, sondern ein Freund, mit dem es Spaß machte zu touren. Wir Jungs aus Südafrika freuen uns, ihn und den Rest der Gruppe bald wiederzusehen.

Tony Cimato, Rod Wooldridge & Dave Leyshon, Südafrika

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