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They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere. They’re refreshing, they’re different and they’re agile and great fun to ride around on. Our Edelweiss SCOOTER tours provide vacations with a uniquely light-hearted lifestyle of enjoyment and pleasure! One can explore the tiniest paths at a leisurely pace – these tours are not about accumulating miles and mountain peaks. A true Scootisty just winds through any city traffic and heads for the next piazza. Our SCOOTER tours are about enjoying life to its fullest. Organized as touring center with star-rides each day or as roundtrip with support van. You don’t have to worry about packing your whole luggage under your seat; just take what you need for a leisurely day out. There may even still be room for a little local shopping. Life can be so beautiful!


 North and South America  



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Alps by Scooter

Austria   |  Italy, 8 Days

Scooting the Alps on a Vespa, can that be fun? Of course!

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Croatia by Scooter

Croatia   |  Slovenia, 7 Days

Croatia is an outstanding holiday destination. And on a scooter it’s even better!

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Tuscany by Scooter

Italy, 7 Days

A scooter tour in Tuscany with plenty of time to experience the enviable Italian lifestyle.

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