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Yes, they’re here! They’re everywhere, they’re refreshing, they’re different, and they’re great fun to ride around on. edelweiss SCOOTER tours provide just exactly this kind of light-hearted enjoyment. Discover all the hidden secrets of your chosen touring area at a leisurely pace on the smallest of roads and paths. You feel like drinking a cappuccino or eating a gelato? No problem. Scooter tours are designed to let you tour at your own pace and enjoy life, rather than race around accumulating more miles than anyone else. So turn on your indicator, pass the congested traffic and head for the next piazza. Park your scooter in front of the Café and order “un latte macchiato e un tartufo per favore…” Life can be so beautiful!


 North and South America  



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Croatia by Scooter

Croatia   |  Slovenia, 7 Days

Croatia is an outstanding holiday destination. And on a scooter it’s even better!

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Tuscany by Scooter

Italy, 7 Days

A scooter tour in Tuscany with plenty of time to experience the enviable Italian lifestyle.

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Vosges and Black Forest by Scooter

France   |  Germany, 7 Days

An Edelweiss Scooter Touring Center in the French Alsace Region and the Black Forest.

Scooter Tours

To us, Tuscany is: A child‘s dream, movie-like landscapes, ancient cities and happy people. This Tuscany by Scooter tour exceeded all our expectations. Scooter riding is safe, the speed is acceptable and you can stop anywhere to have a look or walk around! In Tuscany, especially, we enjoyed going to places which not many people visit, and enjoying the cinema of landscapes, the olive smell and the Italian food – it was wonderful! Our tour guide, Ursula, took care of all of our needs, of course! We returned home having had a wonderful tour and are already making plans for the next one.

Graciela and Luis Ron, Venezuela

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