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Join us for a unique riding adventure on a brand new Triumph Tiger. Find out what this made-in-England motorcycle can do and enjoy the performance of the Tiger on all different kinds of roads. Feel the spirit of adventure on lonesome backcountry roads and gravel sections, leaving work and stress far behind. Share the experience with other passionate riders, all of you piloting a Triumph Tiger. Face the challenge of some outstanding roads and add some gravel roads, too, if you like. It is all about riding pleasure. Enjoy the stunning scenery during the day and the unique atmospheres and good food in the hotels at night. The edelweiss TRIUMPH tours combine these aspects in a special way. Every day there are nice roads with different characters: some challenging, some easier, but always the best in the area. Of course you will experience the major sightseeing spots, but on this tour the focus is more on riding and exploring some hidden places. As the name says: adventure! Are you ready?

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Triumph expends huge energy producing a range of exciting motorcycles that reward the rider, giving them a truly complete riding experience. But this is only part of the story. How and where riders use our bikes is equally important. Edelweiss Bike Travel enables riders to experience our motorcycles on a range of fantastic worldwide tours. Their experience with running tours, from booking through planning and managing, is second to none. Highly experienced and capable guides support each tour, ensuring that every day is exciting, memorable and secure. Our partnership with Edelweiss Bike Travel goes from strength to strength and we are certain that an Edelweiss tour will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Guy Masters, Head of Customer Experience, Triumph Motorcycles


 North and South America  



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Above the Himalayas

India, 16 Days

Ride a Tiger to the edge of civilization and experience one of the most amazing places on earth: Ladakh.

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Adventure Myanmar

Myanmar   |  Thailand, 16 Days

Few riders have entered Myanmar on a motorcycle - come with us and become one of those few!

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Celtic Tour

United Kingdom, 11 Days

The best beaches in Great Britain, wonderful roads through endless rolling green hills in Wales, and the legendary Isle of Man await you on our Triumph motorcycle tour in the UK.

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Highlander Tour

United Kingdom, 12 Days

On this motorcycle tour you experience the rough beauty of the Highlands with its castles and spectacular single track roads. It‘s the perfect playground for you and your Triumph.

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Iceland - Fire and Ice

Iceland, 11 Days

Experience Nature in her most primitive and pristine state, largely unspoiled and untouched by man, on this Triumph motorcycle adventure through the Highlands of Iceland.

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Laos and Vietnam

Lao   |  Thailand   |  Vietnam, 19 Days

If southeast Asia is on your bucket list then you should not miss this motorcycle tour to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

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South-East Asia

Cambodia   |  Lao   |  Thailand, 17 Days

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure motorcycle tour in southeast Asia.

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