World Tour


Information, impressions and hints for the adventure of a lifetime!

This is not the most extreme tour on the planet. But it is not supposed to be, as this would be contrary to our understanding of motorcycle travel. The WORLD TOUR is not an off-road adventure with extremely challenging routes, tents instead of hotels, or riders that need to be able to completely take apart their motorcycles and then assemble them again.

We came up with the Edelweiss WORLD TOUR with two main goals in mind: the first was to create an adventure for our participants that would be very complicated and time-consuming if done individually. The second goal was to be on the road and still enjoy all those things that turn an adventure into a holiday. This applies both to providing a certain amount of comfort during overnight stays, good meals, and well-selected roads.

To all worldtourers and those who want to become one: In 2014, I was on the World Tour stage from Munich to Moscow and from Moscow to Bangkok with it. My recommendation to those who are thinking of joining such a tour, is not to hesitate for long but, if the opportunity exists, to take it immediately.

Alois Clemens, from Austria