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Mirko Heilhecker


Tours I will be leading: Tours in the Alps and Patagonia

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I like to learn about different cultures and people, listen to their stories and sharing mine with them. Being positive and helpful makes me a good travelling companion...

Favorite destination: I was born in the City of Hamburg Germany, with a big port, river and two oceans so that I even can‘t say where best to go.. I lived also for years in Buenos Aires, Argentina - big port, bigger river, ocean also ... so to sum it up I would say Hamburg and Buenos Aires are my favorite places ... but the world is a big place ... lot‘s to see ...

What I like: Positive thinking and riding my motorcycle on a warm and sunny day, meeting friendly people and sharing some routes with them ... riding with others is a good thing and at the end of the day you can sit together sharing impressions!

What I dislike: Negative thinking and riding my motorcycle on a cold and rainy day, not having anyone riding with me on days like this as you have no one sharing the raindrops with you and finally sitting alone talking to whom???

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, Basketball, Baseball, family, camping vacations, cooking, positive thinking and living

My favorite bike: No specific one

People from Hamburg are said to be more open-minded and more outgoing than others. Mirko, born in Hamburg in the mid-70ies, is no exception, in fact he is so outgoing that he went all the way to Buenos Aires and lived there for a couple of years. After working in the shipping industry for many years Mirko joined Edelweiss in 2013. He would love to specialize in South America tours since this is the continent he loves most, so if you book a tour down there chances are that you’ll get in touch with his genuine Hamburg humor ...

Mirko Heilhecker

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