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Michaela Achatzi


Tours I will be leading: Tours in the Alps and in Europe

Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: That would be interesting for me to know ;-). Because I like to share my passion for riding bikes and because my enthusiasm is contagious?

Favorite destination: There's much I've not seen yet to say this, but where I feel very "at home" is Sardinia and in the Alps.

What I like: Laughing, enjoying nature, a good glass of red wine with nice people and curves, curves, curves.

What I dislike: Cold feet, pessimists, flies ( mugga)on the visor, bad mood.

Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, nordic walking, yoga, sewing, traveling

My favorite bike: Adventure GS, there are many beautiful motorbikes, but I also love my bike, a GSR 750 Suzuki

Michaela is a real Swabian Jolly, was born in Stuttgart and also grew up there. For 13 years she has been living in the beautiful Odenwald. But you can live everywhere where it's nice. She was trained as a baker (they call her also the cheese cake specialist), but when her son grew older she discovered her passion for motorcycling. If you now ask Michaela how she became a tourguide at Edelweiss, she will say: Randomly? No, there are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason. So why not discover the world on the motorcycle?

Michaela Achatzi

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