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Albert Knapp


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Not only is Albert a highly gifted musician who really loves Jazz music, but he is also a fanatic skier and biker. Therefore it is nothing unusual to see him on his bike in winter when there is snow and ice everywhere. Albert, born 1973, lives in Telfs, only a few miles from the Edelweiss epicenter. He originally started his career at Edelweiss as a tour guide, but soon he also spent plenty of time in the company’s workshop to help checking bikes, preparing vans and cleaning up picnic equipment – maybe too much time, because when GM Rainer restructured the office team shortly after, he didn’t have to ask twice to make Albert move from the garage to the office. Once in a while Albert entertained his colleagues with a musical display or a cabaret performance and was generally always in a good mood. Busy and in a hurry all the time, however, the passionate family man decided to go for a career as a music teacher, but never wanted to give up biking or Edelweiss completely. So today he is again working as a tour guide and we have the honour of enjoying his cheerful spirit.

Albert Knapp Edelweiss

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