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ACR1301. UPDATE!!!!!The first Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Tour gets to the end!

Monday, February 25, 2013 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | North and South America

ACR1301 .Days 13. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua , Day 13 : the last riding day came, but there is already a lot to enjoy on our way back to San José

Jaco beach!

Costa Rican´s motorcycle police

Ummmm better tyo turn around!

Huge sugarcane tractor!

 Eloys Oxcart handicrafts factory. All the machines are water powered since 1928 and are already used everyday!!



we got it!!!


ACR1301 .Days 12. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua , Day 12: What about a Crocodile Safari at through  Tárcoles river??

Today we leave the amazing Monteverde Cloud Foret Reserve on our Motorcycles and ride back to the Pacific,

it´s getting hotter and hotter,....where is the beach?

Stanley on the 20 km off road way down from Monteverde


It's said that the Tárcoles River has one of the highest populations of crocodiles in the entire world - 25 crocodiles per square kilometer.

In addition to the crocodiles, the river also supports more than 50 species of migratory, native and coastal birds, including a variety of heron and egrets, crested caracas, roseate spoonbills, scarlet macaws and more. Iguanas can often be spotted scampering about the sides of the river as well.



Sunset in Jaco. No comments


ACR1301 .Days 11. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua  and 10: Monteverde Cloud Forest is waiting for us, ready for some action,?, Let´s  Canopy!

Today we left the paradise on our BMW motorcycles, what a pity! but don´t mind, a Ferry crossing the Nicoya Golf amaze us with wonderfull views over the Tilaran mountains.


Waiting to bring the motorcycles inside the Ferry to Puntarenas


The ferry give us time to relax and enjoy the stunning views over Nicoya Península and Tilarán Mountains.

Golfo de Nicoca  island

Getting ready to go ashore.

Once we get Puntarenas, a short ride on the busy Panamericana ,and we get one of the best rides you can enjoy in Costa Rica, 20 km of perfect asphalt roads, and no truffic, turns and twist, up and down,..is this a road or a rollercoaster,..i love it!.


Sudenly the asphalt is finish, 20 km more on gravel  roads we reach calmly our overnight destination. Climbing up on our dual purpose BMW motorcycle is a pleasure and a challenge at the same time,...take it easy and don´t forget to turn off  your ASC (BMW Asisted Stability Control).

To enjoy the view on the road climbing to Monteverde  Cloud Forest give you a blast!

Time to change motorcycle gear for some sport clothes and....Let´s go for fun!...In Monteverde you will expirience the best Zip-lining in your life!

Don´t get wet!

Some safety instructios before starting.

The images talk for themselves.


That´s me!


A wonderfull sunset to finish the daylight.

And of course you can´t come to Monteverde and not visit the Frog Garden at nighttime,...more than 30 diferent species and the queen of them all : the most photogenic : the red eye tree frog; they sleep during the day and start to be active after the sunset.  Than they look like they were models on a  fashion show,....unfforgetable!


ACR1301 .Days 10. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua  and 10: Wellcome to Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our easy riding take us through  Nicoya Peninsula, the most of the roads are dirt but the last year they have impruved them a lot.  Anyway 20 km of gravel are already on our way to reach our hotel...that´s one of the reasons it keeps like a paradise...!

Take it easy!

After crossing the Nicoya Peninsula Tropical dry forest , we reach the Nicoya Golf...i don´t have words to describe it....check out and judge by yourself:

Where is Paloma?


When the wind blows a nd the tide is low the mussles come uot and fishermen run to catch them before the tide come back again.

Home sweet home...do you really need more to be happy?

Nicoya is one of the  "Blue Zones "in the world, where people use to live over 100 years, check out for their secrets:



Anybody wants to buy a lot here....talk to José the owner...he is living here for the last 30  years and he is not thinking to get rid of this paradise so easy..!!

Wellcome European Team!

Pool Bar!


Time for chill out!

Everybody got it safe and in one piece. I´m proud of you guys!

Cocktels for everybody! and chill out! let´s stay here for a week or too please....!


ACR1301. Days 9. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Days 9: goodbye Granada and Nicaragua ! Hello again Costa Rica!!

Today we must say goodbye to the charmig Granada but we canalready enjoy some views from the nice Islas Ometepe Volcanoes at the left on our way back to the Nicaraguan border.  Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica is waiting for us.

We also met a motorcycle lovers canadian couple wich  is riding a  Motorcycle Worlwide Tour for the next 5 years. Take it easy and have fun Sara and Daniel!!

Nice view in frnt of our Hotel in Tamarindo.


CR1301 .Days 7 . Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Days 7 :

Today we leave Costa Rica and jump again on our BMW motorcycles to reach the colonial and charming Granada city, daughter of my spanish home Granada.

Costa Rica border cross...easy!

Any money change?..do they have real or Monopoly one?

The Motorcycles must be sprayed for veterinary disease control at the Nicaragua border crossing!

Some sweetes..any handmade souvenir?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................i´m going to love this man.

We got it,...here is Nicaragua...Hello Islas Ometepe!..the biggest volcanic island   inside of Lago Cochivolca (Nicaragua´s Lake) in the world.

"Boobs"  ?...no Concepción active volcán , at my left and Madera volcan  at my right

Our motorcycles parked in front of the Plaza Centrál de Granada (Granada´s Central Park)...behind....La Catedral de Granada ( Granada´s Cathedral)...

What about a ride on a spanish "Calesa", Calash?

Some of the beutufull Granada´s colonial churches and architecture!


ACR1301.Day 8. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua day 8:

On a  rest day in Granada City you can enjoy a lot,... but i picked up the best for the day,....

No comment.


Surpise!! Hidden beauty!

Volcán Mombacho. Silence and beuty!...i love this boat trip around the 365 isletas de Granada a great oportunity for bird watching.

Back safe on earth!

Where can we go for dinner?...don´t worry,...Henry has every inseder knowledge!....behind the Cathedral there is a wonderfull restaurant....but don´t tell it to too many people...ssshshhsh!

Granada´s colorfull streets..

Central marquet!...are this buses from here or ...are we in Nepal?

Do you need a phone charger?....or second hand shoes?..

Catarina Mirador (Catarinás viewpoint) offers an excellet view over, Granada City, can you see the red Catherdral  dome from here? ...i do...Lago de Apoyo (a 200 m deep old crater with fumaroles warming it´s water from the bottom,..you will not find cleaner water all around Nicaragua to take a bath. Lago Cochibolca other Lago Nicaragua, the second biggest fresh water Lake in Latinamerica is behind

A bit of  Nicaraguan Music?

 Mercado de Artesanía de Masaya. Masaya´s Handcraft market. Here you can find all the handcrafts made in "Los Pueblos Blancos": Catarina, Diría,..every village has its own specillity.

To finish the day we visited Volcán Masaya Natural Park, stunning!

On those cliffs hundred of Zopilotes live (black vulture), and special and unic ecosystemis found inside the old Masaya Volcan crater.

Small Beaties.

From 800 to 1000 tones of volcanic gases are issued daily to the atmosphere.

it´s consider one of the most active volcans in Central América and it´s responsible of part of  the greenhouse  effect and Ozone destruction.

Rush hour!!


ACR1301.Day 5 and 6. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Day 5 and 6:

Our rest day in La Fortuna let us recover from the longest riding day on this Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Tour and give us time to enjoy the hanging bridges and Canopy.

John and I looked for more action and tried the  rafting down Balsa River Class IV+....amazing!!    .... David Team.....Pura Vida!!

Volcán Arenal


ACR1301. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua day 6:

Again on our rides we leave La Fortuna, a stuuning ridding day is´t in front of us. Soon we reach la Lagua del Arenal, the biggest damp in Costa Rica, well known for kite and windsurfers. Are we in Austria?...what are those houses doing here?...and a German Bakery? anybody wants a Bretzel?!!!

Coffee brake at Laguna el Arenal...Henry our Costa Rican Tour guide and van driver takes good care of all of us!!   Gracias Mae!!!

The weather and scenery changes quickly...suddenly we reach the dry tropical forest at Guanacaste Province....it´s hot here....let´s go for a swimm a hidden oasis will welcome us:

I´m watching you...!!!!

A bit of dirt..and there it is...

Faces talk themselves!!

Just fun!!

Ready for a swimm??

Parked on the shade...our motorcycles wait for us!

Parque Natural Rincon de la Vieja.

Ready for the action. Stanleycouln´t have enought today and he goes for the canopy ( zip lining) over the Rincon de la Vieja Natural Park river Canyon...i´m proud of you..just 500 m away from his room.  Watefalls and yellow Cortez at the background.

Stanley did it as a proffessional!

Yes....that´s me upside down on a zip line!!

that must be love!!

Motorcycle parking lot. not that bad!!

Therapeutic mud!!

Our hotel is on the shadow of Ricon de La Vieja Natural Park, Santa Teresa Volcano with its 6000 ft watches us from the top. The Volcanic actiity here provies planty of natural hot springs...and that just inside our hotel!!! 100m away from our rooms!!

Relaxing at the hot Springs!!

Six pack!!

It´s time for a beer!


ACR1301. Day 4. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Day 4:

Back on our motorcycles,  we jump into the Costanera Sur and leave the beautyful Manuel Antonio behind us. We pass by the surfers world famous Esterillos and Playa Hermosa, a short look over playa Jacó....never mind  we come back in a few days.

This time Volcán Poás was hidden under clouds, this picture is for my Austrian-German group,..so looks it like ..!!

Volcán Poás

The rest of the group could enjoy the time knowing more about Costa Rican biodiversity and wild life at La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Is it a butterfly or a owl!!


Missi, misssi.....that´s a  Puma!

Hello Tucan!!

Poison Blue jeans Dart frog.

don´t disturb me, let me sleep alone!!

Nice waterfalls!!

La Paz waterfall

Endly we start our motorcycle engines on again,  an ride to our hotel in La Fortuna

It started raining but that´s another story...


ACR1301.Day 3. Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Day 3:

A rest day at Manuel Antonio. Hans and Alfred got yesterday safely.

Some of us decide to go for a ride: Gunter, Inger, and Alfred, as well as Stanley ride close to the coast direction Panama. A loop on the Interamericana bring them back to the Hotel.

John and I try to scout a route,..the rain may change the roads very fast , what was good last year may be a nightmare today, but on our BMW dual purpose motorcicles we got it!!

Exhausted but happy!

Wet tropical forest.

Some river crossing!!

That was challenging! we stuck on gravel but we could easily take the bike out and go on.. off road expirience ever helps!!...turn back was not an option,..the worst was already behind us!!..the beauty in the front: what a ride!!

It doen´st look like, but it was very steep,..use your engine brake as well as front and rear brake smoothly, stretch your arms and bring seat on the rear seat and you will get it, don´t block your wheels or you will kiss the ground!! good job John!!

Naranjo river, silence, coffee plantations and some cows,...that´s it!!

Time for  brake...we diserve it!..where is the Soda?...locals are ever helpfully and we find our way back to the civilization and dream roads:

Tamal,...you may find it only on Christmas time in Costa Rica..we got it fresh cooked...you can take it with you as a snack. it was delicius and cheap!!

It started raining ...it was as a refreshing shower,...we loved it!

Back into Manuel Antonio, stunning!!

A imagen tells more than 1000 words....look my face..no comment!!


ACR1301. Adveture Costa Rica and Nicaragua Day 2:

We left our quiet wonderfull Hotel and focus our ride on a dreaming ride on the 120 km of the Interamericana Highway up to 10.000 Ft. Cerro de la Muerte,...turns, turns,..and more turns...

Our Hotel

Bridge crossing

Cerro de La Muerte

We reach the Pacific Coast, Playa Dominical...

Endly we get our Hotel, at Manuel Antonio....a fruit coktel please!!

Lets go for a swimm before dinner....its warm here!!

Night guided tour at Hotel Parador: Red Eye Frog, Hidden beuty!!


ACR1301.Day 1. The first Edelweiss Bike Tour around Costa Rica and Nicaragua has taken off.

Once we had the time to meet each other at our wellcome briefing we made the Motorcycle handover before it got too dark. Yes , at 6 P.M. the sun goes slepping here, so we had to harry up a little.

Three american guys: John, Stanley and Mark, and three Germans: Inger, Gunter and Alexander started our motorcycle engines just on time to ride out of San José and enjoy the windy roads that take us over 10.000 ft on Volcán Irazú. Johann and Alfred from Austria will meet us tomorrow.

After taking some pictures and enjoy the wonderfull views on our way down to the "Valle Central" we take our time for a tradicionaly made coffe:

After enjoying a tipical Costa Rican lunch we climb up again to Volcan Turrialba, its really foggy but it worth it, the road up there made us work hard. It ist full of swithbacks!

Hand made Tortillas made on the oven! What a smell!!

Take it easy! is it raining?,...no, it´s just fog!!

Good job!!

Wrong way,..that´s for truks, they are to heavy for the narrow bridges!!

These bridges are gorgeus!!

Cartago, Basílica de nuestra Señora de los Ángeles.

We get into Cartago, the oldest Costa Rican Capital its time to visit the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles the most visited pillgrin destination in Costa Rica.

To finish this gorgeus day we fly with our bike through Orosí Valley, full of flowers and colours: orange, red, violet, green,..Reventazón River canyon, worldwide known for its Class V Rafting....and to finish 15 km gravel to get the hotel crossing sugar cane plantations...ooooh it´s getting dark, hopefully we reach our wonderfull Hotel close to Turrialba!...what a peace, what a silence,..what a dinner...Yes Gorgeus! And tomorrow: Cerro de la Muerte at the Interaméricana is waiting for us and Manuel Antonio National Park.....but that´s another story,,..!!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 22:01

Hallo Inge und Günther, ich fahre ja jeden Tag am Computer bei eurer Traum Biker Tour mit. Ich wünsche euch noch weitere schöne Tage und guten Heimflug.
Bis später ... Max
Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 18:56

Hi everybody, Moin Inge&Günter,
schön Euch nach unserer gemeinsamen Marokko-Tour hier im Blog dieser tollen Reise zu finden, die Bilder machen ja wirklich Lust aufs Mitfahren. Nur gut, dass wir eh schon für die zweite Tour gebucht sind...
Wir freuen uns schon riesig auf unsere Tour und die Flucht aus dem kalten Norden Deutschlands.
Wir wünschen Euch noch tolle weitere Tourtage und vielleicht treffen wir uns ja noch kurz im Basishotel, sind am 8.3. gegen Abend da. Vielleicht habt Ihr ja einen zusätzlichen Tag in San José...?
@"Edelweiss-Jens": Was willst Du eigentlich schon wieder in Marokko, da kennen Dich doch schon alle--wrong destination...?...))
Greetings from Northern Germany, enjoy the last days of your tour and get back home safely...
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 20:58

Hallo Leute, das sind ja geile Bilder!
Man wird echt neidisch... aber morgen geht es nach Marokko, auch nicht schlecht, oder?
Liebe Grüsse - Edelweiss-Jens
Hi guys, you make me jealous!
Have Fun - Jens(Edelweiss)
Dagmar und Manfred Soff
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 16:35

Hi, Hannes und Alfred,
wir wünschen Euch weiterhin einen traumhaften Urlaub. Fahrt schon mal die Bikes für uns warm. Wie sieht es mit einem gemeinsamen Kaffee im Basishotel in San Jose aus. Wir kommen am Freitag, den 8.3. um 22.30 Uhr in San Jose an. Vielleicht klappt es am Samstag, den 9.3. beim Frühstück. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Euch wieder zu sehen. Bis bald liebe Grüße aus dem grauen, kalten Deutschland
Dagmar und Manfred von der gemeinsamen Tour in Südafrika
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 16:01

Ale eres un crack, pedazo de viaje.
Monday, February 25, 2013 at 17:24

Hey Alex and Co.,
Edelweiss headquarters is wishing you an amazing trip: May the weather be nice with you, the routes incredibly beautiful and the overall experience something you remember for a lifetime!
Take care and ride safely,
Karin and the Edelweiss team
Janet Brennan
Monday, February 25, 2013 at 15:08

Nice website. Looks like a beautiful trip. Wish I was there.
Monday, February 25, 2013 at 00:28

Hi Alex! we missed you at the Training...
Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11:46

Such an amazing trip, awesome
Friday, March 29, 2013 at 08:31

Its really wonderful.You have pointed out some wonderful details , I like wise believe this is a very super website.Nice Great Lovely And all i Think You are Real Man In World Who Share The Awesome Post.


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