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Alps Touring Center - ATC 1302

Sunday, July 7, 2013 | Edelweiss Bike Travel | Europe

13.7.13 - Hugs, tears and goodbye!

We had to say goodbye to each other. Everybody left the hotel with a huge bag of good memories. With the hugs and handshakes came also some tears... It was an outstanding tour: great people, warm and sunny weather, fantastic roads, funny moments, excellent food, .... Thanks to everybody who made the week just perfect! Drive safe!

12.7.13 - The Final Loop: Zillertal - Achensee

Also at the last riding day the weather god was good with us, sunshine the hole day! We drove on sideroads along the river Inn. Then we climbed up a toll road which took us above the tree line and offerd outstanding views over the valley. In the afternoon we rode through the heart of the Karwendel mountains back to Seefeld. We enjoyed the farewell dinner. One more time we laughed and had fun together. Pavel's vinetasting was a perfect finish for the tour.

11.7.13 - The perfect day!

What to say: Stelvio - Umbrail - Ofenpass. We all had a perfect day. We enjoyed riding up on the Queen of all Passes: Stelvio! There we had the probably best Bratwurst grilled by Bruno himself! Everybody had just the perfect day: fantastic roads, perfect people, a lot of laughs, sunshine, ... what do we need more!?

10.7.13 Ötztal - Timmelsjoch - Jaufenpass - Brenner

We made a good decision in the morning and drove along the sun. Everybody did good and climbed up to Timmelsjoch where a delicious coffee was waiting. Then dinner on Jaufenpass and a few more kilometers over the Brenner.

Thomas fell in love with her: Ducati Mulstistrada Grantourismo!

We all fell well protected by Jack the policman.

Photo model David with the new BMW GS 1200!

9.7.13 Sightseeing in Innsbruck and extra kilometers with Andreas

A really small group drove down to Innsbruck and visited the old town: Golden Roof, Saint Jacob's Dome and the city tower. After the cablecar - ride up to Seegrube we filled our hungry stomaches with local specialities. Than we were ready to start our bikes again: Innsbruck - Kühtai - Ötz - Seefeld! We're ready for tomorrow's ride up to Stelvio!

The Austrian weather prophet told us that we wouldn't need to wear the raingear - well, he was wrong. But riding in the rain after the famous "Apfelstrudel" in Kühtai couldn't dim our mood!

Not everybody needed a more relaxed day but some extra kilometers. So Andreas worked long in the evening and planned a perfect route for the hungry ones.

Picture stop at the Edelweiss headquarters in Mieming.

Excellent guided day: Chef de service Pavel from hotel Central  joined us and rode along.

After that lunch nothing could stop her anymore! Ladies and Gentlemen the Schnitzelqueen Maureen!

What are all these yellow people doing on the street?!

8.7.13 - First kilometers to the king's castles

Wow, what a great start! After an extensive breakfast the tourmembers were ready to listen to Andreas' second safety briefing and to get some information about the first riding day. Everybody decided to take route two and to visit the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The hole crew did very good on the first kilometers and enjoyed the coffee in a typical Bavarian Beergarden. Visiting the castles and soaking in all the beauty of the area just blowed us away. After a strengthening lunch we rode over Fernpass and arrived well and happy at the hotel. Dinner: D E L i C i O U S!

Who? Ludwig the III. ? No, Andreas the tourguide also known as "Mr. No boxes can stop him McGyver"!

7.7.13 - Welcome briefing and dinner

After giving the necessesary information we enjoyed our first dinner in the hotel "Central". The bikes are waiting and we're ready to rumble. We're looking forward to a exciting week touring around in the Alps.

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